Spirit of the Earth

Dr. Wilton

We bring to you a message from the Spirit world, from one who has responsibility for the structure of your Earth. Often it is true that the human being thinks in terms of the Earth as simply being a ball or a sphere of substance, without giving any thought to that which goes beyond their understanding. We bring one forward who can explain to you something of the structure of your Earth.

Spirit of the Earth

I come forward and change my words into those which you can understand. I am simply a Spirit, the Spirit of the Earth, a Spirit that has the ability to move through the denseness of the Earth and yet, move about freely in the atmosphere.

Since the beginning of the creation of the Earth, the Earth has undergone many stresses in order to bring it into that which could be used by human and beast. You are at this present time concerned about the shifting of the land, and there are rumors that beget rumors in regard to what is and will be taking place.

Earth does not stand alone. It does not revolve and move through the atmosphere without being conditioned and affected by all of the planetary bodies within the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe. The Earth is like a ball of pliable clay. It can be molded and is indeed in the process of being molded.

It has a vibration, a vibration that is commensurate with that which exists upon it at a specific time. You have read and often been told that the Earth has changed its form over the ages, alternating between the amount of water and land that is exposed at a given time.

Those who are responsible for the evolution of Earth hold sway over the elements that make up your planet. The elements utilize their energies within a precise plan and purpose under the jurisdiction of that which is not of your planetary system at all but, instead, under the jurisdiction of the Logo of the Central Sun, who has command and influence over all that exists upon Earth.

Your dense Earth is going through an evolutionary process. It is being refined, for one day it will cease to be matter and be ethereal in content. The life that exists upon Earth determines, then, the speed with which Earth will be transformed from a sphere of matter, as you know and understand it, into that which is ethereal or a sphere of Spirit.

Placed upon Earth within a given dispensation are the gods and goddesses, deity forms, those who come forward within a vibration of constructive thought patterns and those who come forward to catalyze, to challenge. There is within each kingdom, then, a constructive deity form and a catalyzing deity form and all within the kingdom are subordinate to one or the other of these forms. All humankind and all beasts serve one or the other. Just as the planet is alternately covered with light from the sun or darkness from lack of the sun, so it is that this energy flows into each force field present on the planet.

The Logos (Christ) of the Earth is old, has served in various capacities throughout its tenure as Spirit, and has come to Earth to take over the reign of authority and responsibility of Earth. The light is channeled through this Deity form into the Earth.

Within a specified dispensation, or period of time, millions of souls are released onto Earth. Just as it was in the beginning, so it has been many times within the evolution of Earth. Each time this occurs, the Spirit that guides the destiny of those souls works closely in conjunction with the elements to bring about a proper relationship between all aspects of life that exist upon the planet at a given time.

Humans do not have the ability within their consciousness to understand the complexity of what I have just placed before you, for the Earth has counterparts. There are many levels and layers to the Earth. It is said that as above so below, and yet throughout all of this, Spirit reigns supreme, for indoctrinated into each Spirit that is present upon the Earth is that motivation that will bring about cause and effect in accordance with the desire of the Logos and its superiors.

Earth must go through many changes. It would seem that these changes would affect the life that exists upon Earth. We would offer this to you that the reverse is true. Therefore, the thoughts, the attitudes of the humans on the planet govern appreciably the rapidity of change that happens on Earth. There is not a shifting of the structure of Earth that takes place that is not carefully calculated and designed to bring about a specified change and result.

Humankind does not understand this. In your area you have experienced a shifting of the land. Have you notice how frequently earthquakes take place in the stillness of the night? Surely this indicates a degree of concern by someone, for when one is stilled in one=s consciousness, one is more able to flow with that which takes place, without actively opposing or creating reverse energy flow.

Humans have not yet realized the power of their thoughts. You have not realized the degree to which you can work in conjunction with those of Spirit, whether they be that which is contained within the earth, within the water, within the atmosphere, or that which is part of the Hierarchy, for all Spirit works in conjunction and in harmony with its cause.

Before Earth emerges into a sphere of Light, it will go through much purification. Each time there is a shifting of the land, there is a change within the atmosphere and there is a step forward within the plan. If you could, within your consciousness, revamp your thought forms to be less fearful, to be more affirmative in your convictions, releasing that which is not for your highest good, those who are your Spirit counterparts could utilize such a change in attitude for the betterment of Earth.

We of Spirit who work within the Earth increase our size as we draw forth the creative essence in order to bring about an expansion or a contraction within the Earth. We take on form and become that which is necessary to force changes in the structure of Earth. We move through matter to a designated point when the timing is right and expand in such a way that the thrust and the interior of Earth must give way to our pressure. We have the ability to see all crevices that are present. We have the ability to expand and to separate, if we willed it, Earth into two parts, just as in other times and places there has been a spinning off of portions of planetary form. This, of course, is both of Spirit and of matter.

It is our desire to bring Earth into a stable position, making of it truly a planet of paradise where there will be no longer any need to impose upon it stress and strain, but we are subject to the will of the design of greater forms that exist upon and within the Earth, for we know that there is indeed an exact plan for the Earth.

Fear and anxiety cause much of the travail that exists as a result of the shifting of the land. It would be well to remember that oftentimes an area and/or a segment of habitation is affected in a group action as a result of combined thought forms created in this time and place ― or in other times and other civilizations and brought back within a combined form to once again experience.

We are subject to the fears and the anxieties of humans. We are aware of that which has been created in your land. Do you not know that it is a destructive act for you to be fearful and to be anxious, for you are functioning then within a consciousness contrary to that which is the constructive plan for Terra (Earth). You have no need to be fearful for you are spirit and you live eternally, and you will live within one body or another depending upon that which is required of you within a given and specified timing. You have come to assist in the outworking of a vast and great plan. You would do well to work in harmony with the Nature world to restore balance to Nature and to your atmosphere.

Much of the shifting of the Earth is due to humanity=s carelessness, to what you have indeed placed into the water, into the earth, and into your atmosphere. The Earth is a pulsating being with many atoms. When you place depth charges within the interior of the Earth, they reverberate throughout Earth’s entire being and that, more than anything, sets off reactions that bring us as Spirit forward to balance, to restructure, and to release foreign energies from the bowels of the Earth. When will you become aware of your role within the plan? We seek ever to bring about that which will bring harmony to this Earth. We beg of you, then, to campaign against that which is destructive to your Earth in order that we might move forward into Light.

Earth, indeed, is to be transformed into a place of beauty, a planet of which those who know the plan can be proud.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA