A Priest From a Chamber in the Great Pyramid

Even though you may have heard of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, you are likely unaware that there is also a duplicate of that pyramid deep within the Earth beneath it. Within this etheric counterpart is a chamber known to us of Spirit as a Chamber of Light. It is a chamber unlike any to be found upon the Earth at this time, and even though it is below the surface of the Earth, it is powerfully active because Spirit has seen fit to utilize this chamber as a Center of Light. One of the energy generators was placed within this site at the beginning of life upon the Earth. It is the main source of energy upon the planet, although there are others to be found in various locations upon the Earth that utilize and transmit Light and energy to the people of this planet.

It is through these Light sources that the vibration of the Earth is controlled. If it were not for the constant and steady use of these transmitters, the Earth would have exploded a long time ago. You have one such generator within Mt. Shasta, another in the Himalayas, and another within your own nation at a point that I am not at liberty to specify. Others are situated throughout the Earth, each fitting into a pattern that is part of a precise plan.

Know that as we lay down our bodies—a necessary act before we travel into another dimension to gain or share knowledge—we use them, irrespective of their form or degree of composition, as anchor points so that we might, as Spirit, have entry back into the vibratory force field of the Earth.

Within the Chamber of Light, there are many such as myself who are summoned to conclaves in order to place our knowledge and our power outward for the betterment of mankind. This sanctuary is under the jurisdiction of the Brotherhood of Light, perhaps known to you as the Great White Brotherhood. During this present dispensation, it is this Brotherhood more than any other that has the responsibility to maintain stability upon the planet, and it has been difficult, for we have maintained this responsibility for almost 12,000 years.

We have told you, through many teachers, that eventually there will be a period in which the prophetic word of the ancients is fulfilled. Within your world the prophets and the oracles of major and minor stature proclaim the coming of a change. Yet down through history and even within your modern time, you have not seen fit to listen. In spite of this, there has been a sufficient number of spiritual teachers to maintain equilibrium upon the Earth, for it takes fewer of those who know the spiritual law to maintain stability than those others whose numbers are far greater than ours. It is for this minority to maintain sanity when those about you are falling by the wayside.

From time to time back when there was greater peace and tranquility, haven’t your teachers placed before you the fact that there would be a day when there would be turbulence beyond your conception in all parts of the world? How many of you, at that time, gave serious credence to those words?  Did it seem possible, even to the most attuned among you, that such deterioration could take place? And yet, my friends, look at what has occurred in just a few short years. Time, as we have told you, has been collapsed in many ways. You must understand this and refocus your attention upon the changing nature of time. Within these final days all things are speeding up and the initiations that you must pass through are more numerous. But in spite of all the turbulence there is an exact plan, and it is on schedule at this very moment. We of Spirit join with you of Spirit to continue in this plan. You must know this.

This is a period, then, in which the temples are being pulled from their foundations, and I speak not of brick and mortar, but of the understanding upon which these structures are based. Within all creeds, and within the leadership—the guiding lights of these structures—there is increasing insecurity for it would appear that great books of old have been misinterpreted. In spite of all the warnings, few of those who are skilled in these leadership patterns have truly understood the final day and what will occur.

This is not to say that there are no great spiritual lights among them, for there are. And you must understand that many of those who hold positions of responsibility within the established structures of the Earth are functioning in what we would term a dual capacity, knowing full well that they have a mission to perform as part of the physical consciousness of the positions they occupy, as well as the spiritual counterpart to bring about a greater unfoldment.

Soon there is to be a revelation, two revelations, in fact, that will again chip away at the established structures of orthodoxy. They will be so powerful and have an impact so great that they will cause more damage than the greatest earthquake that man has known. Remember this, for it comes very soon.

I have been present within this Chamber of Light for eons and have used it as my station upon Earth as a point of operation so that I might be able to move about freely upon the Earth. When this structure was built long before that which is seen by mortal man, I placed within it my own seed of Light. I come to you now without name or identity, and yet, as I meet you within your spiritual source, I am known to each one of you and you are known to me.


Channeled by Wayne Guthrie