Winning Lotteries—Karma, Dharma, or Luck?
Eternal Cosmos

Question: It is interesting to me that there is a lot of excitement in our country today about winning lotteries and sweepstakes. There was a Powerball lottery recently that paid 250 million dollars. Thirteen people—twelve people plus one—in a sheet metal shop won that top prize. From Spirit’s point of view was there a dharmic or karmic reason for that happening to those thirteen people?

EC: Your lotteries and sweepstakes are like the games that people go to Las Vegas or other similar places to play because they have a very definite pull to be involved with games of chance. Of course, people can become involved with games of chance on the internet also in a way that could be addicting.

This kind of game that could be innocent, fun and very good for people in the beginning may turn out not to be good for them if the desire of those in charge of the game is to make much more money than they pay out, which is often the case.

Some people who play the lotteries and sweepstakes are not happy when one organization or a group of people wins the top prize, as in your example, and in the future you may see a change in the way tickets are sold which will not allow a group to be able to buy a block of tickets.

Q: From the recent Powerball lottery, each of these people won twelve million dollars.

EC: Yes, in a former life their money was taken from them by the Knights Templar, so they are definitely receiving back what they lost in that past lifetime.

Also, if some winners of games of chance in a past life spent unwisely in that life, in this life they may be given the same challenge: to spend their money wisely or not. Some of these people may win huge sums of money but often, again, in a year’s time, there is nothing left. That too is karma.

Q: Is that related to a Knights Templar pattern also or to something else?

EC: No, it is a test, and many times the one being tested doesn’t overcome past choices. Karma is a very fascinating area of knowledge. Do begin to learn more about it. For example, there is not only the Knights Templar karmic pattern but other patterns, as well, one of which is the Croesus karmic pattern. Anyone that he ever had working for him never got anything. He got it all.

Q: Have I had all of my possessions taken from me in a former lifetime?

EC: No, in this lifetime you have a different karma which is not involved with money in that way. You have received and given and, therefore at this point, if you notice, the work that you are doing with the Fellowship is returning good to you materially and spiritually.

Q: Is there a possibility that any one in our group could win a great jackpot?

EC: Well, of course one of you can, but that is something that is like luck. Do you know the famous expression about anything a person touches turning to gold? There are people who come in with that kind of luck and no one can understand how everything they touch and everything they do brings money to them. It may be a return for having given goods and money away to poor people who needed those things, as in a St. Francis pattern.

Q: Is there really any luck at all involved or is it just due to one’s karmic pattern?

EC: Absolutely luck is involved. There are people who can play and play and never get even a dollar, and there are people whose tickets will pay off every time. It is not karma—it is dharma.
[A return for what one has earned from past lives.]

Q: What is luck? Can it be defined?

EC: Luck is the ability to receive. Manifestation is a form of luck. Many people do not pray for it, but they should. Pray for manifestation and talk to your Subconscious. Tell your Subconscious that it is very important that you manifest. For example, you know very well that your parents are having money trouble. You are asking for a lucky happening so that they will be able to pay their bills, are you not? [Yes.] That is part of what is called praying for what is necessary and rightful and is encouraged.

Some people can play and play gambling games and never win because it is not in their particular plan to win. So finally they give up and do something else, like work for their manifestation, and without asking it comes to them easily.

Q: So, are you saying that type of luck doesn’t figure in their lives?

EC: That may be so. When they reach a point where they have spent a lot of money and nothing comes in, they need to stop spending their money and use it for something else—to fix their homes, to buy new clothes or something else—anything but gambling. Gambling can be a sickness, an addiction.

Q: I never won anything in the office pools when I worked for the federal government. Apparently I don’t have that type of luck. If I would start praying for it would I draw that type of luck in?

EC: Only if it is right action. Prayer is only that which manifests within right action. If what you pray for does not manifest, it means that your luck is not coming from money gained in that fashion. You have to work for your money.

Channel: Dr. Bella Karish
Los Angeles, CA