Life and Existence on a New Earth
A Force from Mars

I stand before you as a friend and as a brother, and from my planet I bring good wishes for you and for all of your people. My name I shall not give you, but I shall say that I am a Martian. I do not appear as many of you have pictured Martians; if you could see me I look much as you do and function as you do in many respects, except for an added faculty that you do not have: I can read the mind of each one of you. I am not any different from my brothers for each of us can do likewise, and so could you. And you will.   

My friends of Earth, have you thought of your dilemma seriously? Do you know why you inhabit the body that you do and why you are embroiled in the struggles that bind and exhaust you? Have you entertained the thought that someday you will be free of that which acts against the principles by which you live in this world? Do you truly believe that you will rise out of the muck and mire that each of you must now tread through? Have you realized the reason for this experience? We know some of you have; we recognize by your light a kinship with our planet. Several stem from that source and are here for a specific purpose. Of the rest of you, not all are from Earth. In fact, few of you are from this source, though you might not know it.

Your people are responsible for their own dilemma because they have refused, time and time again, to understand the spiritual law within which we must all work, live, and grow. The law is the same for you and for me but the recognition, the application, and the use of that law is responsible for the difference in vibration. 

Everywhere on the face of your planet, you have turmoil and chaos within and outside the human entity. Your people must become awakened to reality, and understand that the responsibility for transforming this great planet resides within its people. We do not have on our planet the chaotic conditions that you find on yours. We have peace, we have harmony, and we have love for one another, and our interest is not in ourselves, but in each other. In this lies the secret of eternal happiness and continuity. It is the human failing that one thinks of oneself first and foremost to the detriment, if necessary, of all others. You do this instead of recognizing that within each one of you is the spark that is part of a great universal flame, no matter how far one might have deviated from one’s sense of justice and propriety.    

On each planet and in each plane of existence, save the uppermost plane, exist the positive and negative polarities. It is within the power of the positive side of existence on any planet to control its destiny, and so it is with you and your people.  

On your planet you have prosperity, and next to it you have poverty and starvation. Many of your citizens have no clothing to cover their bodies, nor food to sustain their lives; and yet in other portions of your great land are granaries filled to overflowing. So you have those who feast and those who starve. The human’s conquest seems to be directed toward prosperity, material wealth, and influence. There is no genuine interest in your neighbor. Any you say you have, my friends, is, for the most part, lip service. We can and do aim our instruments of sight earthward.

These instruments are similar to your television apparatus, but are powerful enough for my brothers to focus on each one of you and read, with complete accuracy, your thoughts. Therefore, we know what happens on Earth. We see the bestial treatment that one inflicts upon another. We see the fires, the destruction, the pestilence, the famine. We know of your great scientific accomplishments and we know of their dangers. Consider your understanding of atomic energy: the rightful use of this force can permit each heavenly body to rise from the depths to the realms of peace and harmony; unenlightened use of this power can bring about total destruction.

Our life is a good life. We do not suffer from lack or want of anything. We have an abundance of food for all of our people and an abundance of clothing beyond your wildest concepts. Our citizens live and breathe in a society that provides beautiful shelter and conveniences and accommodations that have not yet become part of your life.  We have rules and regulations and standards by which our people know how to govern themselves. Each one within our economic system is guaranteed the minimum adequate housing, food, and clothing, whether that citizen works or chooses not to work. But you ask: If all of this is true, what about the incentive necessary to life? I say that the extras that make existence more enjoyable, more pleasurable, more fulfilling are the things that are given as we earn the right to acquire them through work.

Our young people, for instance, take great pride in doing the menial chores allotted to them. As our young men grow into manhood, they are desired and admired by their counterparts because they have come up, if you will, through the ranks and have earned any of their extras through lovingly accomplishing for each other those menial tasks—tasks beyond which most of you gathered within my midst would do. Know you not that many scholars of Mastery inhabit bodies engaged in the menial tasks of life to gain an existence within your society? They do this for there is coming to your planet one government, whether you will it or not, a government that is perfect in concept with no greed, no money, and where peace and harmony will prevail. As the period ahead approaches and becomes a reality, the cleansing of Earth will be completed.  Those who have not sought and lovingly accepted a similar role will be returned—not to this planet but to another like it—to continue learning their lessons in this area.

That which is occurring today within your system, whether you understand it or not, is in accordance with the plan to bring about a complete change just as your masters promised. I know  some of you do not believe my words. This is your prerogative, but that which I say is correct. The day will come when there will be no more wars, no starvation, no murders, no sadism: a time when the people of this planet will know that the temple in which they reside is holy. At this time, each one will rise in consciousness to become one’s brother’s keeper with discipline and respect and purpose for being. You are the forerunners of such a society. You must believe in yourselves and know that the mission with which you have been charged is vital.

Even though we have many in your midst who are attuned to our vibration, and also to yours,  working quietly to bring about a peaceful age, it will be necessary to send our highest emissaries to other schools of learning within this universe before they will become convinced and know that there is such a plan for this planet. There is progress being made to penetrate the veil of secrecy that has shrouded your lands. The leaders of most governments on Earth know this to be true but refuse to accept it. They are part of a force that must give way to the brotherhood of humanity and set into motion that which is necessary to restore or bring about on Earth peaceful relations among its peoples. It will take one of great stature descending into your midst to kindle an awakening within the world leaders, and this, my friends, is not far off.

Surely you know, for it is evident from our vantage point that many occurrences are happening within your lives. It is that force which will bring about within each one a quest for peace and the need for knowledge, and one day the cloud will be lifted from around your peoples and they will be reborn but in need of tutoring.

Your inventions, as marvelous as they are in accordance with your understanding, are but toys compared with those which we enjoy and that will one day be yours to enjoy. Your planet will undergo a facelift where all things that are ugly will be removed, and everything is in accordance with the plan. There will be beauty.

There will be no such things as automobile accidents, plane crashes, or sinkings at sea, for this will be for you all a land of opulence and of opportunity. It is that which lies ahead of you and is closer than you think.

There are some who are able to reach out to other spheres and sample the beauty of the universe. They can attest to that which I have told you. We stand ready to help you in this transformation, though it be, as we know, difficult, but growth lies in surmounting difficulties. When people awaken to the secret and power that lies within each one, they will know that they no longer have to tolerate disharmony, ugliness, and chaos. You are moving ahead in this plan with great speed and haste, having accomplished much.


Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, CA