Dream and Thought Travel

Eternal Cosmos


We know that in the future many will find how necessary and important dreams, dream patterns, and dream therapy can be, especially to those who are approaching the time of understanding themselves on many levels. Several have spoken that from their dreams a clue, an omen, a force of energy has changed their particular thinking or placed them into a different approach to themselves, yet still in line with others and their own particular life style.

We would like to ask you to realize how far back in the time of your written history the dreams of humankind have become the changes of timing of civilizations, of cultures, and areas of life in its particular usefulness. Remember that humans do not consciously realize how many levels they contain in their ability to move out of their bodies, or into another dimension, or to become aware that they are in many different places at once within the sleep state. But humans often know that, many times, their answers — to the questions within their way of life that they seek, and feel they need to have, and which can place them into balance — come from a strange kind of separation from their particular body form that occurs in sleep and which can also relate to many levels outside of their lives.

Many humans in ancient times used this particular concept to heal, to help the body in its physical stage through knowledge gained by seeking answers in other dimensions and from teachers in other worlds and in outer space. These answers were useful to humans to be able to regulate or to change their dietary system and to become involved with the knowledge of herbs and of various kinds of healing procedures that came from different body experiences in past lives, or in the present life, or into a life ahead. Time, as you know it, is without any kind of relationship to that which is beyond the veil. But humans, within their own time, need to have a rhythm, and on the Earth if that rhythm is broken, humans become out of phase with themselves, not only on the Earth but outside of it as well. Once you have stepped into these other dimensions, however, you can travel with thought. Through thought you can travel within a different kind of energy field; and humans therefore, without truly realizing it, have based much of their wisdom and knowledge upon these dimensional trips. If taken from a different understanding, the wisdom and knowledge they have received is that which is beyond the human consciousness.

No matter how clever, how learned, or how educated humans are, they cannot, in any way, truly understand the vast storehouse of knowledge they can tap when they leave the body in a dream state — or in an astral body, or an etheric body, or what you can call a dream body. Within it, they can be on the other side of the world in an instant and, therefore, can tap many areas that are hidden to the consciousness in the physical world because of their lack of ability to travel or move about there. Think back to the many dreams that have changed the world and changed history in the past. If you will read this carefully, you will see that these dreams were not just simply a part of a sleep state, but natural travel patterns in which the human tapped the unknown and brought back this information to be used by humanity, for its good. Sometimes it happened that it was to the humans’ detriment when they refused to accept this knowledge because they did not believed that a human could travel to the other end of the world simply in a dream. Within reality in the past, travel took years, and sometimes many years, to go from one side of the Earth to the other, for many reasons including the different modes of transportation available. Think carefully of how many of the historical patterns have been changed, not necessarily by a dream, but a vision, an illusion, a heightened consciousness moving out and receiving what was necessary for the human to manifest and demonstrate within his or her human consciousness.

We ask you to think carefully of this, for in the coming times, you may find you are being slowly but carefully blocked in traveling at will in the same fashion as before, until certain energy fields are revised. You can and will learn to travel on a thought. You will transport yourselves through the ethers by simply tuning in to another dimension or tuning in to another human being=s mind, and simply be given a message, perhaps in a so-called dream state. Perhaps you will simply lift yourself out in a moment of meditation, or contemplation, in which you carefully analyze, seek, and become part of that travel mode that was used by the ancients within their need to transmit knowledge to others. The mystical knowledge of the ancients was indeed quite valid, for they could teleport [move anything], apport [produce physical objects without physical means], move their total bodies, or move from out of their bodies to take messages or receive them for the good of many. You, too, even though you may be blocked from traveling in the physical form, will find that you are more alert and more and more capable of traveling through space within this method. But we can assure you that the Adream state@ is not the true word. It is indeed a thought pattern — thought travel — and you will find that it will become most efficient and quite valid.

Channel: Bella Karish
Los Angeles, California