The Importance of Diet to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Eternal Cosmos

EC: When humans explore their body needs, including the food they desire to eat to promote their health, many times they feel that not taking the life of an animal creature is a good reason to become part of a vegetarian program.  Their belief is: AYou will not take life,@ and therefore, they move away from eating meat, which provides fuel and energy to the body. Meat and fish, both being part of the same kind of life source but in different forms, are a component of a human=s particular need within the physical body. It is only the fear which is created in the animal when the animal or fish is caught and killed, and given no opportunity to become peaceful within its own permissive ability, which is the negative action.

Your ancient scrolls state quite clearly that the gods brought all of these gifts, which include the cattle and the animals of the field, the fish of the waters, the fruits from plants and trees, and the minerals of the Earth for humans to use as they will. Each of the animals, plants, and minerals is a living form with thoughts and feelings and, in every way, a part of life that can be destroyed through fear of its demise.

We have taught this Fellowship that the action of food of any kind is a karmic debt paid to the human in which the animal, the fish and fowl, the fruits and seeds, the minerals are all given an opportunity to aid and give back life to the human. It is that which is a life for a life in a way that is designated by Nature and by each according to their needs. The animal, then, for example, that is eaten gives you back life and, therefore, lives again within you. Christ=s statement to His disciples, during the time known to us as the Lord=s Supper, is approximately, AEat of this bread and you eat of my body, drink of this wine and you become part of my blood.@ In other words, this is His phrase in which He says that He lives again within you and you become, in that act, part of the regeneration of His particular plan to give life back in a different way.

Let us point out that each animal that gives you a part or a portion of itself is within the same concept or principle, as is each seed, each piece of fruit or mineral that you consume. In the consumption, these become part of your life and, in that act, they live again. It does not matter what you eat. It is that they have given their life to salvage you, whether it is with fruit, seed, animal, fowl, or fish. And if you eat of the minerals in the ground, you are receiving from them that which gives you back life and restores you to health, for each of you needs all of these body-building actions no matter where they come from.

Q: It is said that primitive humans ate animals which exemplified a particular character trait to acquire that trait. Is there any basis for this?

EC: Quite so. Humans receive strength, courage, and fulfillment from the animal. One receives from that animal what is needed to build certain parts of one=s mental, physical, and emotional bodies. Thus, the animal becomes useful and the animal is, in its own way, a salvationist or savior within all of the areas that the ancients knew and expressed.

Many speak of Jesus as being a Christed being and attempt to exemplify Him in every way, and He, being a Hebrew, ate meat. The meat He ate was carefully prepared within the Judaic law for cleanliness and without fear. It was necessary, within all the Judaic rituals, that the meat was given prayer and salvation before it was taken into the body. It is not what you eat within the animal creature that must be prayed over, it is the fear that has been created within it when it is killed. The fear then is in error. There must be within your future planning a way to use the animal in such a way that it has no knowledge that it is being destroyed, for it has come in to be useful and does so by giving back its life for yours.

Every part of Earth=s kingdoms has feelings and emotions, it matters not whether it is fruit, vegetable, plant, mineral, or animal. Thus it is difficult for the vegetarian to explain why he or she will not eat meat, feeling he or she is not killing when eating fruit, vegetables, minerals, or nuts. But each of these foods has a life and a feeling which is just as valid as those of the animal creature. Therefore, you have been given all of these foods to provide you with nutrition and fuel and energy. It matters not what you eat, it is your state of mind that changes the food into a blessing for you and for that which is eaten, for humans, by their motives, can change all things.

[Editor=s Note: Organic or Kosher meat has been recommended by our Spirit Teachers for those who prefer meat that has no chemical additives or preservatives.

Another suggestion from our Teachers is to prepare a soup with the meat and vegetables and if you do not wish to eat the meat, the broth containing vital amino acids has value for your bodies. If you have pets, the cooked meat can be food for your pets.]