The Role of Your Teaching Band in
Your Spiritual Development

John Sargent

It is necessary to speak to you about your teaching band: your personal teaching staff of Spirit. They have assumed the responsibility of guiding you and carry instruction from the highest level. They have welcomed the assignment of helping to bring security and balance into your lives.

We in Spirit, as do many of you, come from a school of thought that believes in the sanctity of helpers from the World of Spirit. Some schools of thought do not accept this truth and that is, of course, their free will. Others lean very heavily upon the use of Ascended Masters and Gurus that have lived, continue to live, and will continue to live for thousands of years. In spite of those differences, most schools of thought accept that there is order within our universe: the greater always being responsible, or assuming the responsibility, for the welfare and assistance of the lesser. This has always been, and will always be, true.

For those who feel that they have their own teachers and can accept the principles of a teaching band, then truly such a Spirit band is always present and helping them. Even those who do not accept or believe this doctrine, or have had no real attention drawn to it, are still subject to teachers and invisible helpers from beyond that plane of existence that they—you—exist within. The fact is that when individuals make a connection with the teachers that surround and assist them, there is an opportunity for those teachers to become quite active in assisting those individuals on every level, even without the individuals’ conscious connection with and acceptance of their teaching staff.

What we find, however, is that humans do not accept their teachers to the degree that those same teachers would like. And these teachers are not idly chosen. Spirit teachers are assigned to each human’s vibration for one of several reasons. In some cases, the teachers have had similar karmic experiences. Even though no two karmic patterns are identical—they are as different and as separate as each of your fingerprints or voiceprints—the teachers assigned to you have the ability to identify with each of you, their counsel and wisdom born of similar trials and tribulations.

There are also those teachers that have specific arrangements with you as a student: they enter into your vibration to teach specific subjects at specific times based upon the demands of your karmic pattern. When a human makes contact with these teachers, there is an invisible cord that is created between them, and that cord is always connected to that particular Spirit form which readily, happily, and freely accepts assisting that human through his or her challenges and growth.

It is, of course, not good when you who has an awareness and intuitive ability deliberately sets aside the help from your teaching band. It is self-sabotage. By rejecting the help and guidance of your teachers, you have consigned yourself to a spiritual treadmill: marking time, going nowhere. Thus it could be that once your embodiment is complete, the pattern will need to be repeated. Or it could be that you, now in Spirit, exchange places with a teacher to assist another person and find yourself unable to follow through because you failed to exercise your options in that prior time.

There is a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom available to you through your teaching band. The karmic lessons that come to you will determine, to a large extent, what occurs to you in this lifetime; they certainly shape what will occur to you in a future time and place. Therefore, it is important to seek, identify, and work with your teachers to bring yourself the awareness and instruction that is needed to elevate you to your highest potential.

Remember: Everyone has a teaching band, even those who find themselves not serving the forces of Light and Good. It is our suggestion, then, that through meditation, contemplation, visualization, or other forms of communication, you seek awareness of your individual patterns and direction; seek also your teachers’ patterns of assistance and their willingness in fulfilling your life plan. Untold joys, pleasures, knowledge, wisdom, and the secrets of the Universe are available to you for the asking.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.

Los Angeles, CA