Bless you in this holiest of seasons. This is Pontius Pilate. I come to you with happiness, but, also, with sadness. My heart is saddened at this time each year.

You are all familiar with the Christmas story and the great events that happened almost 2,000 years ago, and my part in them—although, my children, it did not happen exactly as recorded in your Holy Book. Nevertheless, the principles are the same. This great man you call Christ Jesus, the son of God, was born in humble surroundings and brought only good and love for His fellow man as He walked the countryside and talked to the multitudes, giving part of himself to each person that He encountered.

There is a great story, a great lesson, a great message behind this One. Even now He looks down upon you, showering you with His blessings, His love, His hope, and placing within you, trust. Even to the end, as He struggled with the weight of the world upon His shoulders, He never once faltered, and never once cast an ill thought toward His captors or toward those who stoned Him, beat Him, and spat upon him.

As you know, I tried to save this man. I believed in Him. I believed in His cause, and I believed in His divinity, but there are times when power alone is not the answer. There were lessons that needed to be learned by all men, and this great Savior was to be the focus of the lessons, the martyr for men to carry in their hearts from that moment on. The Master knew this as he spoke with His disciples. He knew His mission had to come to a close, that He must give His life to the Father, and must suffer the physical pain of torture in order to make men bow down as children before their God.

All of you are Christed as you express what He would have you do, each in your own way. I am saddened as I come to the earth plane and see the suffering, hardship, and hate, and I say to myself, “For what? Have they not learned the lessons that were taught by the Savior? Have they not learned to love?” Even as I address you, much of the land upon which He trod has no peace or freedom or love. Are any of your people any different than the mobs that tortured this One, that became fearful, that became hysterical?

No. I still find it difficult to make my feelings felt.

Christmas, the time when the birth of Jesus is celebrated, should be a happy, joyous occasion. It should be a time when people everywhere lift up their hearts, offering incense and bearing gifts. Why can you not win this battle for which your Christ gave His life? Why do you not carry the story from house to house? Why do you not start within yourselves changing what needs to be changed and carrying your experience as a message to all whom you meet?

It must start within you.

Look up into the sky and you will see the Star of Bethlehem, the same star that shone over the Savior’s birth, only this star is your star. Follow it. Follow the path in faith and love and it will lead you rightly. Start with yourselves and then spread the good feeling, the love, to others. Beloved children, it is not difficult. It all begins with one word: love. It is the most potent, the most powerful force in God’s kingdom. Love will move mountains. There is nothing it will not erase.

So, you see, it is simple. Start with yourselves: Radiate love to your neighbor, from neighbor to neighbor and on to all people. It is not my function to criticize. I do not mean to be harsh with you. I do not mean to be difficult, but, my friends, you must take hold of this condition and change the world. Love must emanate from you, from the Christ within you, yes, but through you. Do not let it be a seasonal thing. Live it every day, every hour. Others will see you as an example and take up your cross and carry on. I tell you, my friends, that you must love one another in a fashion that is from the heart. Throw off the shackles and love.

Do you love your enemies? Do you love those who oppose you? Do you love the Judases among you? Ask yourself these questions. Can you honestly say to yourself: “Yes, I love everyone? I sincerely, honestly, truly, love everyone, even my enemies? I love them and would lay down my life for them?”

If you love everyone unconditionally, my children—if you will do this—you will ensure for yourselves a glorious reward.

Look up to the Star and see the Christ looking down upon you. Follow Him. Your responsibility is great, my friends. Make this Christmas Season a serious, joyful, permanent experience. Radiate love to all with whom you come in contact: a love that is different and more powerful, a love that will spread around the world.

No force, my children, is strong enough, nor ever has been strong enough, to stand up when faced with love, enough love, a Divine love.

God bless you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D. D.
Los Angeles, CA