The Female Role in History
Eternal Cosmos

Wayne Guthrie: Since the dawn of time, what has been the female role in the various civilizations, and what is her role at the present time and in the New Millennium?

Eternal Cosmos: From the very beginning woman has always been involved as the source, a holding of the living energy that comes from her form of creativity. In the beginning of time, you called your Earth the Earth Mother because, as described in Genesis, the Bible speaks of a Creative Force molding the Earth to create the first man. These words are simply symbolic, though many in this time will not agree, for they believe the words of the Bible literally and not in its written code—the written code is far different from your translations.

In the beginning Earth, the Mother, brought forth the child—that which was man—from the womb of her body. Within that act, the Creative Force, the Gods, the Elohim had placed the seed within the body of the woman, the Earth Mother, and then drew forth that which was the living form of man. Unless you use a different translation than you use in your present time and used in ancient times, cloning or artificial insemination was part of ancient knowledge as well as your own present knowledge.

In other words, it is the same way you become involved with the act of procreation, the male planting the seed in the female and the female carrying the child until it comes forth fully formed from her womb. This act becomes the symbol of the Creative Force in a male image, Yahveh, planting the seed in the Mother’s womb, or in Mother Earth.

Man, because of his need, could not consider within his mind that he was originally created in a helpless and weak condition, and that—without his own will—he was formed from earth to create his particular body and breath and word. Because it was necessary for man to feel superior, he began to read or translate whatever words had been given to him to mean that he came forth as a fully-formed man in God’s image, and then from his body, woman came forth. Man kept the secret of the knowledge that he came from the body of woman, Mother Earth, and he was also given the right to say that woman tempted him to become involved with the wisdom from the Tree of Life.

Man repeated his version of the story of the creation of man and woman as truth, and within his version the Elohim told woman that she would have to beget children from her body, as in the beginning, in pain and travail. However, although this was, in part, meant to punish woman, she had already been involved with the act of bearing children and so she simply accepted it and became involved with the continuance of life from her body.

The act of the snake in man’s story, translated as symbolizing Satan, is something which is part of the ancient Christ and Anti-Christ energy. This consistently causes humans to believe that they are tempted by something which they find negative or evil and that it must be something which is in error. So Satan, as the snake, was born within the minds and writings of humans as promoting error. However, the snake is one of the symbols of the renewal of life; it is Kundalini; it is the power of the energy of the spinal column which holds the life force.

So the snake symbol becomes the trunk of the Tree of Life, and from its branches the fruit of wisdom was plucked and given to woman to give to man since that first Genesis pattern. The Genesis pattern is not the only story of the beginning of life on Earth; it is only one of the many told of the beginnings upon the planet. Because the action toward woman has consistently been that she must suffer for tempting man—for original sin—and she must bear children in pain and travail, woman has become involved with a desire to move away from that which has condemned or cursed her into thinking she was less than man, and a sinner—the action in which woman could not and must not become involved with her own image except as it reflected man.

However, polarity is absolutely necessary for procreation, for without the male being involved with the female, the seed could not be planted, and thus the child, or the life, could not be born. Time and time again, man became the predominant figure who chose his woman at will and forced his woman to become servile to him because of what is called original sin. We, of course, say that there is no sin and therefore no original sin, and that the action is a normal, natural pattern of life.

Over time, as woman continuously reached a point in which she refused to be subjugated or to become subservient, she moved into what has been called a man’s role of power and dominance. And, over and over again, because woman is not in the same image as man, she may have become so masculine in her drives that she neglected her feminine side and the act of childbearing and becoming part of the home and hearth. When woman takes on the man’s role, the acts of supply and working for the supply in the family have been reversed. In that reversal, it has sometimes been good for men and women to combine forces and to perform acts so great as partners that they can overcome what is weakness in one or the other.

But once there is challenge and competition between man and woman, it becomes the same battle as two men fighting on the field of honor, or two women fighting within the area of protection of their home and their own energies in their environment. In each instance, the fighting mirrors the fighting within themselves on the subconscious level, the male against his feminine side and the female against her male side. Instead of blending the subconscious and becoming balance and life within, this fighting becomes the battle against that balance and becomes disruptive and destructive. It is an eternal repetitive pattern stemming from the first involvement of woman bearing fruit— children—and man not being able to admit that he has come from the body of woman.

We place this before you to accept or not. If you read the original scrolls with their original code, it is all quite clear. These are not the books you have read or even the scrolls that are held by men, but ancient scrolls hidden deep within ancient areas—and held until such time as man can understand. But truly, it matters little who begat whom!

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA