I am a representative of the Karmic Board that monitors the Fellowship’s spiritual flow and other links or groups that are a part of your focus. There are 144 groups, and we see them as beams of Light that are linked together to bring about a chain or a vibration of Light that extends throughout your physical world.

You are linked to 143 other centers of Light that are involved in a similar type of activity as you. All are part of the guidance of John Sargent and Uriel and Michael, the Archangels. They, as supervisors, are responsible for that which is placed before you and likewise that which is sent out from you into the Universe.

Now, monitoring the actions or activities of these 144 groups is the Karmic Board that consists of 24 beings such as myself. We are privileged to be part of this august Body and stand as intermediaries between you and your efforts and that which is the echelon that we, in turn, draw our sustenance from, as it extends beyond your planetary system to encompass the solar system. Each planet within the solar system has its own Karmic Board insofar as Light-work activities are concerned.

It is the responsibility of Michael to deliver the Earth planet into the care and custody of the Earth Logos, the Christ. Understand that this is an orderly procedure, and that each one of you representing this particular flow of Light and Wisdom is an integral part of all that occurs within the vibration of the 144 groups.

It would seem that this is not completely understood, because many within these groups treat their responsibility with a certain laxness that reverberates throughout the planet and beyond. Much of the order that is seen upon your planet is due to that which is the unselfish Light work that is done by all of you Light workers. This does not mean there is complete order within the planet, for you all know that such is not correct. But there is an order within the order. That is to say, much that is occurring upon the planet is karmic in nature and must be allowed to work its way out. As certain energies have been released to all the peoples upon Earth, within Earth, and beyond, the attempt now is to draw forth as much of that which is imbalanced as possible, forcing it to the surface so it might, in turn, be understood and dealt with.

Each time Earth prepares itself to move through a major initiation, the dross that has been accumulated and brought forward through eons of time must be cleansed before Earth can move through its own initiation. Earth, or Terra, as we view it from our level, is similar to the human being, which learns by experience and protects itself by knowing the spiritual law. Likewise, as Earth perfects itself, each individual must become perfected. Earth is a living, breathing entity. It has all of the sensitive centers, the chakras, that you as human beings have, and moves through similar struggles. You, then, are the custodians that are to assist Earth in its transformation. You, in turn then, as custodians, can place this planet into proper balance, and in turn commit the planet to the Angels responsible for its ongoing.

The role that each of you play is vital and should be considered very important. When you are sincere within your Light work and your dedication to it, that in turn moves like the waves that ripple from one shoreline to another, as that vibration ripples through the links of the chain, through one group endeavor to another, until all have been affected by this vibration. In the event that you falter in your responsibility, this affects each link, each group activity, and must be dealt with by the Karmic Board responsible for monitoring such actions. It is important to understand your responsibility within this drama, a drama that takes place continually, at all times. Your responsibility reaches into your personal lives and endeavors, and it reflects into and influences the group of which you are a part.

We place this before you so you might recognize the Light work you do, for many are confused about its effectiveness and often confused as to whether to support it. But it is that which you have, in other times and places as well as this particular time and place, dedicated yourselves to do, to be custodians of the Light upon Earth.

We tell you that if it was not for the endeavors, the efforts, of Light workers—individually and collectively—and of those Masters that hold the Light, this planet Earth, or Terra, would long ago have been compromised and become a dead planet. You have much to feel good about, not only yourselves but your activities, that you and the others have managed to hold this planet within a sphere of Light and yet allow the darkness to work its way out until there will be no more darkness. Remember—within the darkness of night, inner Light will continue to guide you and protect you through your Source. You are blessed.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, Ca