Judgment and the Middle East Conflict

Angel of Light

I enter into your vibration in Peace, in Light, and in Love. I’m known as the Angel of Light.

I’ve come to you from a task I have been performing in the Middle East. I have been moving about that war-torn area assisting wherever I can. I move into hospitals, I move into homes, I move into compounds, I move into military settlements and bunkers on both sides of this conflict, for I have no reason to condemn anyone.

This conflict is one that few mortals truly understand. First of all, it is a conflict that is also being enacted in another dimension—“as above, so below.” And I move back and forth along with many other angelic beings from one dimension to another. So I’m helping and assisting in both dimensions—with the Spirit and the finer bodies, and on the Earth plane, with the physical bodies.

Those who—like myself—move about the Middle East area find that we must rise above judgment. It is not for any of us to judge a single action with regard to its correctness, its rightness, or its application without considering the overall situation. For, in many instances, that which occurs is being brought about by energies that need to express through individuals. In some instances, the energies choose to vent angers and hatreds through individuals. If the individuals allow that expression, they identify with the negative and the evil side of creation and express actions that will manifest in those ways. But there are also many others who are working to bring about alternatives.

The words I have for you, as Light Workers, are that when you become Light Workers and do your work accordingly, as points of Light, you must be free of all judgment and seek only that which is for the highest good, knowing that within all actions there is right action, whether you as a human being and a Light Worker can see it or justify it as right action.

I mentioned earlier that this conflict is being carried forward on two levels, that it is multi-dimensional, and it is providing an opportunity for many areas of controversy to be brought to the surface, to be brought into the open to be dealt with. You will find that when this conflict is over, there will be such a realignment of loyalties and of identifications that you will hardly be able to recognize the result as being your world.

If that then be true, my appeal to you is to be flexible, to be open and move accordingly with your prayers, to simply generate the energy without judgment and place that energy and that Light into the hands of the Angels and the Forces of Light. Pass it always through your own Divine Mind and up through the Hierarchy, so it reaches the very highest levels and brings about that which is within right action. If it be within right action for one then it must, by necessity, be rightful for all, whether it is understood or not.

As you move through your Light work, attempt to be impartial, non-controversial— passive, if you will—in the use of your Light and in your prayer work. Give us the Light you generate that is pure and without reservation, because that is the only energy we can use as we move about the conflict.

It has been my pleasure to talk to you. I bless you each one and thank you, and I now go on with my work.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA