A Disciple of Jesus Christ

I have been called by the hierarchy that controls, supervises, and plans for this Fellowship to bring you a message that you need, a message that you can take into your hearts and carry to all men. Never before has the populace of this great planet needed words of encouragement and love more than it does now, for many people seem to drift aimlessly in the sea of life, going hither and yon, feeling that the Master has forsaken them.

How could one so filled with love for each of you desert you? For each one of you is a part of the Son of God and, as He has promised, you are to be gathered up and returned from whence you came. My children, just as I and the others among the Disciples from time to time became heavy-laden with grief in our hearts and felt, too, that the Master had forsaken us, so it is with you. For it is times such as these when one must throw off the outer garments and wear only the shroud that covers the soul—to reach out and cry for that all-satisfying love. He said many times, “Know that I am with ye, and I am.”

I wonder how many really know what love is. Can you express it? Can you project it and beam it to those in need? Can you walk through the forest and feel one with the Nature around you? Can you walk up to the mighty oak and spread your arms around it and let it know you love it for its beauty? Can you do this? Can you tap into the universal stream of love, take it unto yourselves, and give it to others? Do you see each individual who surrounds you as a perfect human being, as a child of the Father-God, manifesting his own divinity as he has earned the right? Can you do this? Can you see all men as the master Jesus and those that came before Him looked upon mankind? Ask yourselves these questions, for if you fall short to any degree, then you are not only denying yourselves that heritage which is yours but you are also denying your Creator that which is His.

Do you become one with what is happening around you, or do you tend to close the doors to shut out that which happens on the stage of life and the great drama that is being acted out in the souls of men? If you do this, my friends, beloved ones, you are not acting in accordance with the Divine plan, for you are the chosen ones. You must set the example and be the inspiration to all who pass your way. This is the greatest lesson that man has to learn. When he truly learns what love is, he then is master of himself.

Love is the universal substance that feeds all creation in the universe. Everything of Light feeds from its source. It is the oxygen, the water, the staff of life—love, love.

Do you realize that men must be prepared for the coming of the Christ? Such is not far off in your time and is, in fact, in the making now. Will men be ready to accept His coming? Many have heralded it for centuries, but I say unto you the time is near, the time is near, and there must be greater preparation for the masses to accept this, for this will be the last chance for many.

You must walk into the countryside and pave the way for His coming, just as happened before. You are the good shepherds, you are the ones who have seen the star beam so brightly in the heavens. You are the ones to carry the word to those in need, to those who dare not hope. You are their strength and their salvation, for you—the enlightened—are the ones to spread the word. Can you accept and discharge this task? Do you feel love for others swelling up within you so much that you feel you no longer can contain it? Open up your heart wide, my children, and let the love stream in, so it can be sent forth from you.

Each one of you should project more love in your daily lives. As you walk into your places of business and occupation, do you surround your quarters with universal love? Do you beam it out in all directions, to fill each and to give them that which they are crying for? As you drive in your vehicles, do you spread the roadway with the Father’s love as you have been taught? Let it stream forth, as water streams from a hose. Let it shower upon all you come in contact with. You are the instruments through which this love goes forth. You must see love in all things, in all people, in all forms of life. Never withhold, for you do not know that each one who crosses your pathway—no matter whether one or ten thousand—has done so for a purpose, and if you hold back that which is yours to give, they will lose that which will keep them from falling.

As the battle of the forces of Light and Darkness becomes more intense, the level of your projection of love must increase. It is for this reason, blessed ones, that I have been asked to come in and speak to you, to fill you with the love of the Master and to penetrate every portion of your being, to surround every thought that emanates from your mind, with the love of the Master, to remind you that you are a part of the greatest power in the universe.

God bless you and fill you one and all, and be with you through all the days of your lives. Peace be unto you. Hold your heads high, hold your bodies erect, and walk straight down the pathway to the throne. Bless you.

Eternal Cosmos Workshop
Los Angeles, CA