Intermarriage of the Races
John Sargent
(Dr. Wayne Guthrie’s Spirit Teacher)

Question:  It is said that all people should live in brotherly love. Therefore, is it meant for races to intermarry?

John Sargent:  Within the Christ pattern of love, all things are equal, be they human, animal, or god. In times past those who entered your Earth pattern were of a god-like race which became part of man’s evolvement. If, then, God can enter and become part of humans, cannot humans enter and become part of God as well? Humans are flesh and blood. Within the pattern of molecules and the order which causes humans to have hair on their heads and nails on their fingers and toes, humans have become instruments through which God’s form and force enters.

If this is true, does the color of a person’s skin matter? If not, then you have become part of the Christ action which motivates love. This means that you may become part of your brother and party to his aches and pains, hopes and fulfillments. It makes no difference if one’s hair is white or black or one’s skin has a tinge of blue to it if love is the predominant factor. It is love that you have been brought into life to fulfill.

In ancient times in Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria, this question caused such disruption that it lead to the destruction which placed those civilizations under the sea. You are not brought to Earth to fear when you face that which you cannot understand, but to bring about greater love for each other.

In ancient times, humans were part of a community which was both white and black, or yellow and black, or white and yellow, and discrimination was not based upon a person’s skin color, but what each encompassed and activated within the wisdom of their mind and body.

We have listened carefully to statements that someone who is a different color is not as clever, as intelligent, or as brilliant as their white brothers. Your ancestor, the American Indian, was placed into that non-white category as well. In earlier times it was against the law for the Indian to enter into marriage with a white human, and the Indian was destroyed for doing so. This is not so in this time and place.

If, then, white persons feel that they must not marry someone with black skin, they have again placed taboos—unnecessary fears from an earlier time—upon an entire race. For in earlier times to segregate was to ostracize, thus causing wars, disruptions, and great community problems which should not be part of life upon Earth.

If you marry into a different race, you have then added to that race your knowledge and wisdom inherited from those who have been part of your earliest past. None of you can truly say, “I am only white and he is only black,” for you have been black and white many times.

The act of God is to bring about the integration, the actual fulfillment of all people without regard to skin color. If this is brought about, your world would be a world of peace, a paradise; but this is not to be in your time and place—not because God has so ordained it, but because man has wished it so.

That which places you side by side with different races and colors is the reason that you have come to this Earth. How can you bring about a conformity of race? Until this time, each race has brought itself to a point of integration with all others and then found itself beneath the sea and the crust of the Earth because it could not do so. This destruction is your human pattern:  when you reach a point where you cannot join yourself with your all others, you place yourself outside of your own structure, your own nourishment.

Q: Are you saying that humans must eventually come together to form a single Golden Race?

JS: Yes. This will come to you in time. You will find, though perhaps not in your country where freedom is supposed to prevail, that integration is occurring as it should. People are realizing that a human being is a human being, no matter the skin color.

Q:  On Atlantis, were there as many races as there are today?

JS:  Yes, and more, for you had those who previously integrated, who came into beingness as part of ancient peoples and ancient tribes, entering and becoming great because of their knowledge and wisdom. Since all beings entered within the pattern of wisdom, little attention was paid to whether a person had a face of gold, white, or blue.

When discrimination of a person did enter, it was not because of the color of a person’s skin, but through judgment of the value of what each activated within the wisdom of their mind and body. This caused jealousy and hatred far greater than that which comes from intermarriage between colors and races.

Q:  Has the time come to integrate the races? Is that the prime challenge for this time?

JS: You are reaching toward it, but religion may also be an issue threatening integration. For example, if black persons are Muslim, they may not be discriminated against because of the color of their skin, but because of their religious beliefs. If Orientals enter and integrate into your society, you will find that it is not their color that matters, but the difference of religious principles, such as those of Buddhism, or strictly formal or ancient traditions, which fight each other for supremacy.

Until you have begun to love that which is within another—not what they appear to be but what they are— marrying into another race, creed, or color will be discouraged, and the full integration of the races will not occur.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie