Prophecy Announcing the Birth of a Christed Being

I am part of that which you call the Christed Beingness. I have entered many times within that which is any form of salvation. I bring Light, Peace, and the greatness of Love. When I entered in many past periods—not as one Being, but many times and in many places—I have been that which you call the Christed Energy—in Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and in any and all of the Great Beings that have entered into human life. Those I have just mentioned are only a few of many known to you. Those that are unknown to you, I have not even put forth.

My presence here is to inform you of a child born in nineteen eighty-nine—a child who, within the years ahead, will demonstrate and manifest patterns similar to patterns of those who are Christed with Light, who come from the Creative Source to bring much of what is rightful to help, heal, support, and manifest changes of Love and good to humanity.

You have been moving through that which may be called the period of evil. The Antichrist mentioned in Revelation is indeed attempting to overlay, overcome, and control your planet Earth. But that cannot ever be possible, for the Creative Source will not allow that to occur.

There may be a cleansing of the planet—for many times a cleansing has been necessary—and there will be changes that are rightful within right timing, but fundamentally, Earth will remain solid and secure. There is no such thing as the elimination of the planet, of the Light that has been created from the beginning of time.

Already the Antichrist has manifested in several different ways—not just in one personality, but through many personalities. All of them were brought forth to become leaders in their own particular energy and became revered and were followed. Their purpose was to overcome the Light and to reveal, to those who wished to follow them, the opposite of Light.

The child that was born and is already present is not yet known to the world, and is not to be known for a time. All will become involved with that child as he draws to himself others of like nature, Christed children who will be half god and half human. There will be, as before, twelve plus one, as prophesied in all of the ancient scrolls. That prophecy is already coming into the awareness of those who recognize the influence of the stars and the planets upon mankind, and it has been demonstrated many times in the past as your planet has been involved with the Source to fulfill the plan and pattern of the future.

The Christed child does not in any way yet understand the full impact of his purpose, much like Jesus when he entered as a baby and was sought out by the Wise Men. Although the Christed child’s present location cannot be revealed, know that in time his location will be revealed to those who are in the Light and recognize the purpose and reason for his birth.

Many human women have already manifested children that are half human and half from other dimensions. These children, who are already beginning to gather within their own areas beyond the planet in order to enter en masse when the time is right, are to follow and provide for this young one as he is developing from the puberty of a child to a man. And he will be greater than those before him, for he will have much knowledge from those who have lived previously on the planet, and he will bring help and hope and much more to humans—as has occurred before within the lifetimes that this energy has entered into the human world.

Much will change, for those who follow him will find that they must leave all that they possess and simply become freed of anything but that which is the desire to gain wisdom and teach the masses. They will need to understand that there is a greater Force, a greater Beingness in the heavenly bodies than they realize.

Many will change their lives completely, following this child who has become a man into any area where he leads them. In so doing, the world will find freedom from control, from war, from acts of war, from actions that harm or hurt or destroy, for there will be no destruction, only construction and the fulfillment of the plan of Light. But that is ahead, and in the meantime, watch for this manifestation of a most unusual Being who enters to bring about a gathering together of those who are of Light from other times, other dimensions, other areas, who are now to become part of the New Age—new energies and beings of Light of the future.

Channel: Dr. Bella Karish
Los Angeles, CA