What is Meant by Working in the Light

Eternal Cosmos


Light is an energy which emanates from all living things. It is also that which is brought down from the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic Beings, and from the Infinite and that which is Universal Consciousness. So when you draw upon the Light from this source above and beyond your comprehension, and you draw it into you and send it from you, you become a charge of energy or a Light beam, a Light Ray, which can be sent wherever you wish it to go.

Humans have no concept of what they truly are as instruments. Most humans accept that they have a certain amount of energy, which, when it is depleted they become distressed, and when it is raised, they become fulfilled. However, they do not realize that that energy is part of what they draw from the ether, and they draw it into them and send it out from them at will. But they are merely the instruments through which this working action continues, for the Light does not remain intact or inanimate. It becomes static and moves outward in spurts, exactly like the electrical reaction of two wires being put together causing a spark. This can be controlled or leveled or placed into proper order by one asking that the Light they are working with does not deplete them or take from them, but is useful in its charge, as it is sent out and placed into usefulness for only that which the person or objective can accept.

Humans have an automatic cut-off that within them turns off the beam when it is no longer useful. Too many continue to send Light and do not realize that they are no longer sending it to the object. The Light simply moves up into the atmosphere and becomes part of other Light that has accumulated, not going to its original objective, which has become saturated. It then moves up forming a group of Light to be distributed by the Higher Beings, who do take it and place it where it is karmically correct to be used. But the spiritual forces know better how much and how little a person can receive. They never use more than a person can accept. It would be the same as placing an x-ray upon a human and burning them because it is held too long in the area that needs to be healed, and so the healing becomes harmful through over exposure.

Working within the Light is an automatic action of all humans, whether they know it or not. But if that Light in its usefulness is turned into anger or an expression of hate, or turned into any kind of negativity, it is still Light, but it is reversed and burns until it destroys, without being stopped. For once it has been sent out in this fashion, it reacts against the objective, destroys, and then energized by destruction, cuts off from its sender and moves out to cause more harm. That is why it is imperative that humans work within the White Light not in the Dark Light, or in hate, or in destructive thought forms.