I am a Teacher of Light from the Angelic realm who serves humanity by being close to Earth at times and assisting wherever possible.

As I touch in with the Earth planet and the people who inhabit it, I find that there are many different types of human beings. There are those who are hopeless; others are helpless; many throughout the world are without any security, without housing, food, or any hope. And, throughout the world, there are also many who have lost touch with these aspects of human life.

There has, however, come about a change in the consciousness of many people upon Earth, and with barriers being torn down, hope in many quarters is being raised. There seems to be a genuine interest in moving back toward, or to, that point where the human world can truly be interested and involved in the welfare of all human beings. There can be no salvation for anyone until this matter has been fully understood and settled.

In order to bring that about, there may need to be a total breakdown of society as you know it. There may not be another way for that which is necessary to be accomplished. This would mean there would be a great pattern of tribulation, in which those who are secure would find their foundations rocked, and thus they may experience something similar to that which occurs when there are earthquakes or other major catastrophic events, when all people are treated equally, since all are without that which makes life more comfortable and easy.

What must occur, my friends, is a greater compassion for people all over the world. Then those people who have supplies can identify with and assist those who do not. In your nation you have seen great institutions fall. These institutions have fallen because of their gradual adoption of an attitude of truly not caring for the human race as a whole and allowing power and greed to enter and become the order of the day. As the institutions fall, one by one—as some church structures have fallen—others will also fall. And only those who have a true understanding of brotherhood will be able to endure the discomfort and hardships that life will provide.

Money will be of no value, for it will pass away, and you will find yourselves once again working within barter and trade, where your services and goods are traded for those of another. This does not seem possible to you because, even as I speak to you, many still worship the falseness of a system that is not secure.

Look about you and see what has occurred throughout the world in just a relatively short length of time. If you understand the conditions that brought these changes about, you will readily understand that it would take very little to place all of you into that kind of a challenging situation. Then, all that you would have to fall back on would be your faith in God and your faith in yourselves. But beyond that, you would have a knowingness that the pattern is something that must be endured until it is no longer necessary. Without your faith, your understanding, and your knowledge of Divine Law, you would have very little else to sustain you.

We bring this to you, my friends, because there needs to be more understanding of the trials and tribulations of human suffering, more of an understanding for you Light Workers if you are to take this on as a cause and, on all levels, to feel and become part of that which is and will continue to occur. You must be able to identify with that which is part of your fellow humans’ struggle before you will truly understand it.

You, as instruments of Light, have great power, far more power than most of you understand, and you can bring about a change that requires your help. Consider, then, how you can help. Maybe it is through prayer, or perhaps by helping someone through difficult moments. Most of all, we say to be sensitive and rise to the occasion when you are called, then draw upon the link with your Creator, who will guide you to the next step.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA