Member of the White Brotherhood of Light

I bring you blessings. My name is unimportant but my message is important, and I greet you. I am one of the Hierarchy known to you and to others as the Great White Brotherhood.

The Great White Brotherhood is far larger in size than that which you envision. My headquarters are not on your planet, although there is a part of your Earth where I headquarter when on special missions.

Our purpose in bringing you this message is to inform you of that which is and will be taking place. Each one of you has been attracted to a certain path of endeavor in this present physical embodiment. For many of you, your paths have been long with many detours that brought about trials, in some cases beyond endurance, and yet, each one was necessary to properly school you for that experience which is to be yours.

For those of you who are not aware of our organization, let me say to you that we are spread throughout the universe. We, too, function according to the degrees of our learning and our capability. It is our responsibility to bring to humans, as well as to other planetary life, a higher knowledge and the truths of the Almighty One in order that, within the pattern, each individual, each soul entity, and each entity can be raised to their rightful place. You are very instrumental in our affairs, and we work with you and through you. Some of you are members of this Hierarchy, though perhaps you do not consciously know it.

In so far as the Earth is concerned, we have seven centers from which we work to collect and distribute power. One of the seven is a center which incorporates equipment so modern and effective that, at this point, it would be beyond your knowledge. With such equipment we are attuned to each inhabitant on your planet, recording constantly each thought that you transmit and each conversation that you emit. When these have been accomplished and recorded, the total area needed to store this information would be similar in size to that of your smallest finger. This record is kept for your benefit because there will come a time when you will wish to review it in detail as part of one of your books of learning. Your Teachers, those responsible for your spiritual progression, have ready access to this information at all times and to that which is of you and is you.

Within each center is a temple of learning that many of you attend — during your sleeping hours — for instruction or study courses and for other types of work and illumination. Those who have passed through some of the phases of training within the Hierarchy have taken oaths at such headquarters. Our purpose is to maintain a peaceful state both within the soul entity and within the larger body.
Our force and protection is sufficiently great to hold your planet from exploding. That means that our force and your love force are great enough to contain the evil. Have you ever realized fully just what these two forces are that are so different and yet so necessary to each other? And do you realize how keenly each one of you is attuned to this force, as a country, as a nation, as those who reside in the land of the chosen? Yet, you who roam over the fields and through the water of this land do not realize what has been given to you, what you have. Each one, by choice, has selected a mission in this land of yours, and your responsibility is to become aware of what that mission is, that purpose. And when you do, to let no boulders fill the path, for you have the power to demand the boulders to vacate your way.

It is a fallacy of the human to constantly search for something that lies just over the next ridge, instead of realizing that what you truly seek is within your grasp and as close as your grasp. Your answers lie within you, not outside of you. You outwardly seek peace for your soul when it is within you, and you are endowed with that which is necessary to contain it.

Peace for your planet cannot be maintained forever by those on your side of life and those who work with us, so it must be maintained and brought into beingness by you. Those forces of evil, which seek to supplant you, work diligently and constantly to destroy peace, while many of you seekers of peace seek it in a part-time fashion. Many of you spend no time seeking a better life for yourselves and your fellow human. Yes, you do have desires and you search and reach out but you are blind to that which is in front of you. While you sleep, your good is being taken from you.

The power that is necessary to turn the tide from one of peace to one of peace is basic. I would ask you: have you, as children of God, become fully aware of your true place within Him? Have you mastered the simple lessons that have been laid before you? Can you say, “Yes, I have mastered tolerance for my fellow human”? You know the answer. It would seem to us, and should seem to you, that something is wrong. Somewhere something is wrong, for on your planet are many bonfires, many pots that are boiling over, and surely each one is a danger. And what about your capacity to love? Is it constant? Is it unselfish? Is it a persevering type of love? Is it that love your Master preached as He walked among you? As you embark upon your daily routine, do you have that image of this Spirit before you? As you utter your words and form your thoughts, do you ask yourself, “Are these the words and are these the thoughts that the Great One would take to Himself?” If ever in doubt, my children, ask yourself that simple question and reflect upon it.

Are you manifesting life as it should be lived? Do you have a selfish aim at heart? Is your concern not for yourself but for your fellow human? Is your concern for those among your people who are persecuted, who are hungry, who are dying without love? Do you have compassion for all people, even those who wrong you as an individual and as a people? Can you bring yourself to utter the words of prayer for your adversary? Would you extend your hand in friendship? Would you give your unqualified love? If not, then you are not living up to your purpose and to your responsibilities.

We are part of you, and you are part of us. That which should prevail today is peace among your peoples, peace, peace, and yet each day as the sun rises, there is more hatred and distrust emanating from the Earth planet than the day before. The turn has come and it is going away from you, my children, not toward you. It is necessary that we appeal for a reversal of this motivation and challenge you to rise up to your true identity, assume your respective roles, and know that within you lies the simple seed of power necessary to change all people. It must start within you and grow and grow and grow. I know that some of you are complacent. Your thought patterns indicate this — for that which I have brought to you is not new. There is nothing new unless you accept it as such and realize the importance of what I bring.

All over this universe, particularly throughout your planet, we constantly project appeals for help and aid, and yet it is the failing of you as humans that you feel detached from the cause, not fully realizing that no other person can carry your burden and fulfill your task. It is for you, and you alone, to understand and to undertake.

One thing more you must understand is that you are all connected no matter what the color of the skin or the capacity of the brain. You are engaged in a common struggle for survival, each one. That which affects one in the jungle also affects you. Remember this. It is like the scales: a weight added or subtracted from one side causes a reaction on the opposite. So it is with you.

With this thought, I extend to each of you my blessings. I again issue to you an appeal for the awakening to your responsibilities. Peace be with you, and may the Almighty One shower upon you the blessings of Light.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA