Spiritual Guidance to Achieve Your Highest Potential

A Doctor Teacher


Have you truly thought of just who you are and why you are? Have you permitted yourselves the opportunity to look within, becoming silent and still within, entering into the sanctuary of the soul and glimpsing, but for a second, the true you?

As a Doctor Teacher, my mission is the same as your Doctor Teacher, the one who accompanies you and stands by your side as I speak. By our form of beingness we are close to you at all times, and yet, many of you have not made contact with us and do not recognize our function and role within your beingness. Understand that we are able, in many respects, to bring great lessons to you, for we work closely with you as physical beings and we are, at all times, mindful of your inner thoughts and actions. If each one of your teachers could speak to you as I have the privilege, you would be told it is all too often true that the human being does not realize his or her true worth, goal, and purpose. Each of you may become bogged down in the many forms of negativity that are thrust upon you as you move through your life. It is the lesson that you each must learn: the need for protecting yourselves. Positive thought, in itself, is a form of protection and also that you give great thought and energy to what you do.

If only you could understand that you are, within yourselves, creators, and that you are at all times creating for yourselves. If only you could truly understand the power and the potency of thought forms by realizing how destructive negative thoughts can be and how constructive positive thoughts can be. Many of you find yourselves in this or that dilemma: not being satisfied with your physical lot, finding great disharmony within your physical apparatus, finding yourselves in problems of finance, and finding yourselves in states lacking spiritual awareness.

If only each of you would embark upon a pathway beginning daily with meditation, understanding that meditation is not prayer. Although it is not prayer, it is a state of silence and receptivity in which you can come to terms with your inner beingness. If you would start the day in simple meditation, becoming still, quiet, and peaceful within, charting your course for the day, you would find as this becomes habit-forming that those problems you will be confronted with during the day will present themselves. During the state of meditation, you will then see the solution clearly to these problems so that you can glide safely through the day in pursuit of your physical activity. If you give us an opportunity to place before you those lessons we wish to bring to you, we can aid you in many ways to overcome those confinements that hold you in bondage. There is no need for there to be disharmony within your lives, for that which is your lot to overcome can be transmuted and you can have the bounty and the happiness that you wish.

Look upon us, your Doctor Teachers, as a staff that are on call at your beckoning. We are aware of from whence you came and we know where you are to go. It is ours to help you overcome the trials, problems, and tribulations that each one of you will always experience, for this is necessary for your growth and your expansion of awareness.

It is not that your life in the physical form is to be simple and without problems. But I say unto you if you will follow the plan by beginning your day with a simple state of stillness in which you turn within and listen, that still small voice will come to you from many sources. Do not think of a brief period of meditation as a waste of time. It is better to have two or three or five minutes than none. Surely all of you, if you organize your lives properly, can spare this little time to become acquainted with yourselves. You will find that as you open yourselves to this formula your success within your pursuit will be greatly aided and assisted. However, understand that it is not easy for you to come to this stage. It takes work and practice and diligent preparation, but, oh, beloved ones, the rewards are manifold and will be returned to you in many forms.

I bless you, and we collectively bless you as we leave you. May all that you wish be yours.

(The Fellowship Mantra Prayer of Protection and Light Attunement followed by entering the quiet of meditation/contemplation are available to assist you to bring harmony and balance into your daily lives).


Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, California