Instantaneous Revisioning


Dr. Wayne Guthrie and Dr. Bella Karish (1971)

Instantaneous Revisioning, brought forth through your Spiritual Teachers, superimposes on and creates a new and positive image over any erroneous, negative human or global condition.

Using Prayer, Light, Love, and positive thoughts and deeds, misalignment is changed into alignment so that balance is given to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, bringing them into harmony and attunement with each other.

Besides working with human inadequacies, Instantaneous Revisioning can also transform nations, governments, cities, large and small groups, and religious organizations if they have become involved with war, hate, resentments, evil, greed, etc. Revisioning can replace useless, unwanted, outmoded ideas with new ideals, bringing incentive and challenge instead of competition; love instead of hate; peace instead of war; good rather than evil. This requires revision of the entire situation and requires physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impetus.

If a photographer takes a picture of a person with a camera and it does not come out as desired, the photographer takes more pictures in order to get a good one. In each successive picture, if the image is not as wished, the major or minor errors must be identified and eradicated by repositioning the subject, readjusting lights and/or shadows, and using whatever method is required to bring out the best features of the picture. Something must be added, changed, perhaps deleted, but always there are new and different ways to replace the error of the first picture by perfecting it through changes for the renewed image.

Thus individuals, through their Subconscious contract with their High Selves, enter life to master errors involved with self and others within their free will as individuals. Each individual is given insight on entering life as to what must be accomplished—and what must be reorganized and reestablished by transmuting past images into a new and present picture, the wrong into the right, the negative into the positive.

Having a new vision to work for and with will bring a more healthy, stable, and harmonious picture into fulfillment. But because Instantaneous Revisioning cannot be successful without cooperation between the Conscious Self and the Subconscious Minds—the Basic Selves, who control the physical body, the emotional structure, the psychic doors (the chakras), intuition, and the memory patterns—communication is necessary between them to be able to complete the Karmic pattern. You must keep in mind that the Basic Selves, having free will of their own, are not always willing to work with the Consciousness or each other, and this may cause a lack of rapport. However, if the Basic Selves are approached properly, with love, the superimposing of the perfected picture over the undesirable image can be brought about, thus changing the inner selves and the outer person.

When individuals accept within themselves that they are not—nor are they intended to be—like any other individual, that they do not need to act, feel, or think as another, they can begin to discard the idea of being a carbon-copy and accept themselves as unique individuals.

If you apply Instantaneous Revisioning, you will soon see that much can change for you. The technique then is to create a good image and superimpose it over the negative attitude or image. Self-destructive attitudes of mind, body, emotions, and spirit can thus be reversed and turned into security and stability.

In this way, those who seek a perfected identity and purpose of existence will begin to understand where they belong in the scheme of things and realize they have not come in to be like anyone else or to be held in rigid conformity. Through this realization—that life on Earth is a series of readjustments of successes and failures into proper alignment—the errors of the past as well as of the present can be revisioned by placing the new image over the old image, as the Creator intended. So too with the world situation of today and tomorrow, for world affairs can also be revisioned until negative actions are replaced and returned to a positive image, and thus salvation is brought about.

The Ancients applied this method through the true use of rituals, chants (or what you would call mantras), and various forms of magic to reorganize and to reassemble a negative image into a positive one.

It is best that when you image to bring about what you desire, you ask that it be within God’s Will, Right Action, and the Highest Good of yourself and others.

Each one of you who uses Instantaneous Revisioning for that which is desired and rightful can know and understand how Prayers, Light, and reimaging thoughts can and does work to heal yourself, others, and your planet Earth.