Dr. Wilton (Wayne Guthrie’s Spirit Doctor Teacher)

Good evening, this is Dr. Wilton and I bless you, each one. This evening I will be placing before you an important lesson that perhaps all of you have thought about at times, but wondered how the World of Spirit operates in the face of what seems to be to the human world catastrophe, suddenly without warning as occurs with many accidents and catastrophes.

Each day throughout the world, throughout the many worlds, but particularly throughout your world, there are seeming accidents that occur suddenly; boats capsizing, people disappearing, plane crashes, ships colliding one with another, automobile accidents, many and varied forms of sudden activity that transform suddenly the life pattern of the human beings involved in such incidents.

It is an activity that when it occurs, in the World of Spirit, it is quite similar to that which takes place in the human world. When there is a catastrophic event such as, for instance, an earthquake, suddenly many individuals gather from all over to lend a helping hand, to give assistance, to provide food, clothing and shelter, ambulance service, medical aid, all of those things that are necessarily attendant to a catastrophic event of any kind. So it is in the World of Spirit in our gathering together to be of assistance.

Remember that such incidents to you are paramount in the sense that they are in a locality, they are in a place that you know about, and they have occurred and have been broadcast over your airways so that most all of you are aware of their impact and naturally you are, for a time at least, sorrowful and wish you could be of more assistance.

Within the World of Spirit there are elaborate preparations that take place, because such incidents occur, as I mentioned, all over your Planet, as on the battlefield for instance, where individuals are suddenly thrust out of their bodies, often not knowing for long periods of time that they are no longer operating within the human physical form to which they have become attached. It becomes apparent at such times, then, that there is much more than one vehicle, that there are many bodies and they came into play and interact at a time when they are suddenly being thrust out of the physical form.

The Karmic Committee, the Karmic Board, as you refer to it, in setting forth certain activities call back into the World of Spirit, the Soul, and there are many on the Spirit level who are involved with each single incident. There are those in Spirit who are called “rescuers,” who are ever ready in their level of service to immediately appear at a site to be of assistance when an event takes place, usually present prior to the occurrence of the accident.

Each human being has Teachers that have been present from birth, before, and will continue on. These Teachers have been made aware of the impending change in activity, because it is the responsibility of one’s own Teachers, and one’s levels of consciousness, who act in concert under the guidance of the Higher Self and the Master Teacher of the individual to see to it that such an individual is present at the appointed time and place in order to be part of that which is the changing experience.

There is, many times, an inadequacy on the part of the Basic Selves, as you would understand within your School of Thought of the Subconscious Mind, to really or truly release all that it is responsible for at the time of such a sudden event. Perhaps they are not fully understanding or comprehending the Karmic Pattern that the individual is involved with and are asking for, requesting in some cases, for more time, yet in most instances the event of departure is clearly defined within the Karmic Pattern.

If you will, for a moment, think about the preparations that are necessary on the part of those of Spirit and those in the human world to bring about a single incident such as a plane crash somewhere in your country. The human beings are assembled, many not realizing what is to occur, some have their affairs in order, most have not. The accident, as is true of all accidents, is carefully coordinated regardless of what interaction is to take place, such as in the collision of two conveyances, or that which would occur in the capsizing of a ship or boat. The conditions are right, and there is a level of Spirit that is brought forward to oversee the conclusion of the action. That is to say, there is a Spirit that overshadows or overlights the event to make sure that the condition of the accident takes place as pre-determined. Whether it operates in and through the consciousness of the human being responsible, nevertheless, there is this overlighting Spirit energy that has the power and the ability to over-ride any and all other Spirit energies that are present to bring about in an effective manner the accident, or the collision, or whatever is to take place.

There is another level of Spirit that immediately moves in to console the levels of consciousness, and by that I mean the Basic Selves, particularly those Basic Selves that are not as evolved or as enlightened as others. The High Self, of course, is not concerned in the sense that it is in any way disturbed, because within its wisdom, it is an integral part of the outworking of this plan and knows fully what is to occur, what is occurring, and handles itself thusly, because it is through the High Self that certain energies are released.

The Soul, of course, is that which is separated when the impact of death occurs and once the Soulic cord is severed. And this surprisingly enough does not occur instantly, but is a gradual withdrawal as the Soul is magnetically withdrawn and pulled back to its Planetary Source. It is instantaneous and yet it is not instantaneous in the sense that it is gradually pulled away much as one would pick up a magnetic substance with a magnet. The Spirit, of course, is involved with bringing about the condition and becomes part of the pool of the Spirit World then, in its own withdrawal.

There is careful care and custody for the levels of consciousness. There are levels of Spirit awareness operating in and through higher levels of consciousness that supervise the preparation and the return back to the pool of the Basic Selves, the Subconscious Mind, the Basic Selves as you understand it. Now, of course, all of this is instantaneously recorded through the instrument of the High Self, the Master Teacher and others who enter into the scenario to make sure that the proper records are kept and that the Akashic Records are updated with all events and all of that which occurs.

Then there are those who are left on occasion, alive, who linger, who need to be cared for, who need to be cradled and protected and assisted. In some instances those individuals find that they must linger within a pattern of “incarceration,” let us say, of that which is to not immediately be thrust clear of the conveyance, or the vehicle, and to often times be pinned and to suffer and a great testing takes place in that isolated incident alone.

So there are a multitude of events that take place as a result of a single occurrence of which we have spoken, and literally thousands and thousands of Spirits, many, many Teachers, who are present to see that the desired results are obtained. Those who make the transition need to be carefully ushered into and through the “River of Life” experience, for instance. Those who are catapulted from their bodies suddenly without incident out of the physical body, they are the most fortunate in the sense that there is not much to be considered with regard to that which remains of the physical form.

Always there is a protection present! There needs to be careful supervision of activities because there are negative and evil Spirits that also are aware of these occurrences. There are also those, who for reasons of their own would like the opportunity to enter and to, let us say, recharge a physical body. (Walk-Ins) This occurs upon occasion, and in some instances it occurs with the blessing of Spirit and the blessing of the High Self; in other instances it occurs much like the grave robber who moves in and takes over a physical body. Sometimes negative energies taking over that physical body for a brief period of time re-energizes that body, and those who are close to the individual are not aware whether that individual should be permitted to continue living.

Likewise, there is the positive side of that, in which Light Spirits enter and do activate a pattern for a positive purpose within and under the guidance and supervision of the High Self and the Teachers for purposes of completing Karma or purposes necessary to the World of Spirit. (A Walk-In)

Those who are not affected by such accidents, who are standing by and simply aware of what has occurred, you do have a responsibility, then, to shed Light upon such an occurrence, that your Light might in turn be used by those of Spirit who need to draw upon this reservoir of Light energy. It is not necessary to be personal, but rather an attitude of compassion to simply send your Light that it might in turn be used by those who know how to utilize that Light.

We thought that this would be an interesting lesson for you, and that it would in some way increase your understanding of what occurs in events, and to tell you that it is involved with much planning in the World of Spirit, or from the World of Spirit, that it is to occur within the time frame of the Karmic Law. I return to my Source and I bless you.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie

JSI: 111587