I bless you each one as I enter, and I give you greetings from my world.

From my Kingdom, I am the one called Merlin, who was an advisor to a King and his followers. Together we spent many days, many years, working with each other, assisting each other, helping to bring about a change in the Consciousness of all of those who came to hear and to see.

Down through history, the myths have placed me in the character of a magician. But I can assure you that I was far more than a magician. Although I did understand the fine art of alchemy and was able to convert metals, I always did so for a purpose. For at the time of my sojourn upon the Earth, history was being made, battles were being fought, not so much over territory and those things physical but rather over ideology and how people should think and raise their families.

The Knights of the Round Table—though symbolic they might be—indeed that was the manner in which, sitting around the table, and it was a round table, discussions were entered into. First were those discussions involving Arthur himself and his confidantes, those who were chosen. And then the rites of initiation which were to lead others in approaching their objectives in a positive manner. Oftentimes Arthur and his concepts were attacked, Arthur being physically attacked by those who thought they knew more about how the affairs of the time should be run.

Arthur was a Kin—his domain extended far and wide—and lesser Monarchs would send their favored, their lieutenants, their young soldiers to Arthur to be trained as Knights and to be returned back then to their own Principalities to help and to assist and carry forth the teaching.

One could say that which I represented was a Mystery School. For there were certain Knights who were brought forward around the Round Table for deep discussions—about philosophy, the mysteries of life—and the course of events for them was no different than that which you seek today: to understand self, to understand why it was necessary to move into battle, to defend the principles of trade and education and not allow the despots to overrun the Kingdom and destroy the Soldiering and the Principality.

So Arthur’s Knights were keenly trained and intelligent and they understood, first of all, the spiritual aspects of what battle and fighting in battle meant—realizing that in some instances they would lay down their lives for that cause they believed in, but always fight with honor. And the moral character and the fiber of their character was something that was constantly dealt with in the Knighthood, that army of Knights who represented the front line of the Kingdom, both in fighting and in protecting.

Arthur always felt it was important that those who were brought forward from the various Principalities should be screened. In some instances, they’d come forward because there was family pressure or peer pressure to go into battle, and it was rightful for them to lose their lives if that was necessary—the honor of the family was all-important. But Arthur was a sensitive man and a leader, and in working with me felt that there were those that did not belong in the army to develop as Knights, but rather should develop their sensitivity and enter into the Mysteries, and in some instances enter into the monasteries, where they would receive much instruction and read and be counseled, and move out again then throughout this vast region to serve as Spiritual Advisors, Counselors, Healers, helpers, and defenders of the Faith. It is such a desire that we have, as we work with those such as yourselves, who—in a way, though some of you be in feminine garb, nevertheless were all Knights—are moving forward, protecting those who are less fortunate, helping those who are less fortunate, hopefully bringing about a better Kingdom upon the Earth.

But let it be understood that the legends of King Arthur, of Merlin, of Lancelot, Guenevere—all of those principals within that time and place—were real, as legend is real, and continue to exist in the realm of Spirit.

It was a kindly time and much was accomplished, but then, even as today, there were those rivals who could not understand why that which Arthur preached and taught and advocated was so successful. Many attributed that to magic. It wasn’t magic. It was indeed attuning to the Higher Law, allowing that Law and that Energy to express through the individual. That was the true story of what happened in this magic time.

I place it before you and I wish you each as good an experience in your journey as those who come forth from the period of Arthur.

And I bless you, each one.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA