Though I come from the past, I am ever part of the present. As I speak to you, I am partly within the channel and partly within my own permanent resting place, for I belong to an era older than the present humans who inhabit your Earth.

            Do you know that on this Earth there have been many races and many civilizations, some in a form that you could not believe? The history of this planet is not yet complete but it is many histories brought into one. I step forward to prove to you that there has been much before you, as there will be much after you. If it were possible to dissect this planet, you would find many strange and interesting things, such as cultures existing even today that have long since expended themselves of any real plan or purpose. You would find that beneath your soil, beneath your rock, beneath the water is another world, a world that is just as much alive and vibrant as yours. There are many kingdoms on your planet, each functioning in keeping with that vibration which is inherent in its beginning.

            I come to you from a temple, a temple that is still intact, save for that wear and tear that accompanies age, and yet by all standards of your conception of time, from whence I come should have been reduced to dust and to ruin.

            Do you know that there are cities and whole continents lying beneath your water? It seems almost as if the beginning was the end and it is difficult to recall that which occurred between the Alpha and the Omega, and yet our civilization took hundreds of thousands of years to bring to fruition, only to again be lost to time. As has been true throughout the history of planet Earth—and likewise true throughout all the planetary systems—we, as inhabitants, worked, toiled, and lived to bring a higher understanding and development to our people, only to find that after all of our civilization’s achievements, there was decline. It seems that the spirit must undergo severe tribulation to gain knowledge and understanding and, except in the beginning, it has always been true.

            As I rise in consciousness and step out from among my people, I recall that which occurred to us and that which may occur to you.

            We stem from a period of time during the early formation of Lemuria, although we do not come from Lemuria itself for we were a separate part of the plan. Yes, many of my people stepped forward later to gain experience in working with that great civilization of Lemuria, but in its early stages we had no part or connection. We were a people who believed in a power that came from within but yet was from without. Our sciences were highly developed beyond that which you have attained and, strangely enough, beyond that which the Lemurians were able to attain. Our gift was the power of the individual to create for himself or herself what he or she needed to survive, to promote goodwill, peace, and understanding within and without. Our powers went beyond a point which few have been able to attain since, save your learned scholars in the Universal Order. Yet, somehow, among us was a germ of discontent as was needed to spread alarm, to sow the seeds which must either be overcome or be plowed under the soil. So it was. We built great cities and great temples to that power to whom we gave allegiance. We built memorials to His honor and prepared the spirit in every detail for its ascent into the spiral of Light. Our temples have such beauty that, were you to view them, you would believe that you had arrived in what you would call the supreme resting place, for it was ours to create and ours to enjoy. But with this came a responsibility to reach out and to help others.

            We do not know of your political system. We are told that you do not agree among yourselves as to which is the better and that, as a result, your lives are in turmoil, conditioned for unrest instead of peace. But I say to you that we had a political system in which the individual was the absolute master of his or her beingness, and within this system jealousies and discontent appeared when the power that was given to us was misused. It seems as though always that which is good cannot last, for if it is to continue, the next good will not be reached for or needed.

            So, with our civilization, we did not know what was best for us, for in our desires to reach perfection, we became worshipers of self, instead of each other as part of the whole. It became a race for our people to see which one was the stronger person, the more astutely developed, the one who commanded greater powers, not realizing that there was but one power in all things.

            It was not always so with us, but as we opened our skies to those strange devices that circled above, commanded by beings from other worlds, we opened the door to a new pattern with which we were not able to cope, for that which came was not as it appeared to be nor as we expected it to be. The opening of our domicile to outsiders changed much, for our people became indoctrinated in the ways of those who came to visit; as we opened up for one being to enter, a strange people came in within moments. Upon us they created a powerful influence, a power that seemed to penetrate into our control and into our life force. Suddenly, as if overnight, peace and tranquility disappeared. Our people became mongrels, keyed up with this strange new power. We could not speak the visitors’ language but fell under a spell of mental communication. Soon we became as servants, as mechanical toys for their pleasure. I would say to you that as I rise up from my crypt, I warn you of the dangers that beset you, for part of that which is occurring to you is from this source.

            Remember that all which comes in the guise of friendship is not friendship. It is that which your governments have been reluctant to understand, for within the leaders is no awareness of what they don’t understand, and they need to exercise caution above all else. Within a span of what you would call 50 years, our great civilization was destroyed and now lies at the extreme southern tip of your Earth, below the ice and the snow. But as we, in our higher consciousness, soon learned that our work must be done again, we began to prepare to return to the surface and to light. We are told that the area which is ours will one day be thrust upward, just as quickly as it was submerged, but as we will emerge from our sleep when our area comes into light, another on the opposite end will enter sleep.

            You have been told that a new day is dawning in which those who have learned the higher spiritual laws will be chosen. So it is. Soon there is to come to you—and to us—a bright star, a star of wisdom, understanding, insight, and purpose. Each one, to prepare for this awakening, must turn within for reflection. We do not give time to those things that in the overall plan are not important; nor should you.

            To this day, our highest buildings remain intact and we are rising toward the light at a fast pace, looking forward to that day when we can once again reach up and breathe as we used to.

            I am told that there are among you now, and have been in the past, great seers of wisdom who prophesied events that came to pass. My words to you would be to examine yourselves. Do not make the mistake that we did. Realize that each of you is complete, but only insomuch as you identify with others. In total concept, many parts are required to make a whole. As you become more aware of those who would help you, remember that if they come to you in peace and can stand in the arc of light, they are truly your friends and have come to you on a mission of mercy. But if a being from another world gains access without being challenged and tested, the arc and all that you have built and intended to be yours will be lost.

            You have a strange mission. You are a people with a destiny of greatness; you are meant to be saviors for your civilization. You must become sufficient within yourselves and become beacons of light and of power, for the day is at hand when you will prove your knowledge.

            Remember this, my friends: there is that which is within your atmosphere and beyond it that is desirous of penetrating into your world with actions against your best interests and desires. As you communicate with one another, it would be advisable to build your protection to include and surround those who know not of what I speak. It is not rightful that those without your best interests at heart should enter.

Q:  Could you tell us who you are?

            I am a priest. I have been a priest before and I am among my own now. In my land priests dedicate themselves to others, and their responsibility is to direct and to guide when requested. Because I was a priest, I paid a great sacrifice when the visitors took over. When my time came, my body was placed on a bier and inflated with a gas of which we knew not—a complete torture unknown in your world today. Can you imagine what it would be like for your body to be pumped up like an inner tube? Can you imagine the torment and the anguish and the delirium? I speak to you of this in passing for there are those who have been successful in introducing this same torture into your society with full knowledge of its danger and its possibilities.

Q:  Why were you tortured?

            Each one must at some time or another take a stand for that which one believes to be the law, to be right. It was so with all my people who continued to follow the teachings of the land. My role was no different, no greater, no less, than that of many others

Q:  Do you still think it was right to make that sacrifice?

            I would do it again and again for it was right and it was proper. There comes to each one many times the need to decide one’s position. It has always been so and it will always be so. There is in the universe right and wrong—each of which is necessary to make the whole—but once one starts through the steps of progression for that which one believes to be right and positive, one has no choice but to continue, for in so doing one pulls oneself upward, and others, too. It is that fight which goes on within the human being today: to know how far one is expected to go. This no person can answer for you, for it is within each one of you where the wisdom, the knowledge, and the motivation lie, that, if tapped, can carry you safely through the tribulations of accomplishment.