Awakening Yourself to a Higher Purpose

St. Clare


Your Master Teachers, and I am one among many, are responsible for your growth and for your development. We are aware of the hurdles before you: those events and circumstances you must overcome and conquer. We know only too well the seriousness of such things, and we work diligently with you in order that we may aid you in your  development and perfection.

Our sole responsibility is guiding each one of you along your pathway, for at this time you are the most important part of our existence, second only to our allegiance to the Almighty One. We stand in constant readiness to assist  you. Some of you are aware of our presence and our ability to help you. In being detached from our own growth and concentrating on yours, we become filled with power and aid.

Each one must know that we are near: near for your use and for your instruction. When you sit in classes of development time after time and nothing of importance seems to occur, you often become discouraged and forlorn. You may feel that somehow you have been neglected and are just not breaking through the barriers of consciousness. Know that you are as you are intended to be, and that sometimes in your attempts to compete and to master and to become like another, you are defeated and set back in your own progression.

Understand that each one of you has a different pathway, separate and distinct, but just as important as any other. Therefore, the lessons that you must learn are those of patience, of understanding, and of knowing that if you open yourselves to the forces of God, the flower within you shall bloom and unfold as has been promised you. Not one is excluded from aid and assistance; that which is needed will be brought at the moment it is needed,  for your benefit. If your faith means anything to you, then you will know that what has been promised will be fulfilled. The one who came and laid down His life before you has so promised, and it shall be fulfilled.

On behalf of my counterparts:
We surround you with our light and our great love. We bless you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, California