Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension
Peter, A Disciple of Christ

I am Peter and I come to you in peace and love. I find myself, and those associated with me,
approaching Earth in our finer bodies to be part of the drama that once again unfolds for
humanity. This drama is a memory pattern that many upon Earth cling to; it draws forth from the
world of spirit the actors once upon the stage for the drama of crucifixion, resurrection, and

Humans, again, have failed to understand the spiritual significance of all that occurred then. Many
of you were not reared in the spiritual significance of those events. My beloved friends, I can
assure you of this: Throughout the abundance of civilizations that have lived upon Earth,
crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension is an enduring drama. And yet humans tend to interpret
the world in a literal way without fully understanding this truth: All of life’s dramas make little
difference if you do not take unto yourself the symbolism and the lessons they illustrate.

Humans do not realize how completely aligned the world of spirit is to their own world and how
caught up in the affairs of the human world we, of spirit, are. Until such a time as all soulic
lessons have been learned, we are an integral part of the enacting of the many plans upon Earth,
as are you as human beings.

All of you were present in times past when the great events of the world played out, and have,
within your memory patterns, connected to the trauma of these incidents—and some of that
trauma is yet to be released by you. I represent, within memory, great changes: truths brought
forth to provide mankind with greater insight into a formula that would lead, if followed, to selfrealization. Why, then, have humans failed to incorporate these truths, preferring instead to place
these lessons outside of themselves, distinct from their own beingness?

Do you not see, my friends, that the symbolism behind the crucifixion, resurrection, and
ascension is that which must take place that you shall evolve? And as you move through your
tasks seeking to bring deliverance to your soul, you must move through patterns of crucifixion
over and over again: In no other way can you hope to be delivered, for in no other way can you
possibly understand what deliverance is all about.

I know if I look into the hearts and minds of every one of you, that you have, in this single
lifetime, moved through patterns of crucifixion, if for no other reason than you have stepped away
from the mainstream of belief within your society. Yet not one of you would move backward in
this time, nor would you trade your place for that of those who have persecuted you, for you have
seen the inner Light and have chosen to follow that Light to wherever it leads you. Once you have
placed your foot upon the path, my friends, there is no turning back, for you have moved into a
new experience and have understood what others have not—but will, in time.

All who have reached a state of mastery upon Earth have moved through patterns of crucifixion.
Each of you has, in times past, in one form or another, placed your life on the line for what you
believed, and were crucified, though you have little or no memory of this.

Yet you have placed your feet upon a path that will lead you into and through another crucifixion.

Each time this occurs, my friends, the soul becomes lighter and less burdened with the weight of
the Earth, for what is the purpose of crucifixion? It is the vast, last step necessary to reach the
door that leads to resurrection. It is that step that each must take in order to enter into the portal.
There is no other way. The soul desires to be resurrected over and over again, for it knows the
beauty of the freedom of resurrection. After that, the soul is freed to move through the ascension
into the beauty of it All.

Crucifixion is symbolic. It is a step, a testing, designed by your Masters to discern your ability
to be steadfast and true to your beliefs.

We watch carefully as humans move toward the center of Light and Love in these times, but we
are saddened when we see much of this movement negated by the continuing crucifixion of the
one called Judas—directly counter to the instruction, the symbolism, the teaching of the one who
became the Christ. Until such a time as mankind understands and expresses unconditional love,
humans will continue forever to hold themselves in bondage and need to repeat their own

My friends, we are grateful to you and to those like you who have garnered an understanding of
the mysteries of Earth, for the mysteries are there to be tapped, understood, and digested. All that
you wish will be given to you if you persist in seeking these mysteries.

I extend to you my Love and my Light, and I bless you each one.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA