Importance of Discriminating When Receiving Spiritual Guidance

Unidentified Person


I live in the United States, and I am here because I find myself impinged upon and  completely lacking in strength or ability to do what I have come to do within this time and place. It is not that I belong to any group or cult, nor do I in any way believe in anything except my own religious concept. But in the area where I live, we have a group of young people who have gathered together to pray for each other, to pray for balance, and to pray in love and light for the world we live in.

We have no intention of being political. We are in no way involved with any different kind of culture. We are involved with only bringing peace through what we believe is a prayerful attitude. However recently, through strange imposition upon our minds, we find ourselves, instead of thinking of love and light, turning to that which could be called hate, anger, deception, and a desire to not pray for the world that at this moment, according to what we are thinking, is not worthy of it.

We do not know what to do, and we cannot understand what is happening. In this particular prayer action, we have in some way been making contact with energies which we believe are telling us that we must cause the world to change, but not through love. We do not believe in doing that, and we do not know how to change this message or what is happening to us.

We had contact through spirit guidance and suddenly all of that which had been seemingly rightful, seemingly good action, has become wrong. We have received no help from spirit. Spirit seems to have left us. We have a group of ten young people who suddenly are involved with strange thoughts, and we, instead of praying, have become involved with personal involvements and emotional discord.

At this point, I am sending out a call. I do not know who or what I am reaching. I am sending out a call for help. What is happening?

Wayne Guthrie: If I understand you correctly, you are not able any longer to reach your own spirit teachers.

X: We seem to be receiving answers, but they are not logical, nor are they what we feel is balanced. There is a demand that we send out prayers to control people and to make contact with the powers, the energies in the higher dimensions that will stop and block anyone from thinking or feeling or acting in a normal way. I know it is in error, and I have begun to turn away from the group. Several others feel the same way, but we do not understand why this is happening. We have not changed our way, our method. We have always been involved with prayer. We attempt to use protection. What is happening?

WG: There are certain outer spacial force fields that would seek to reach into the minds of any humans that are open.

X: Some of these come to us and say that they have come from ancient periods, that they are valid, that they have come to save the world, and we believed them.

WG: Do you challenge them within the Christ Light, the White Light, no matter who they are or where they come from?

X: I believe we have, but it doesn’t seem to change the situation.

WG: Are they willing to stand the challenge? Are they willing to stand within the Light, or do they override it?

X: I do not understand. We move through prayer. We ask that only that which is rightful come into focus, that we be used as instruments to bring good to the Earth — and suddenly we begin to hate our fellow man. We are suddenly discriminating against the world and disillusioned with it.

WG: Are you cutting off negativity? Are you taking steps to cut off any negativity that might be present within your sessions?

X: We have not felt that there was any. I am simply pointing out that we are sending out a call for help. I do not know who you are, but I want to say that we do not accept negativity. We do not recognize it.

WG: Are you saying you do not recognize the dual polarity — Good and Evil, the positive and the negative?

X: Perhaps I am. I just know that we do not see this world as negative or negativity in it, except that we suddenly find ourselves against the world instead of for it.

WG: Then you are dealing with some form of negativity. Something is not happening correctly.

X: Should we stop entirely? I and several others have decided we are doing no good and we might as well stop.

WG: I am not certain that this is the right counsel, but something is happening. You opened your remarks by saying that you go through some form of protection, that you ask you be protected, that you protect yourself. Now if you are protecting yourselves, you must have some understanding of the opposition, of the negative force field, or you would not find any need to protect yourselves.

X: That was in error.

WG: In our Fellowship, we protect ourselves and protect our entries, all of us, so that we know what we are dealing with.

X: We have received several answers to our question, not just yours. There is someone here who says we would be doing right to step away, to stop the prayer meetings. There is someone else who is saying that we have been completely overcome and that we are doing harm instead of good. There is someone else here that says we should condemn the Earth for it has become evil.

WG: Many like yourselves are here to bring about a better world, and the forces of Light desire to bring about a better world, but there are those forces that oppose the forces of Light and desire to control the world and to control people as their instruments.

X: People do not need to accept such control, and I believe we are not accepting it.

WG: Then why are you concerned? There is something that is causing you to be concerned.

X: I am concerned because of the many answers I am getting and not one of them seems to be right. What is it that makes us retreat? Who or what is it that has changed our attitude? I don’t seem to be getting any help here, or from any of the others.

WG: I have this suggestion for you. With any entry that you receive, ask them to stand within the Christ Light, challenge them. If they are of Light, if they are honorable and come with good purpose, they don’t mind standing in the Christ Light or being challenged by the Christ Light.

X: We have some in our group who are Jewish and who don’t believe in Christ.

WG: When I say “Christ Light” I am not referring to the man Jesus. I am referring to the Universal White Light of the Creator.

X: That is something I can understand.

WG: And don’t take your protection for granted.

X: I don’t think that we do. I will try what you say. Thank you for your help.

WG: Thank you, bless you.