An Unidentified Being From Outer Space

I come forth from a system of planets far beyond your own galaxy and speak to you about a project that has begun upon the Earth, also known as Terra. There are upon your planet many tribes, and some of these tribes are vacating Earth. The time is drawing close when they must not be present upon Earth because they have fulfilled all that was required of them and will be removed from Earth quietly and quickly. Thousands of people will be involved.

You may find that those who are well known as a result of their life patterns will suddenly leave your midst, and you will wonder why. Suddenly there will be a rash of disappearances with no traces left behind, and councils high in world government will wonder what has occurred. It is rightful that this takes place on Earth.

It is not that an alien force is coming to Earth and playing tricks on you—not at all; it is that the time has come for many to be released from Earth. This is not because Earth is in danger of destroying itself, for we do not believe that those who guide the destiny of Terra will permit that to occur. But an era is coming to a close; many planetary systems that were given permission to place their representatives on the Earth planet have completed their experiments and their representatives need to be released from Earth. Inasmuch as they initially were transplanted upon Earth into a human body, that body form must also be released from Earth and returned to its own planetary source.

Eventually this will happen to many of you. It is because Earth has, from its inception, been a planet of experimentation for many planetary systems. Just as your own United States of America became a melting pot for the nations of Earth, your planet became the melting pot for many planetary systems and their experimentation. Many have come in from the universe, seeking to establish life upon Earth and learn from the experience, until all that needs to be learned has been learned.

You are instruments of great Light and have come to Earth for a plan and a purpose. You have accomplished much and must be aware of the complexity of what I relate to you, because unless those of your kind understand fully what is occurring, it will cause, unnecessarily so, great confusion. This confusion does not need to occur. Therefore, we are reaching into your vibrations to place this information before you.

Know this: The universe is in its proper order, and whatever takes place within the lives of each of you can only take place in accordance with the Divine Plan that your soul holds within. Therefore, that which is to occur must be understood for what it is: there will be many others who will be transplanted to Earth and will find themselves strangers in a strange land. Some have already entered into your midst. Treat them gently with love, with understanding, and with an attitude of helpfulness.

Your Earth will soon move into and through a major initiation; many changes will occur in the days ahead. Prepare yourselves for changes and stabilize yourselves in all ways.

I leave you in peace.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA