Activating Your Purpose:
By Learning to Help Yourself in Order to Help Others
Eternal Cosmos

Eternal Cosmos: You have reached for this kind of information not for personal or subconscious reasons, but because the World recognizes that each one of you is the world that you live in, to be of use to humanity.

You have also come in to be stable and secure, your security intact within your involvement with others who have come into your life and into the life of each one of you who comes forward to fulfill your Sacred Purpose—to help, to heal, to supply humanity, not just yourself. Luke has said, “Physician heal thyself,” and that is within your personal need.

The World needs each one of you—whether you recognize that or not. Some of you go through certain kinds of karmic memories simply because in the past these memories were part of a change in time and place, just as it is now.

In other words, you are being challenged to remember, through your Subconscious, that you have been of use in the past as much as you are in the present. Some of you become so involved with self that you do not realize that in everything that challenges you, in everything you learn, you are able to help someone else to overcome their particular misunderstanding of the reason they are in the world at this time.

Everyone who is part of prayer, part of groups, and part of actions—including the religious groups no matter how intense they are—each one is on the planet at this time to make the world better.

Each one of you is here to bring the world into balance and security, whether or not you feel that you are being misunderstood or that you are critical of yourself in every way. Many of you are critical in feeling you are not accomplishing what you think you are meant to do, when you do not realize your life plan as it plays out is totally and completely correct. You are here to give the opportunity to be a healer or helper, not only to yourself, but to those who are part of your family, part of those who are involved with your jobs and activities, and to those who bring in life, beauty, and fulfillment through every action that they perform.

Within your learning through these methods, you are able to help someone else who comes to you with problems that you have had or are having. You are able to help them to understand that everything becomes fulfilled and fulfilling within periods of time, when you complete an action of the past to benefit the present and the future.

If you understand this and activate your purpose within the area that this is teaching you, you will find that you will be able to be much more secure within whatever is happening to you, because it becomes easier when you see that others have the same problems and do not know how to handle them. Because you are having that particular problem yourself, you are able to communicate and commune with these people to help them, and you are helping yourself at the same time.

There are many who have come to this Fellowship with hate and anger issues because they did not feel that they were wanted, needed, or loved. Yet, that is the only way they could be strengthened in order to move through situations such as they go through, without being involved with what coddles or loves them, or makes them feel that someone else has to help them. But that help has to be strengthened and secured within themselves. This makes it invariably something which is learned over periods of time.

Some humans recognize that sometimes parents do not love, do not coddle, or do not pay attention to their child and are simply giving the opportunity to the child to learn to stand on their own two feet and to be involved with their own stability and security. This is so that they can teach someone else the same lesson they have learned through this absence of what they feel was lack of love or caring from parents, or family, or jobs, or whatever they are involved with that seems to be destroying them rather than strengthening them.

When they look back, after a certain length of time, they can see that they have learned lessons through these lacks that make them more able to help someone else who has the same lacks, and therefore, they have become a better human being, healer, and helper in ways that often are beyond their comprehension.

Do understand that each one of you has chosen your Life Plan. You have chosen to be an instrument to help others become fulfilled and fulfilling through what you learn, through what you have become involved with through stress and actions that make you unhappy, until you recognize you are being strengthened, secured, and indeed, very often fulfilled in this process.

Sometimes it is difficult to accept that you are suffering in vain, according to your own feelings. Suffering sometimes is that which many humans find makes them stronger in many ways. Suffering, even pain, sometimes becomes so intense that when the pain disappears through someone else’s helping, through someone else bringing some kind of cure to that pain, it becomes so satisfying that they are able to help others who have pain.

Do recognize that you are healers and helpers and are in every way learning the lessons that give you that right, that you have come in purposely to be what you have turned out to be, whether you know it or not. As we have been saying over and over again—Prayer Works!

Everyone who has troubles can pray as long as it is not with anger or hate or that which opens psychic doors (Chakras) to that which is negative evil. Each one learns lessons through pain and the ability to be able to stand it until it disappears.
Question: Would you say then that the purpose of the Fellowship is to help individuals to activate their life plan?

EC: Exactly. Activating your purpose is not really your purpose. Your purpose is what you accepted from your Subconscious Awareness. If you talk to your Subconscious, and your High Self as well through your Subconscious, you will find many of the answers will come and it will make it easier to handle a situation or handle other people’s situations because you have learned how to do so.

Life is like a schoolhouse that you are in constantly. The school has good teachers. Sometimes the teachers in the school become very determined to make you listen to what they have to teach. Sometimes it is difficult when children do not feel what they are being taught or have to learn through someone’s else’s dictation is fair. But you will see that when you learn the lessons, no matter where they come from, you become freed of the past and you are able to perform actions that help others to be freed also.

Comment: I had one problem in this present lifetime that was the most difficult I have ever had. It took me thirteen years every day to consciously work at it, and that is forgiving one particular person for something that they did or didn’t do.

EC: You were involved for thirteen years with a past life pattern in which you have been the very image of that one who could not and did not understand and caused you pain and suffering. In other words, you were seeing your own reflection in that person and because you did handle it, did work with it, then you received a gift of something so beautiful that the fulfillment was then rightful because you no longer had to look back.

You had a partner that gave you everything that you truly needed, and you worked it out by staying with the situation until it was complete. There was always something given to you, even though at the time it seemed that it was not rightful.

We want you to think about what we are saying because many of you suffer from a lack of financial security and lack of many different kinds of loving care. Because within you, you expect things to be what you want them to be, and it never is quite that way until the action is complete.

Sometimes human beings expect more from their companions and from those that they work with and for. It becomes very overwhelming when they realize they are not going to get that fulfillment until they understand that they have to give in order to receive. And that is the key!

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts the human can have: forgiving that which is no longer rightful, to have compassion for self and others in actions that seem to be hurtful but actually are challenging. Remember, the challenge can be worked with and for to become fulfilling. If you do not accept that challenge, then you simply go on and on and become totally involved with something that makes it worse, not better.

Q: EC, sometime ago I attended a church and was given a small meditation method on forgiveness which was very, very healing for me, and I often thought of using that same method to help people in small groups of individuals. It is a wonderful method, very simple and very loving. Is that something that you feel is needed at this time?

EC: Religion is meant to help humans, to bring them into a full realization that they have come to be part of a group action to help others as well as self. Most religious groups use prayer and forgiveness that teaches and preaches. Any method that gives you a feeling of accomplishment has value. It doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as it is used correctly and fulfills self.

Comment: At this time, I often think that I could help other people with this same method.

EC: Of course you can! That is why you learned it. It has no beginning and no end. It is what you learned to help self so you could help others. That is the whole method and the whole reason for this particular teaching—to learn it and then to use what you have been given to help others.

That is your purpose! And you definitely do that within the beauty of the teachings that you are involved with, not only that one but others. Every teaching you have ever gotten has been to help someone else, not just self. And that is what you have come to do.

Let me bless each one of you for being part of this very interesting way of learning lessons, whether the lessons seem that they are going to be instructive or not.

Each lesson, just as in school, becomes a fulfillment of purpose. If you activate it within your own particular love and understanding, you can help many other people through what you have learned, sometimes in pain and stress, but always within an action in which you know that the end result is something of good, not that which is harmful, but that which is helpful. Remember that! So be it.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Glendale, CA