Fulfilling Our Individual and Planetary Destiny

I am what is known as a universal spirit, and in this capacity, it is my responsibility to serve many people in an attempt to raise the consciousness of all humankind throughout the world, so that it is nearer to that of the Father. It is my plan to work particularly with the country that I served most recently, and it is for that reason that I am within the vibration of many groups like yours at this time.

My dear friends, do you not know that this country of which you are a part has a very special destiny on this planet? If you will refer to your history books, and to the times before, you will see clearly that a pattern has emerged for the evolution of life in this great nation that is far different from any other nation that has been on this planet before. This nation is indeed one that has and will function as a pivot around which all nations will cling and to which all will look for leadership in the trying days that surely must come to pass for the people of this planet.

As has been told to you many times, the timetable is not in keeping with that which has been planned, for humankind has allowed its own free will to take precedence over the many actions of this great nation. Humankind has too seldom looked to spiritual guidance and to the plan which has always been present C but which must, in the face of human free will, take a back position. It is this that we are most concerned with at this time, for C within the nation and outside the nation, and within the planet and outside the planet into the solar system and beyond C there is a plan in which each must fit into its proper place. All of the universe has had to slow down its own progressive path in order that Terra and the people on it might catch up. It is within that which is to come that this planet will take its place among the family of planets within this planetary system. It does not now share this right and has no representation directly in this interplanetary parliament. It is time now that you, as a nation and as a planet, move forward along the pathway that will carry you to the heights.

You will find within the days ahead, trouble emerging when you least expect it, for each activity has been stepped up and will move with greater speed. This will result in either greater awakening upon the part of those who accept it as such or shock for those who are still tied in all respects to the Earth. It is for this reason that each one of you must spend the time which is necessary C and give it priority C to become more fully enlightened beings of understanding who will take your place in the army of Light.

Within the center of your planet, there is much turmoil and much already that has started to bring about those things that many seers of old, as well as those of present day, have prophesied. That, my friends, which has been told to you will surely come to pass C you will find that within your own land that your shores will give way to the cleansing water, and, in places that you least expect, volcanoes will emerge as release for that pressure that has built up within the center of your planet. There will be great tidal waves to eliminate many whose plan it is to go out in this manner. You must understand that all persons upon their arrival in physical form know, within the higher consciousness, the method of their return to the spirit realms. Therefore, understand that everything that occurs that seems like tragedy is not always tragedy.

You have been told that you should expect earth changes within your land, and I say to you that these will come about, for it is not something that is in the far distant future. It is within the immediate vibration of all those who tread upon Earth=s walkways. This message is brought to you so that you can prepare yourselves. To some this comes as sad and terrifying news, but it should not, for when you walk in the Light and the protection of the Father above, you have no fear, for that which is to come cannot hurt you in any way. You will be placed in safety, and all those whose destiny is like yours will join you.

The time is near, near enough that you have no more time than is necessary to become instruments of truth and Light and of God Almighty. Know that what has been placed in your hands is important, for it is not by accident that you find yourselves in the physical body at this time. Know that in this, itself, is reason enough you should rise in consciousness to meet what will be demanded of you. Know this, too: that which has been brought to you now is a warning. It is not brought to you with any intent of creating fear, for fear, of itself, will destroy.

Forewarning and knowledge can be an aid in building and creating and bringing about a purified and cleansed planet that will one day take up its place in the universe as a full partner, having earned through trial and tribulation the right of equal participation to join in the affairs of this system. In accordance with that plan set many eons of time ago, each one of you has spent many, many lifetimes purifying yourself and preparing for just this event. It is now, my friends, soon to take place. Know that all that which is to occur to your land is an aid and a step further in realizing this high and mighty goal of perfection. Know this too: that this is rightful for the spirit of this great land and of your planet. All things considered, it is right that it should come about.

I bless you, and I salute you, and I leave you.


Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA