The Archangel Michael
Speaks on World Events

Presently* there is great turbulence and confusion on your planet and within the lives of each of you. Change is at hand. You are moving, and will continue to move, through profound changes.

The World Order is in the process of changing. Old power structures will give way to new and different ideologies that will bring with them new plans to be worked through. The leaders of the world have reached a point at which only compromise will prevent a stalemate, and without that compromising action there can be the spilling of blood and the loss of many lives.

Two force fields—those of the Christ and the Antichrist—have been pitted against each other since ancient times—polarized, if you will.

Thus far, the conflict that has the entire world in its grasp has been held at bay, due in large part to the intervention of the Angelic Kingdom and the Army of Light, utilizing the prayer energy that you, and many like you, have sent forth to us for that purpose. But we find that your world is divided, that energy that comes to us is divided, and the intentions of you as a people are not clear.

We urge you, as you move through this extremely difficult period, to pray only for that which is right action. Because what your nation, other world powers, and opposing nations want might not be in keeping with what the Spiritual Hierarchy wishes, and the Hierarchy might well bring forth certain actions that will suddenly force a drastic change in your existence.

This is the time to place your trust, not in the hands of humans, but rather in the hands of the Angelic Kingdom, that we might, in turn, bring about that which is for the highest good of your planet.

You may be aware that Earth is moving through an initiation. The years ahead are most important, for changes are present in order that much evil and negativity be forced to the surface in all lands, to be cleansed, to be brought into the Light, if the Earth planet is, as planned, to take its rightful place within the family of planets in the solar system.

We wish we could tell you that your period ahead will be filled with peace and tranquility. But it will not be. Rather it will bring to each one great tribulation. You who have studied and have attempted to learn the lessons that have been brought to you will find yourselves being stabilized by belief in the plan of Light and the Spiritual Law of cause and effect. Many others will falter and fall by the wayside, and your responsibility as Light Workers is to seek ways that you might assist them.

In a final analysis, you are moving through that period of time when Earth’s vibration is being purified and will continue to be purified and brought into the Light.

One last word we give you: do not allow yourselves to be caught up in personalities, do not make judgments, keep your belief system clear, and turn to the Creator, asking only that that which is the Creator’s Will be done.

I bless you each one, and I place you in Love and Light.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA

* The message of this Wisdom was urgent when it was channeled twenty years ago, and with the passage of time it has become even more urgent. (Wm. Miller)