Awakening to a New World


This is Vulcan speaking and that which I wish to take up with you first has to do with your own planet. The emphasis from this point on will be two-fold. First of all, that information that we desire and feel necessary to bring to you from the outer spheres and the upper spheres and, secondly, to aid and assist you and to take advantage of the opportunity to develop each of you, for you have arrived at that point in your studies when each one of you should be functioning instruments.

The word has been passed to those who act as intermediaries that there is to be from this stage of planning for students of the New Age greater emphasis placed upon the individual’s inner awakening. It has been said that far too many students spend too much time listening, reading, and assimilating and not enough on entering the silence and becoming attuned to the Father within. It is this that we intend and dedicate our energies to assist you in changing, for without being able to enter into the silence one cannot truly communicate with his Master and his Father.

There is much that you, as physical beings, do not know about the world in which you live. It would be safe to say that there is much more that you do not know than that which your studies have unveiled before your eyes. This is true not only on your plane but on the higher planes as well. For this is a vast universe, one that holds many complexities and secrets beyond secrets known to those who have earned this knowledge but known entirely to the Father only—but the Father dwells within each one, and each one dwells within the Father.

The plan for your planet provides eventually for a single government. I say to you that the day will come when all that is within and upon the Earth shall be ruled and controlled from a single source. That which takes place upon your planet these days, though you know not why and see not the reason, is but many pathways leading to such a condition, for mighty nations will rise and fall. Each will be equal to another and exact from the Earth and from the cosmos its due share, no more, no less. But with this Golden Age which lies before you comes much in the way of promise and hope, for the bulk of the human race will have opened the door slightly to the awareness that will permit such a happening to occur. Your minds project the thought that this is indeed sometime in the future and that is true, but by the tenure of your physical existence on this land, when that tenure has expired much will have been accomplished in the direction of one world government. It may seem impossible at this point that we are working in and through all people; that even today your leaders—and I do not speak specifically of your country’s leaders but of the leaders of all countries—even today they are guided in ways they know not and do not understand in order to pave the way for that which is to be.

There will be no poverty; there will be food in equal quantities for all, quantities of abundance. Each one will receive the basic guaranties necessary to subsist upon the face of Terra (Earth) and will receive no more without the sweat of the individual brow. But as one increases one’s knowledge and one’s wisdom and attunes oneself to the higher vibrations, one will see that the wisdom of work will bring about a more wholesome understanding of life, of fraternity, of love and peace, of absolute harmony. It is this that lies ahead for your planet. These days of struggle and strife must end but, first, you must understand that the tempers must be cooled and each one must find and hold within one’s hand that which one considers to be most sacred, that which represents manifestations of life on Earth. As this comes about, the negative conditions will gradually begin to subside, for they will lose their power and their hold on the subjects in question. At this point, Terra will again right itself and become that which was intended in the beginning.

Your planet is old. It has taken far too much time to perfect itself, yet has been given all the time necessary to experience that which is necessary to bring about a complete conquering of the physical. It is now, from this point, that each of you must attune yourself to the Light and to declare to yourself and to the Supreme Being your stand. You cannot continue forever to fail to take this action and to straddle the two worlds, for you know that two worlds are incompatible. One world seeks to uplift, to improve, and to perfect, and the other to destroy and to disintegrate. Balance, yes, as in all things, is necessary, but you, intelligent life, the highest form of life on this planet, have been given the opportunity to conquer the negative aspect of your existence, and you must move into a position where you can assimilate more quickly and completely the teachings of the Master.

The Book that is your guide is true even though you do not understand it in part and question much. It is that which was divinely inspired to lay before the world of man a blueprint for mastery over self. It is for you to read and to discern between that which is truth  which you can accept, and that which is false for, as in all things, there is truth and there is falsity depending upon the level of understanding of each one. The gap  between the left path and the one on the right has been bridged by an eternal light to guide you safely upon your way. Your Master came to show you, one and all, the way, the direction, and explained in detail the necessity and the reason why you have but one choice. Your pathway is no more rugged nor less than His, for those obstacles that stand as boulders in your way are there to test and to tax your endurance but more so, my children, your desire to surmount them. It is in this area where the human being fails the most often. “Desire” is but a word with no motivation, no real meaning behind it. If you knew what you know, you would understand that of which I speak, for within you is this knowledge and you have but to step outside or enter within and seek it.

The evolvement of the human race on this planet of yours, and others in lesser and greater degrees of understanding, could be compared to a giant army of insects making its way across the land slowly but surely toward food, in search of that which is necessary to sustain them. As this pilgrimage is begun, each one of you will have setbacks and fall to one side and then to the other only to right yourself and to get back on the path.

Soon you will break through the barrier of space, interplanetary travel, which means that you will be able to communicate directly on a scientific level with intelligent life, which is to be found on the majority of certainly the stars within your own galaxy. You will be welcomed by some and unwelcome on others, for you must understand that when one has succeeded in perfecting this mode of travel, it does not mean that those who travel or those who receive them will be aware and peaceful. Therefore, as you open the corridors to this travel, you can expect reciprocation—you do not know that already and for centuries past others have been on your planet. There is much that you do not know, there is much to learn, there is much to study. You can be of great assistance to the scientists who must engineer the way to this communication, for within this body of individuals is an awakening as well. Though it is slow to admit to the layman, there is great interest in the scientific field of your world in those things heretofore considered products of the occultist.

As you approach contact with others within this system, you can expect return experiences in greater measure and in such a fashion that it will not be possible that this information be kept from the masses. Out of the revelation of such contacts will come to the uninitiated much in the way of distress and discomfort, fear, and misapprehension. In many quarters of your society there will be complete breakdown of the law and order until someone can emerge of the stature and authority necessary to regain control and to alleviate fears. You do not understand this. You cannot comprehend, at this point, of what I speak, but it is for this reason that I opened my remarks to you in the manner in which I did. You are the sensitive instruments that must be called upon to bridge the gap between the knowledgeable and the uninitiated, and you must be able to clarify within your own minds the reasons and produce simple answers for this phenomenon.

At this point you feel that what I have shared with you to be beyond reality, but I say to you, it is not. There have been—perhaps not to your knowledge but, nevertheless, there have been already—great and considerable exchange between the planetary systems of which you are a part—but always hidden in the veil of secrecy and distrust on the part of but a few. There is much that you must know about the community in which you live. There are many different types of intelligent life, some that can exist on your planet as you do, though not of comparable physical bodies, just as you can and will adjust to live in other bodies. But do you not see the great planning necessary to pave the way for such an exchange? And does it not seem possible? Reduce it in concept to that which you experience today among your various nations whose people possess different skin colors. You have had to exchange emissaries with each one of these nations and learned to live and work and study and progress among these people, as they have had to do in turn within your ranks.

If you travel today to another part of the world, it would be no different than traveling through space to another planet, even though the problems of food and of air to breathe, and of the clothing to cover the body must be taken into consideration. Therefore, great preparation is needed in the way of research and study to prepare the way for your pioneers into space. You will one day find standing within your midst emissaries from other systems, not seen only by those who possess deeper vision but visible to the naked eye. These things lie ahead of you and should occupy much interest, but remember this: the Father, in total concept, is made up of many. You are but a fragment and yet you are all in one. Your duty is simple. First, you must have a desire to attune yourselves to us and then dedicate your efforts.

We work diligently, painstakingly with each one. There are many assigned to an individual soul in the flesh to bring it into the realm of total experience, for we know that which is yet to be conquered and must be conquered if you as citizens of this planet can hope to promote yourselves in body to the family of planets. As long as this vacancy remains, individually and in a unified fashion, we, too, are held back from our goal. So it is with love and perseverance that we approach you and work with you, one and all.

I leave you, and I bless you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, California