ETERNAL COSMOS: The forces of evil are truly not part of any continuity that is within man’s ordinary ability to understand. But it is important that man become aware that there are the two forces: Light and Darkness—as there are day and night, as there is that which is within the positive and negative (and negative is not necessarily evil) in order to fulfill and bring about an energy force or drive. There is that which is good and evil, and that which is negative which catalyzes or forces the good upward into fulfillment or into acceptability within man and also outside of man. Evil involves power and control. Negativity challenges and catalyzes. But both evil and negativity become part of man’s discrimination, his challenge, his need to grow, to become bettered, or evolved, or to be fulfilled within that which forces him into that action.

Evil, then, can only become a truly destructive force if you fear it, if you do not in any way attempt to dissolve it, or if you in some way set it aside and refuse to see it or know it is present and fail to recognize that it is either useful or destructive to you as you, in your own ability to grow, find the necessity to combat or work with it, to be against it or for it.

Some humans come into the world especially designated to work with evil, designated to bring about a change of consciousness into that which is good, that which is the direct opposite of evil. Man, therefore, must understand that curiosity is what gives him the opportunity to learn. If he is not willing to be curious, he may simply become involved with his own rut, his own life, which will have no good or evil, or any of the factors which bring either the sweetness or the bitterness that is necessary in order for him to taste, in order to give him challenge and even competition.

The difference is in how man attacks evil, or understands it, or empathizes with it, or relates to it, or involves himself with it. If he has come to live in and with evil in order to rise out of it, in order to see the differences; or if he has come to manifest negativity or evil in order to force someone else to become useful or to overcome and move away from him or others in righteous anger, it becomes what he has chosen to be in serving another or what another has chosen to be in serving him.

The problem is how one approaches it. If you ignore evil and become part of it, it may be your way to go for a time and then you move out of it to become greater for having been reduced into darkness and negativity. In each instance, it is always necessary to look at it fully and see what you wish from it and then either accept that it is part of your plan—move into it and out of it as quickly as possible—or see and know that you do not wish to become part of evil at all. And yet, you cannot nor should you ignore it nor allow it to harm you or anyone else through you because of your ignorance of its energy. "Evil is as evil does" is an ancient proverb of your own. It is true! Something is only evil if you allow it to be evil or if you use it as evil or if you accept it as evil. If, in any of these cases, it becomes part of your growth, your evolvement, and your resurrection, it has much good within it.

QUESTION: What you are saying here is that it is really important to know about evil, inasmuch as it directly affects your life—your own experience. What I was wondering about also was, within prayers or mantras, when we place specific areas into prayer, how much knowledge do we need to have before we direct a force of Light onto people we are praying for?

EC: That depends on which side you are on and which side you dwell in. If, therefore, you are on the side of darkness, you certainly do not wish to become part of Light. Light in that case is your enemy and, in a battle, if the forces of Light lose, they are just as unhappy as if you, in a similar battle, were defeated by them. Therefore, you must see what you represent within Light and Darkness.

There must be darkness before the dawn, before the light of day can change darkness to light, and therefore within the action of relegating someone or something to be subject to the force of Light, or subject to an act of prayer, you must remember that you are not God, that you are simply to be used as an instrument, that God’s Will will be done within any prayer or any action whatsoever. You cannot allow evil to infiltrate within you, therefore you should ask that what is rightful be placed into motion, that what is for your highest good or for another’s highest good, impersonally—remember for its highest good—and within Christ or God or whatever creative Source you deal with in your infinite action, be acceptable: the Will of the Infinite.

To add to that, one must be careful that one does not pinpoint persons, places, or things within a prayer, except impersonally, for in doing so one becomes as negative in the denial of their right to be as one does in one’s own right to demand that they remain in their own counsel.

Man takes upon himself a judgment of others in relationship to himself. He says that someone has harmed him or hurt him or done, in some way, a deed against him which has caused him pain and suffering. The most important pattern in the Earth plan is that he accept and realize that what he does today may have been done the opposite yesterday, and again a change can become the opposite tomorrow.

Each of you may have come to serve someone, to help someone overcome their negativity, or you may have come to serve someone in their rightful place, to raise them to become greater than you. But in your jealousy, your anger, and your frustration, you—in your consciousness—are unable to understand or accept that this is your plan, chosen by you in the beginning of life.

You entered this lifetime, as you entered other lifetimes, having chosen to challenge, to compete, and become part of any and all acts which may be against you or for you in a lifetime, and you cannot condemn another for what he does or says, for in the same instance he can condemn you for what you do.

This is truly the preachment of all the Masters who have risen higher than man’s consciousness and who have become Christed or Godlike in their approach, for they love all and condemn no one. This is part of Mastery. Each one of the humans upon the planet is attempting to raise himself to that place in which he no longer sees his brother as his enemy, or no longer sees evil in others that is not part of the plan.

But this cannot allow those who have come in to destroy to do so, for that is exactly what you have come to transmute!

So you must pray and ask that that force which has come forward from past or present, or is part of the future—a force that wishes to destroy—be resolved or dissolved within "rightful action," so the person or persons containing such a force of negativity can be freed to become a betterment. You do not judge them. You ask that they be assisted to assist themselves. As soon as they have become freed of actions of hate, anger, or destruction, they then can become one with you, and in that action, move forward to help others on the same path.

Evil is only a description of that which is an essence of the same force field which, as energy, can regulate and bring about good, depending on how it is used. For what you describe as evil in one action could be described as rightful in another time or place ... so what seemed good or evil in the past has changed its motive in the present and is therefore neither good nor evil—except in timing.

Just as those who enter upon the planet at this time come in to serve whatever is necessary for others, not for self, so also they may need to move into a negative form to become a positive form for whatever they come to serve, and offer themselves for that purpose.

Remember that nothing can destroy you except your own mind or your own fear or your own retreats from your good. Remember that within the infinite Consciousness all things, even the minute grain of sand or the mustard seed, are of use within the hands of the Infinite Consciousness.

We say to you that each of you must remember this even when you have reached the depths of despair and feel there is no way out of your problems. There is always tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes, for it is always today! Remember this and also that if you live each day and conquer fear, overcome it, and place it into its own oblivion, understanding that you are the master of your own fate and that there is always within you the Light of the Christ of God—the Infinite—you cannot fail!