Your Responsibility to Yourself and Others

I am a Master Teacher and yet I am troubled for myself, for you, and for those around you. Somewhere, perhaps, I have failed in my responsibility and you have failed in yours. It is my task to remind you of those things that you know within, and bring to you the benefit of my experience, just as it is your responsibility to help those who need your help. It is my deep concern that these things are not happening to the degree necessary.

Many of you know that this sojourn on Earth is but a mere shadow of your complete purpose and plan—but a necessary one, perhaps the most necessary of all—for here you are given the opportunity to approach, positively or negatively, as you choose, that which holds you back from mastery and perfection. So it is with all planes of existence, but this one of which you are now a part is different, for it is here that you have the extremes that are not found elsewhere. It is here that you find the high and the low—with wide separations between each—allowing for your greater choice and growth.

For a moment, review your activities of this day. It should be easy. Think back to your waking moment and on to this moment. What has taken place? I wonder if it hasn’t gone something like this: for some, a leisurely rising; for others, a hurried rising. Some of you have given thought to your Creator, to your beingness, and, perhaps, even to your soulic counterpart upon arising and regularly throughout your day; some of you, just in this moment. Is this not true?

Now think, my children, of all with whom you have come in contact throughout the course of this day. Have you given each one, friend or foe, child or adult, a helping hand? Have you made it your plan and purpose to make each one who has come within your vibration better for that experience? Have you smiled upon those who are afflicted and given them the source of your love and power? And in doing all this have you guarded your thoughts well?

I am not scolding you—that is not my function or purpose. I am merely attempting to reach all of you on the level upon which you need to be reached. Are you aware of your responsibility to one another? Are you aware that each one that has come within your vibration has done so according to purpose and plan? Knowing this, and if you accept it, then surely you will understand that each one can be helped or hurt in some way by you.

When you understand and accept that each of you is a source of power, that each of you is a generating unit of that power, and that you can either attract or repel based on what you are generating, then you are on your way to mastery.

During your sleep, each of you, whether you are aware of it or not, travels in a form that frees you from the encumbrances of the physical plane. Many of you are summoned by me and those of my fraternity to a classroom to take up your studies and continue your growth on the spiritual planes. At that time you are given assignments to master during your conscious state for the following days. I am wondering if you are keenly alert to this. If you are, then you know that when a person crosses your path, that in itself is a testing for both of you. In light of this, your role as your brother’s keeper has meaning and purpose.

Let me invite your attention to this: in addition to those in the physical realm whom you meet and contact while upon your daily duties, you are also placed in a position to help those who are in spirit along their path of progression. Each time you act or react as the Master would have you do, you are being god-like and helpful to them. Do remember also that the negative has a place as well, and it is also god-like, for the positive and the negative, the plus and the minus, the part and the whole, are necessary for true evolvement.

It is up to you and your ability to be discreet in what you say that makes the difference. If you offend another out of resentment, it is negative, of course. But I am wondering if you realize what is happening when you offend or  hurt another as the result of resentment or hatred, whether inspired by jealously or greed:  You create a pattern which you must, from that point on, weave your way out of, for you have the responsibility to discern.

You have the ability to teach when teaching is needed. You have the ability to love, counsel and advise when such help is needed. It is in your discernment about when each is required that your role becomes a part that is added to your stature or subtracted from it.

Each of you can profit from an early morning communion with your Creator, even if it be brief, for in so doing you set the tone for the day. In the evening, as you retire, review the activities of the day and you will learn a great deal about yourself. Each activity, you will see, is clearly a part of your pattern. You, yourself, are the judge as to whether you passed or failed. If you pass, you become stronger; if you fail, you will be given other opportunities to succeed.

Too often humans become entrapped in a desire to secure something from outside themselves that might supply an easy answer to the need at hand. Something like magic. Much deceiving is the result of such a desire. I cannot give you the magic key to this, for there is no magic key. The answer is not to be obtained from without or from another but must come from within. Each of you has within you all that is necessary; in fact, each one of you is complete within yourself. If you learn the secret of how to create from within instead of depending on that from without, you will find that doors will open to you as if by magic, for within each of you lies a universe.

You are, my children, planets in the making. Have you thought of yourselves as each being a universe in its entirety? Have you wondered about all the cells within your body? Have you considered that they, themselves, are gods  in the making, that they are stars in a universe, and are, in turn, intelligence and planned purpose? Have you thought of yourselves as each being the Logos of this universe, of  every part of it? It will change much if you have, for then the situation with you is no different than it is with that great country of yours, and with the universe of which you are a part. Think about the wonders within your own scope and it becomes truly a thing of amazement and of beauty.

I would ask that you guard carefully your own free will and assume the same responsibility and respect for the free will within another. It is truly, my children, your most prized possession. Within that free will lies all that there is; there is nothing more. That free will, which we all have, is the ticket to the next phase of our existence.

I have endeavored to bring to you in simple terms the case of your responsibility to yourselves and to others. If any of you have learned something, entertained a new thought, a different approach, a new concept, then my efforts will have been worthwhile.

May I suggest that you get your house in order? Perhaps you realize that of which I speak. I do not refer to the time of transition, but I  mean to bring to your attention that soon your debits and credits must be brought into balance, for that which is to occur will be sudden, and, according to your light, and only your light, will you pass through the gates and across the threshold. This you may interpret as you will, but I say to you, my children: Every day, every hour, is precious and is needed to establish yourselves.

May I leave you with that thought, and as I do, think back upon the words which I spoke at the beginning. I leave you with love and blessings for each of you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA