Is There Life in the Center of Our Earth?

Governor of a Colony within the Inner Earth

I am, within my nation or principality, considered a Governor. I have the ability, knowledge, and the awareness to speak in English without the benefit of an interpreter. If I would suddenly appear to you, I would look very human, for indeed I am a human being.

I am the Governor of a colony that exists within the interior of the Earth some 3,000 miles or so from the outer rim of the South Pole. I come to you to place before you that which would add to your awareness and enlightenment. I speak by authority of the Logos of our planet. Our Logos is your Logos, and I wish to extend to you, from my people, the handshake of friendship.

I wish now to stand aside to allow your channel to explain to you what he sees as we travel into my world.

Dr. Guthrie (Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Universal Guidance)

I find myself standing side-by-side with a being who contains a great light and I have a very warm, kindly feeling toward this man who is to serve as my guide.

It appears as if we are moving through space in a flying machine that materialized when the need was present. We are able to move in a horizontal position as we go through the air, through the atmosphere, and approach an opening.

As we travel through this opening, I am mindful that below is water, much as one could go into a tunnel, but after going almost 1,000 miles, we come to an ending and the water seems to roll down and under, like a waterfall turned under, and then opened to me is the vastness of an inner world.

It is very light. I see streams, beautiful trees and exotic flowers, and birds with their music filling the atmosphere. We enjoy this for a while and then we come upon a barricade. It is an invisible wall. It is like very thick plexiglass. We enter through an opening in it and I find thousands of people standing on both sides of it. We appear to be traveling in a modern vehicle that looks like a very modern torpedo. I don’t see any wheels. It does not touch the ground, and by the time we enter into the inner world, it is suspended about four feet in the air.

The Being calls himself Peter. He says, “I am Governor of this land. I govern 200,000 people. I am one of twelve Governors. We are a positive ray in this sector of inner Earth. We too have a Christ, one who has served well and was born in another world and brought to ours. We are a peace-loving people. We do not know discord, and we have no turmoil. We are highly disciplined.”

However, he tells me as we ride through this huge thoroughfare, that they have been instructed to prepare for conflict, that beyond this land of peace is another world in which there is great turmoil. Those in conflict in this other world seek to enter into this peaceful world even though the two are separated by a vast voided region.

“We have,” the Governor says, “an inter-exchange with those of our own who live outside upon the surface of the Earth. Our population is constant, it does not ever vary. This is true for each of the twelve principalities. We live to be quite old by your standards. I, for instance, am 150 years old and of middle age. Our families are constant. We have a seniority system in which equality exists.

“Our bodies are human except that we breathe through the fluid that is within our bodies. It is not the same type of fluid as blood. Thus we appear to be, by comparison, anemic, having a lighter skin, but this is normal for us.”

He asks me now to describe his appearance, and we are at this time joined by his wife. She boards the vehicle we are on, which can accommodate eight people. The governor stands in order for me to relate his appearance to you. He is about 6 feet 8 inches tall with a full head of blond hair. He looks human and, except for his light complexion, looks like one of us. His wife is about a foot shorter than he is, and her name is Rosa.

She tells me that they have the standard family. Though they be of royalty, they receive exactly the same as others. She tells me that they are a happy people, that there is always a celebration, a joy of spirit. They worship a Deity who they say visited their colony at the beginning of the present dispensation upon Earth.

Now we are being taken on a tour of the colony. It is 2,000 square miles in size. Each of the twelve principalities cover a comparable space, and each is governed by a Governor who, in turn, is responsible to their twenty-five member Chamber of Deputies and then to a national assembly, which is under the jurisdiction of what they call the Executor. The Executor is the highest official in this inner world. He is oftentimes away from their colony, for he moves in and out of the Earth freely and spends much time outside of the Earth.

 “He is more humanized than we are, because he has the ability to live in both worlds and is, at all times with his assistants, in contact with the outer world. He maintains an identity in the outer world under the protection and the guidance of a physical Hierarchy. He is also a member of the ruling body of the Great White Brotherhood, which is a part of their work.

“We are all tied to this Brotherhood. Centuries ago the outcome of the Earth became questionable and it was decided to colonize the interior of the Earth to make way for those who would at some future time be brought into the Earth for safety.”

The Governor tells me that he has recently attended a conclave in which the Executor spoke for three days, outlining to his subordinates what was occurring upon the exterior of the Earth. He said that he recently went to Venus where he conferred with the Logos of Earth. This Deity told him to return as an emissary of the Brotherhood to begin to build quarters in anticipation of the arrival of some 50,000 inhabitants. He was told to prepare for their stay for one year and to make suitable accommodations in the event they were needed.

“We have been instructed,” the Governor says, “that the pollution upon the exterior of the Earth and within the space that extends outward for several miles is contaminated to such a degree that it is not known how long human life will be able to live within it.”

He told me that the governments of the outer Earth had compromised their protection by allowing their spacecraft to leave the planet, and upon their return they brought back infections from the far reaches of space that have spread throughout the Earth.

Now we are taken into another sector of this inner land which he calls the “principality.” As we travel down a wide thoroughfare, there are rows and rows of what appear to me to be amphitheaters. They are round domes. These are the quarters that have been built. We enter into them. In the center of each one is a huge forest-like garden. In every way, they have captured the beauty that is all around and placed it inside of these dome-like structures. It is almost like a world within a world. There are parks, walkways, and individual compartments that appear to be homes for families. There are commissaries, libraries — all modern in construction.

I hear music and I look into a hall and see a concert in progress. I am told that these quarters have been prepared to receive members of the White Brotherhood; that this is a colony of the White Brotherhood; that in the event it is necessary to evacuate the outer Earth their own will be brought into the Earth for safety to remain until the time is right to return to the exterior of the Earth.

It would be impossible for a human being of the outer world to live within the Earth without some processing in which the blood stream is changed to facilitate breathing within the Earth.
“We receive rays from the sun and it nurtures our life. This sun comes through the structure of the Earth in strange ways and is reflected so that it is just as it is on the exterior.”

I am told that they are a religious community in which all belong to a system of faith. Each shares in the responsibility of maintaining the community, as well as their religious and economic life.

He tells me that they are indeed a model society in which there is no greed, no lust, in which there are rules to be followed and, strangely, a willingness on the part of each individual to conform as closely as possible to the rules and regulations rather than to deviate from the law of the land.

They tell me that they have recently been visited by one who is working for the Logos within what he refers to as “The Avatar Expression.” This one is a member of the Great White Brotherhood and was permitted to be brought into their world. It was a time of great rejoicing.

And now we prepare to take our leave. We go to the Governor’s mansion which seems to be not only the center of government but the center of all social activity. He says to me to return and assure my colleagues that all are welcome, and then he places his hands around a medallion that he is wearing. He takes it off and places it around my neck and he says, “Wear this in good faith and return to your people.”

I now return to my true conscious form and awareness.