Galileo, the 17th Century Scientist/Philosopher,

Speaks on the Power of Mind to Change the World

I am Galileo, and my task is to bring you this important message.

Ancient man knew the secret of energy and placed it into useful purpose to change, to alter, to bring about balance and security whenever that was necessary. Many in your time are not yet capable of tapping these energies, and it becomes more and more difficult for us, in Spirit, to wait for man to reach out and know the secrets of your Earth and how to use them. A few have been chosen to come forward with great and unusual knowledge. They may have first denied it, but then when it was carefully placed before them again, they took it, sometimes misusing it and sometimes using it to better the lives of many.

You are living in a Mechanical Age. The Mechanical Age has value except that humans can lose their identity and become automatons—rather than warm, activated, purposeful beings with high ideals and activities and all that comes from the mind. They become useless to us in Spirit, for without an instrument in front of them, they become without thought. If an individual wishes to add, multiply, or divide, or to place words on sheets, the individual does not have to think, but places information into a machine and the machine does the job.

But where is the mind, the mind that calculates and carefully analyzes and places thoughts into acts of useful purpose? Where are your Great Ones, who over and over have come with the great thoughts of the past and the present and the future?

The young, in many ways, cannot be useful without a machine, without being machines. And if the machine stops, the mind that has been so carefully placed into man, the useful pattern of thoughts that are things—becomes useless.

When the power sources you presently depend on—such as electricity or oil—are no longer available, only then will you be open to a different kind of approach. Many of us who have brought new ideas from Spirit to the minds of men have been incarcerated and crucified for bringing forth these new ideas. Thus, in the present time, many follow automatically and turn into the figures and the facts they use. So humans can become, in the days ahead, that in which the thought, mind, purpose, and true meaning of these areas will have lost their value.

We tremble upon considering such a possibility. For in our time, when the wheel came into being —bringing a change from the primitive into the advancement of civilizations—it was crude, but by the time the wheel became something which man could not do without to bring him power, to bring him motive and motivation, to bring man active movement, the wheel became the man and man became the wheel.

Presently, many of your children and you, as adults, are able to see the results of what is occurring, for that which you’ve been taught to bring forward in the areas of meaningful ideals and ideas—using the mental mind—is being stopped and blocked, and many of the geniuses of your time do not know how to activate what they hear, see, and feel from Spirit, because no one is listening to them.

In my time, ideas became that which changed the world when man accepted them. If, within this message, you become more alert to the need for ideas and ideals instead of the reliance on machines, which will become ineffective when the power stops—as it will with the storms and the changes of the Planetary System—only then will you realize how you have been overcome by those thoughts and actions of a few who compromise your minds and the minds of the young.

We see ahead, but you do not. We know there is to be a change so great that men will find themselves involved with primitive ideas again, and will use their minds to be involved with invention and ways of thinking that will become a New Age. And we want you to realize that these changes are inevitable, and that which comes about through eons of time of Earth Changes becomes again like the actions of the ancients who could build, construct, and make that which was a simple action of energy turn into large and great projects—projects that did not need machines, but only the energy of the Earth and the heavens above.

I thank you for listening. I come only to warn you that those who feel they must rely on machines, and cannot accomplish things without them, may be in for a great change in the years to come.

Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA