What's Doing You?
John Sargent

It has been our feeling, as we have observed you and counseled with your Teachers, that you are not as fully aware as you should be of the full use of your Levels of Consciousness in handling your activities on a daily basis. Perhaps it is something that you feel you have mastered and, therefore, there is no need to continue learning and studying in that area. Perhaps there is a greater need within you to move outward to seek other areas of information that may assist you to bring about whatever it is that you wish.

However, let me assure you that within the concept of the Three Levels of Consciousness, as it was introduced on Atlantis — and perfected and introduced then to your colony on Earth within this time and place — there is built into this system all which is required to bring you whatever you desire and what is necessary for you — providing all three levels of your consciousness agree that these  are needed in order to work with and then complete your Karmic pattern.

It is always interesting to us to watch a student stumble about from challenge to challenge without fully realizing that it is not necessary to be so uncertain as to a course of direction. Therefore, this only occurs because there is a lack of attunement. Many fail to recognize the need to contemplate /meditate, to become quiet, to become stilled once or twice a day and to build it into your regime. Also the need to become so dedicated to this practice that nothing could ever be so important as to alter the course of this action and to take one away from their Inner Temple, or more importantly, the opportunity to receive that which cannot be brought forth in any other way except through the still small voice within; for there is no other way to received such information unless one utilizes a third party for the transmission.

When you move into the silence on a regular basis, you create a vortex that can be in the middle of a busy street, right in the middle of your home, or in an isolated place where you can erect a shield about you. Then, entering into the silence becomes automatic and, when you enter in that fashion, all else in the outer world ceases to be as important and does not have an opportunity to impinge itself upon you.

There are no limits as to what can be accomplished when you do this. Many throughout history who have risen to great heights, whether students, builders, healers, clergy or others have succeeded only because they have recognized what is truly important, and how to go about bringing that important aspect into their lives, incorporating it in such a way that it was not offensive nor a burden to anyone else.

If you could only understand the brilliant light and energy that extends outward and upward from each of you through your various bodies and how many healers from the inner dimensions are always present in that energy, ever so willing and ready to be of assistance to you — we speak of even the least among you — then you would do all that is necessary to establish these bonds. The bonds are there; they are forms of energy waiting to be tapped, waiting to be used, and through which you may, then, within your own mastery, provide whatever is necessary for others to use along their path.

In this, we have given you a very valuable tool, this integral aspect of the Schools of Mystery has been placed before each of you. We ask you, then, will you be open yourselves to the possibility that what has just been said might be true? And if it is true, would you give yourself the blessing of attuning to these principles, utilizing what has been brought to you and invoking those whose solitary interest is to assist you as a student to reach heights far greater than any of you can imagine?

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
                Glendale, CA


EC’s Comments:
The Fellowship’s Mantra Prayer of Protection and Light Attunement, followed by a short period of contemplation or meditation on the heart chakra, are helpful tools in blending and balancing our Three Levels of Consciousness.