A Visitor From Outer Space Speaks

I I am a commander of a fleet of spacecraft moving into and out of your Earth’s atmosphere. We have flown over almost all of your inhabited land, and when we have moved among your Earth’s people, we have been seen by many who have reported our bodies to be all shapes, sizes, and colors. I am not criticizing these reports for I am aware that we do not appear the same to all human beings, but appear differently depending on what you are able, as humans within your own evolvement, to see and understand.

Although we are not responsible for causing distress to any human being, many have reported experiences in which they were, indeed, terrorized and frightened, and, in some instances, captured against their will. There is a type of outer spacial being present within your Earth that seeks to counteract the good that can be achieved from peaceful and harmonious communication between outer spacials and human beings by causing great anxiety to the humans.

Through many intermediaries we have let the people of Earth know that at a certain time, in the latter days, we would reveal our presence in a united way.

Even though it may seem that we are alien because we come from other regions beyond your solar system, this does not mean that we have no right to enter into and onto Earth. The Spiritual Logos of Earth—the divine animating principle—has permitted us access to your planet through certain corridors created for that purpose.

In the beginning, Earth was created to serve both as a proving ground and a way station between certain outer galaxies and your own. It would be to your advantage to accept that there are many planetary sources that have attachments or interests in your planet. At this time, many planets have representatives embodied upon Earth and we are responsible for their welfare, which includes allowing them to recharge certain energy cells within their bodies from the vibration of Earth. This is necessary because the outer spacials have different types of bodies than your own and frequently need to re-energize them to maintain a refined replica of the human body for interactions among humans.

Thus, we have profound interest in all that occurs upon Earth. You have advanced, in many instances through our assistance and the assistance of representatives we have placed upon Earth, to the point where you are moving outward into other regions within the solar system, seeking to study life that exists upon outlying planets. Your interest in this study is based, in part, on the fact that many of you have come from such planetary sources; it is natural that you would seek to follow the umbilical cord back to the areas of origin. We understand this and insist that it must continue, so we help you in every possible way. Most, if not all, of your sojourns into outer space would have met with disaster had it not been for intervention on our part to see that you were successful in your trips leaving and returning to Earth. There have been instances in your own nation where we have not been permitted to assist, and disaster has occurred. Also, within competing nations there have been certain instances of reluctance to accept our assistance, and they have also experienced disaster.

The time has come to bring into the consciousness of the human being the knowledge that life does indeed exist on planets other than your own, though in varied forms strange to the Earth concept. As a result of continued relayed communication, your scientists are receiving this knowledge. Many have reversed their previous positions in regard to the subject matter, not by accident but, again, in accordance with a plan—for many of these scientists are part of the outer regions as well.

Life, as it currently exists upon Earth, has nearly run its course. Unless you accept assistance from the outer regions you will go no further. You are, as a civilization, in error in two instances: (1) You have allowed the creation of destructive nuclear weapons to be stockpiled in massive quantities. In a single instant much of your planet could be destroyed through their detonation. This is alarming to us. (2) You have allowed your atmosphere, your water, and your food to be polluted beyond that which is reasonable and safe for the continuation of life upon the Earth.

We have a responsibility to the many and varied experiments now occurring on Earth. Experimentation in all its forms is the purpose of your planet. Although we desire to assist you to assist yourselves, and, as much as we would desire to bring to you relief from the difficulty that faces you, the challenge is far greater and more complex than most of you understand or would be willing to admit. Your errors have brought great attention from those who desire to colonize Earth—as has been done many times in the history of Earth, and to many planets in the history of the galaxy and other galaxies, as well.

The planning for colonization of Earth is not a sudden action; it began eons ago. The concept is to bring onto the Earth a controlled society where all semblance of free will and free enterprise would be removed from the consciousness of the human form, and where the human being would become simply a drone upon which strange and unnecessary experimentation would take place. Thus, representatives from this master force field have entered into Earth through many openings that you have allowed to develop without proper knowledge and understanding of the need to seal these points of ingress and egress, as you would seal a vacuum.

These alien energies, then, are the ones who are terrifying your people, who are confiscating and kidnapping against the free will of those in question. This is not necessary, nor should it be, and it has caused great distress to the Spiritual Hierarchies of all planetary systems both within and outside your solar system. There is a need to educate the human being, for you have been occupied in other directions for far too long a period, and thus you have allowed your present dilemma to unfold about you.

At this time, we enter into your atmosphere for many reasons. We seek to communicate with you to find ways to cooperate. We see that oftentimes, during the sleep period, many of you are beginning to feel strange vibrations and are finding that you are more tired than you have been. You are not resting properly and the food that you eat is not agreeing with you. Many of your physical systems have been disrupted. This is due, in part, to the need for a change, chemically speaking, of your structures: your physical bodies and the other bodies that enmesh with the physical. In certain instances we are energizing many of you. This is necessary so that you might continue to exist within a contaminated atmosphere.

We wish to alert you to the need to follow the guidance that has been very carefully placed before you through the Fellowship and other sources. We plead with you to begin to take better care of your bodies, emotions, and minds.

If you do not, you will find that within the coming days, it will be increasingly difficult for you to function, to maintain minimal activity. If you do, you can maintain your bodies’ health and maintain your energy level even though others around you will not be able to do so.

Please understand that you are a part of us and we are a part of you. Some of you will be contacted by us. We ask you to follow this simple request: If we approach you in any form whatsoever, you have but to immediately decree your protection by placing yourselves and us within the White Light. If you will do this we will have a meaningful exchange. In the event those of negative quality reach into your vibration and you follow the same protection, they will not be permitted to remain, for they cannot stand the increased frequency that you would create by the invocation we have asked you to use.

Thank you, and bless you.
Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, California