TERRA (Earth)

I speak to you from Poseidon, for I am one of you and a part of you. I have come to you several times before through this Channel because I am the one whose responsibility it is to govern, to guide, and to direct this planet upon which you and I reside.

You as inhabitants of planet Earth have not learned your lessons. I do not say this to you because I desire to chastise you, but it is important to bring this to your attention so that you understand who you are, why you are here, and what you are doing. You are part of a mighty force, a force that is destined to surmount all opposition—provided you and others like you are successful in assimilating those lessons that have been brought to you time and time again in many forms and in many places. All lessons are a part of that which you must receive, but no lesson is of benefit to you unless you are able to take each one into your beingness to make it a part of you and a part of your plan, and to use it as a force to obtain the power which lies within reach of each one of you.

My purpose is to bring to you and to others information that you can use to bridge the gap between what you do not understand and what you must understand. Each of you, in your own way, has been pushed Afrom pillar to post@ in an effort to learn that which is within your grasp at all times—because you have not yet fully realized the powerful force that each one of you is. I understand this because I know you feel that you as a human being are totally incapable of fully understanding or comprehending all which occurs around you, so you feel a sense of futility at times. And it is true that you wonder just what your part is in the over-all scheme of things, and what you, as one of many individuals, can do to change that which occurs to you.

It is a fact that the forces of Light are finding many such as yourselves who are falling into the ranks of the opposition. Such an attempt is made at all times to lure you from that which is your charted course by the negative evil energies. As you permit yourselves to become open to these temptations and take the first step over the threshold, you will find that it is increasingly difficult to refrain from further entering into that vast domain of negative evil.

My friends, what you are engaged in is the spreading of truth, Light beauty, and understanding, coupled with compassion and perseverance Those of you who are wiser know that patience in the end is a fortifying stabilizer, and patience is my desire for you and for others like you. It is true that there is a weakness in your faith and your dedication to the purpose and to the ideals of your mission, which is also my mission. You and we have traveled the path you are on many times in the past and have earned that which is presently within our grasp, but we stand dangerously close to losing what we have gained revolving through the ages. We are in danger of losing much because we have failed somehow to learn certain lessons. It is not only true of you who find yourselves at this time within the physical body, but it is true to some degree of others not in physical bodies. Each must re-assess the purpose of individual existence and know without doubt and question there is but one single goal, and that is to do what is necessary from within and without to aid others and ourselves to become brighter stars in the universe.

You must know that within each one of you is all that is necessary to accomplish this goal, even though it is a failing of the human who is closeted with many seemingly over-powering problems of the physical which are not within his or her control. And in this lies a weakness which must be overcome, for you must know that you, too, are gods in the making and that all that is necessary is within you. Now is the time to step out, to move forward, and to re-affirm your sincere dedication to your true purpose. Too many in these days of strife give lip service to their dedication and yet tend to become pulled down into the muck and the mire of humanity.

Understand that within you lies the energy and the capacity to bring about this transformation into gods, of which we speak. You must not permit yourselves to become fearful and doubtful, for those who oppose us are succeeding beyond their measure of belief in pulling from our ranks those who succumb to this negative aspect of creation.

I would ask you, one and all, how many times throughout the course of this day and those days past you have re-affirmed your faith? How many of you are able to enter into the silence at will and close yourselves away from the rest of humanity? It is true that you must earn your living, tend to your chores, eat, and do those things that society expects from you. This is right and this is what is necessary to keep that of which you are a part functioning. But you are children of Light. You have come into this planet and into this locale because of a plan and because of a purpose. You are primarily a force of Light and secondly a human physical being—not vice versa as some of you feel. You know that any adversity which must occur to our planet is a stepping stone, that which we need and must move through in order to rise out of this orbit and into a greater one. We have failed time and time again, all of us, to accomplish this end. This time we must not fail. As we are called upon to do our duty, we must be ready and able to accomplish it. We can only do this if we are strong in body and in spirit, backed by absolute belief in principle and purpose, and motivated by a sense of right.

It is, however, fair to warn you that a negative alien force which threatens our purpose has attracted to its source countless spirits. If those such as yourselves who are exposed to the truth are not able to negate the influence of the alien force, we as a system will have failed. You must understand that those planets and their residents within our system who are more highly purified than yourselves must then carry the bulk of the burden, for it is up to us who inhabit Earth to increase through understanding our vibration and our power.

We must understand what confronts us, fortify ourselves individually, and do what we can to help others to do likewise, so we shall be the victors and rid from our midst the oppressors who must fail eventually in their mission. Because we have not succeeded in the past, this time we must. Understand that where you now find yourselves is truly in a battle between day Light and dark Light. Make no mistake.

As you now have become aware of the need, your purpose and your plan should be evident. You no longer, then, should be satisfied by drifting, but concentrate on this single goal no matter what the cost to you in your physical life, for that life in which you find yourselves will pass away in time. The struggle must be continued on all planes of understanding. Permit the Light within to grow and to burn brightly. Know without doubt and without hesitation that it is our responsibility to guide this ship, our planet, safely to shore through rough waters. I bless you and I leave you.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
               Los Angeles, CA