A Message of Faith, Hope, and Love



I bring you a message of faith, a message of hope, and a message of love, for it is at times such as these that those who find themselves within the human shell tend to wonder and to become dismayed over those things which all humans are part of and must suffer. It is for this reason that I wish to speak to you. 

Know you not that all is part of what is intended and that the strife among you, no matter where or how, is part of those lessons that must be learned and that others must teach? It is true that on this Earth planet of yours there are many types of civilizations. There are those which are further advanced and have earned the reward for their efforts, and there are others destined for misery. On your Earth today you can find the two extremes and many levels in between. You must not become disturbed or discouraged, even though you are of a sensitive nature and you do feel kinship with those tragedies that are taking place. Because your hope lies in your belief of the eternal, you know that for one to reach the heights, one’s path must lead through many forests of experiences.

You are children of Light and you are the bearers of truth and figures of strength, for it has been your lot, time and time again, to see both sides of what occurs on this planet — a planet known as the classroom of spiritual evolvement of the soul. Around you this day the tempo increases. You must know that it is to be so and, by decree, will continue. If you will think keenly about what I have said, you will notice that each day as you awaken, there is greater momentum than the day before. So it will continue, until you will find among you those who will fall apart in despair.

In your country, each one is free — free to worship, free to believe, free to live. And it will fully be so, but not before the play has been completely enacted and the curtain has been lowered upon the last act. As many of your people struggle to release themselves from the chains that bind them, there are others who will plan and plot for those people’s downfall once they are released. However, I say to you that the time is not yet ready, and the time is not here when one will return to bring unto you new hope, new vision, and new purpose. Yet although the time is not yet here, the time is near because that one is among you now. This you have been promised and this you know. He will, at the appointed hour, step forward once again to bring to your Earth peace and tranquility at a time when all people will sorely welcome this force. 

But you know that even now, as many are being tested and pulled and torn from side to side, they dare not stop to wonder why they are part of all this that is occurring. It is fear that prevents them: the fear that they are suffering and will continue to suffer for that which they themselves have brought to pass. Yea, many will fail to see in themselves the weaknesses that have caused the turmoil.

The Prince of Darkness works overtime to bring about the downfall of each one who has been touched by his power. You are a civilization that has advanced many wonders, and you have met many challenges and have found success in your achievements. But, true to form, you have failed to develop the spiritual along with the material, and to this extent, my children, you too have been touched by the Prince of Darkness. His work is one of dedication, of earnestness, of sincerity; his work is one of purpose. Each of you in your ascent must be tried and tested by him time and time again until you have qualified and earned the right to greater things such as wisdom and knowledge and power. Not power over others, but power over yourself. You must, as children of Light, be aware at all times of your purpose and not permit yourselves to be identified with darkness. Hold yourselves above it with compassion, of course, and understanding.

Each one of you has many around you whose task it is to guide and direct you; to teach you if you will but listen. As I speak to you, each of you is surrounded by those whose belief in you is greater than your own: those whose dedication is not to themselves, but to you, the student. Their energies are yours, their wisdom is your wisdom. It is strange, but even the enlightened sometimes feel alone and discouraged. But know this: what you seek is within your grasp — it is yours for the asking; it is yours to have. As you progress along the way, and the lesson has been learned, it is over with; cast it aside into your satchel of accumulated wisdom. Do not permit yourselves to live in the past nor in the future but in the now, for it is this moment that counts most of all: this moment governs the next moment and the next and the next. Each hour of the day you come to a crossroads in your path; but you are special because of your compassion, your understanding, and, most of all, your dedication. And soon, as the world seems to fall apart about you, you must remember this dedication and know that whatever occurs is right at that moment. Your ability to project harmony and peace to others and to situations determines the gravity of that person or situation.

I am told to bring you a warning: be receptive to guidance at a moment’s notice. As you have been told before, you are responsible for giving some of your time to communion with those whose task it is to guide you. Each one is advised to follow through with regularity and discipline to set the stage for this communication. At this time you will develop an open line to those whose purpose is to communicate with you. Now is the time to develop this habit. This task is easy, it is simple, and it is one that you have agreed to bring about. Set aside a regular period for reflection each day. When human beings failed in giving their allegiance to the Supreme Being there has always been and will again be chaos, for each one owes their beingness and allegiance to that power.

Many of those things which caused the downfall of the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis are present among you today as a people. You must not allow yourselves to be so sheltered, so self-sufficient within your own circle, that you fail to recognize what is happening about you.   Even in your own city there are signs of marked deterioration in the patterns of culture and human decency. It is strange that the human being progresses to that point where the dignity of the God-Being within you should be the paramount objective, and yet too many revert to lower evolution. It is, my children, because many have allowed those teachers of darkness, those masters of the shadows, to establish contact and to entrench themselves within the line of that contact. So it is that projection from this dark element that reaches the human being in a way in which the human is most vulnerable. Today in your society one can see the emphasis being placed upon that part within the human that is animalistic. This is occurring within your own city as well as in all cities everywhere.


Love is a strong force for good and for evil. Know this, for as human beings are touched by love of darkness, they fall within the control of darkness. It is through this way alone that one falls. There has been invoked in your society certain latent forces because of this extreme desire to test and to experiment with the sensual, beyond that which is required and part of good judgment for each human being. In so doing, my children, those satanic powers of great dimension have been called forth and unleashed.

I say to you again that your mission in this plan and purpose is of great magnitude. You do not realize, for the most part, the importance of this organization, and you must know that what goes on behind the scenes, which has been hinted at in your presence, is of great importance — more than you know in preserving, to some degree, the status quo condition. You are not ordinary folk, my friends. This you must understand, for your mission, even as small a part as you might play within this organization, is a great undertaking. And there is more to come. Support the work, for without you much hope of redeeming the lot in which your star finds itself is lost.

The battle lines have been drawn and you are part of this battle, for some of you at another time and at another place turned your face away, knowing full well that the battle would be yours to meet again because you avoided it before. So it is and this we understand, for there is time for all things. The timetable is that part of free choice to be set and regulated by the individual entity. So I say to you in closing: know within yourselves that all is well in God, that all is well with you. You have made your choice, and now you have but to follow through to completion. You will be called upon to move into a new phase, a phase of expansion so that more might be touched by your consciousness and by your dedication.

May the Divine Light protect you and keep you. May you be strong in your conviction and your determination and diligent in your pursuits. I leave you now, for I am the one who carries the staff of discipline. With that I leave you, and I bless you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, California