The Parallel between Atlantis and the United States Vulcan

I wish to discuss with you three points of interest, the first point being some facts pertaining to the continent that you know as Atlantis. I bring this to your attention because there exists a parallel between your current state of spiritual evolution and that which was attained on Atlantis.

To define the boundaries of this continent to you would be difficult in view of your present charts. However, let us envision this land as being in your Atlantic Ocean—not all in your Atlantic Ocean, but for the most part in that vicinity, including that part of your own country around the Gulf of Mexico and Florida; then north approximately to your capital and a portion of the land to the south of the United States; and then from this wide area extending over and comprising the greater part of the western portion of Europe and some of Africa—the link connecting the New World with the Old World or the Western Hemisphere with the Eastern Hemisphere. Atlantis is rising again, and other lands will submerge as part of a balance. The water levels over the Earth as you know it now have been up and down to varying degrees several times over the millennia, nurturing the vegetation and animal life at every level—even when the vegetation and animal life are submerged, for there have been and are at this time civilizations living below the water.

This land of Atlantis had arrived at a point in the forward struggle toward mastery that it should not have suffered—should not have had to suffer—a final act of destruction. It had reached a point of progression beyond your present knowledge. By that I mean that factions within this great continent had risen to heights of spiritual development beyond what your masses now experience. In addition to this, considerable scientific advancement was evident. However, within this land—being such a large expanse—there was always a great difficulty in governing properly. There were, almost continually, secessions from the supreme government, much the same as you are now experiencing with other countries within your united front, and the threats of secession that you have experienced within your own country.

You will see a parallel take shape in the not too distant future within your united body—I refer to your international organization, the United Nations. You will find many nations pulling away,  many actually completing this disassociation, others only threatening it, and it is this parallel that I wish to bring to your attention. Atlantis, too, enjoyed an organization similar to your United Nations, but greater than that, possibly representing three times as many sovereignties. On that continent, the disagreements were not so much political or ideological as they were scientific. The dilemmas you find yourselves in today in your country and in the world are not primarily due to science, but to differences in ideology.

This in itself, to some, would appear as progress: the scientific within your own scope of affairs being subordinate to ideologies competing for the control of humans’ minds, as opposed to Atlantis and the far-reaching scientific achievements and projection of that time competing for humans’ minds. There is much of which you do not yet know. There were those scientists who developed such things as gasses that would be sent via projectiles, which would explode in such a fashion as to render the human mind or body virtually incapable of free choice in thought and action. Think about this, and let us examine it more carefully. Would not one faction be at great advantage in using such a weapon for the control of the opposition’s thinking faculties? This was the prime reason, although there were many others,  for the final destruction. The control of the human’s mind, of course, is contrary to the supreme law, as you know.

Would it surprise you if I told you that several of those gathered  here at this time were once engaged in such activities? It is for this reason that they have found themselves re-embodied and in a position to take positive action in your present-day society, for or against such forces that would bring destruction to your world by these and other weapons.

Atlantis was a continent that boasted a population equal to your entire Western Hemisphere and a portion of Europe—it was much more heavily populated than most of those lands falling within the Western Hemisphere as you know it today. There were a few political organizations, and it was through these organizations that the dark forces of that time seized control, utilizing them for their own purpose. Many of the same forces active in that day are active and oppose you today, no better for their experience of that time. Enough of that.

The second point I mentioned speaking to you about concerns your own international body, the United Nations. You are responsible people and must not permit this organization to crumble. Yes, as viewed from our side of life it is weak in many places. Nevertheless, it is the best tool you have  today. I need not tell you it is the prime target of those who would oppose our activity. There should be, in your great country’s leadership, a renewed spiritual resurgence in its perspective regarding the United Nations. You will find in the years to come many trials and tribulations that will beset this organization, and it is up to groups such as yours to support, in any way you can, the continued growth of this organization. It will be the forerunner of a new, different, and greater international tribunal.

We say this to you for this reason: many enlightened people have wondered just what role this world body plays in the scheme of things. It was divinely created, even though it would not appear as such to the modern student. Nevertheless, it is important in this era, for it is a sounding board in which opposing ideologies may come together, even though very little is accomplished. Nevertheless, it keeps the gate swinging both ways, and this is vital. It is this gate that the dark forces would like to seal forever. This must not be permitted to happen, and if you project  peace for all humanity, project harmony and right action for this body.

You will find in the days to come almost a mass withdrawal from this organization for varying reasons. For some, it will be the excuse of finances. Others will complain of lack of effectiveness and so on. This cannot be avoided. However, the prime countries will not withdraw but will hang on, and thus out of the rubble will be built a new and greater organization that will be used by the forces of both light and dark for some time to come. Watch for it.

And now as to the third point: a new planet has come into your solar system and your vibration, and each of you has been feeling its effects as have all peoples on your Earth planet. Many of you have wondered why it would be necessary, at this time when there seems to be so much turmoil and chaos in the world, to bring a planet or a force into your vibration that would create more havoc. May I say to you that it is not the purpose of this new planet to create havoc. It is the purpose of this planet to increase the vibration of your planet, to step up the vibration in order to force things to a head. You know that if you have a boil, the doctor cannot treat that boil unless he brings it to the surface. So it is with this planet. It is peculiar that the majority of the human race does not of its own volition seek enlightenment without having to undergo tribulations, but we  know that this is the case. When things are status quo, the human being becomes complacent or self-satisfied. It is only through adversity and unhappiness that humans seek a greater understanding of the truths which were theirs all the time.

There is not one within this group who has not had what seemed to be some Earth-shattering experience that he or she is sure has happened to no one else. This has happened to each one of you sometime or another, and if it hasn’t, it will, for how does one learn compassion and love without having needed love and understanding? Do not set yourself apart from society because of your personal experiences. Rise above them. Know that each and every experience, no matter how bitter, has happened to you for a purpose, for a reason, in order to better equip you and qualify you to reach and to understand, for what you reach in the way of better understanding is a higher rung on the ladder of evolvement.

If there are those among you who would criticize another, take a step back and examine that one more closely. If you have in your heart the ability to judge, to find fault, then you have not fulfilled your true purpose. Was it not that Great Teacher who, as He looked upon those who stoned Him, asked the Creator to forgive them for they knew not what they were doing? It is a lesson for each of you to take unto yourself. Reach out to your fellow humans who need your help.                      

As this incoming planet comes closer and closer to you and wraps you and all others in its vibrational tentacles, you will be called on to perform many acts of mercy because you will draw to yourself as a magnet those who need your help, guidance, and understanding. Every type of darkness that is represented in your world today will be stepped up, and out of this tangle of energies will be humans reaching for greater enlightenment and understanding. Remember that each one of you has gone through the same experience or you would not be here; if you have not, you would not have learned those lessons that are so necessary for the evolvement of the human race. Remember this, and when others cannot accept your help, do not abandon them but place them on the right path insofar as you can, and know that their actions at that moment are in accordance with their own level of understanding and awareness and are not to be taken from their right to experience that which is theirs.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA