Faith Within

Bishop Pike

I have learned much in the spirit world, and it is important not only to my spirit; the world
must understand what is played out in the spiritual and physical arenas. Indeed, what I have
to say will change ideas, as mine were changed, because I found my ideas eclipsed by what
I discovered in the last days of my life and since entering the spirit world.

Upon Earth there seems to be a need in humans to experience within their higher levels of
consciousness everything in the outer spiritual realms—which, strangely enough, mirror their
inner spiritual realms. Humans therefore are truly gods in this way: they are the activators
of what promotes any change of consciousness in themselves. This was difficult for me to
accept, for I held fast to what I had been taught: God, a Master, a teacher, the Christ, were
the activators of my fate. But I have discovered that unless one has faith in one’s own ability
to manifest into fulfillment, there is little or nothing outside of one’s self that can be useful
It is the same as when you enter a school where the teaching of the wisdoms is laid before
you by a professor, a philosopher, a teacher, a mentor, or someone who has already reached
a higher level of knowledge and is capable of bringing it to others. The teacher’s work is to
catalyze within you the capability of receiving the wisdom. But, truly, the teacher cannot be
of assistance to you if you are not willing to accept the knowledge that the teacher presents.

What I am saying is this: You are your own god, your own Christ, your own evolvement,
your own fulfillment. I have found this to be true within Jesus, the Christ, finding that the
only reason He was brought into the mind, action, and fulfillment of those who followed Him
was because within Him was that which became crucified so that others need not be.
Therefore, He became an image of faith that there is always, within self, that which can be
useful to others, but not unless one is willing to accept this gift of service. Remember: If you
cannot have faith within yourself, it is useless to reach out into other realms for someone else
to assist you.

There is a God, a Deity, a form of great, vast wisdom, but it is so complex and so vast that
humans only grasp a single part of it at a time. And within that complexity, that composite
of all things, unless one knows one’s capabilities, no great force outside of oneself, no matter
how great or how vast, can truly fulfill one.

This, then, is what is meant by the breath being placed into the clay and bringing forth life.

If a candle is not prepared to be lit, if it does not have a wick in the center for the flame to
light, no amount of surrounding light can ignite the candle—or can impel one into
evolvement and fulfillment, if there is no place, no form, no will, no faith within oneself.

I also feel it is imperative that humans understand that within this nation and others like it,
unless we are willing to become images of brotherhood, of love and Christhood, we cannot
in any way expect others to follow in our footsteps.

I am pleased to speak to you for this is the time of trial. This time precedes the crucifixion
of the human, and in order to move forward, the human needs to believe that in crucifixion
there is no death, only life.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA