ABRAHAM LINCOLN: The Destiny of America

As Spirit, I am indeed still tied to the world, to the United States, to the government in particular. It has often been said by those who have some degree of sensitivity that I roam the halls of the executive mansion, and this I do, for I am tied and anchored and am committed to the nation, and though I be of spirit, I am dedicated to the bringing about of a betterment for your land. I often seek to impress the minds of those who will open themselves and receive from me, for I have much to offer, to place before those who would be receptive to my counsel.

I am what is known as a Universal Spirit—that is, I am a Spirit which has many facets, and though a part or portion of me is anchored to the Earth, I am, within perhaps a greater awareness, part of other forms of life and expression.

Until such a time as the United States of America becomes truly directed toward its goals and objectives, I do not choose to release myself from the Earth, and there are many such as myself. We seek at all times to work though the minds of men that a proper course for the ongoing of the nation might be charted.

Though within the circumstances with which you are all concerned and involved at this time, I am nevertheless an integral part of the man who occupies the position of authority and respect, and I am indeed quite alarmed at what is occurring to your nation. You have not yet understood that no leader reaches the pinnacle of service within your nation save those who have been especially chosen by the Hierarchy. This is true regardless of the activities of man to guide and direct and place into power their chosen image.

Man has yet to understand the karmic destiny that the United States of America is involved in. There is planted within your nation what I shall simply refer to as a seed-atom unlike that which is found any place else upon the Earth planet. This alone, if you could understand its ramifications, means that whatever occurs within the United States and to the United States is vitally important to the welfare and ongoing of the entire Earth planet, and that means the civilized life upon it.

You are instruments of Light. You have the capacity to understand the higher laws, to reach behind the facts and to determine for yourselves truths. And if you are aware, then you must understand that there is a tampering with the system that the Hierarchy has placed into motion within your nation.

As I speak to you, I am speaking as a composite of every chief executive who has served your nation. In fact, that’s what we are, though we perhaps do not agree politically. Politics as you understand it has no bearing upon the world of Spirit. That is left to the human form. We are concerned with the Spirit and the spiritual relationship of every soul, one to another, in the stabilizing and the maintaining of conditions to promote that which is for the highest good of not only your land but the world as well. We are concerned with the entirety of the Earth and with evolving life upon the Earth, not with a single nation, though we are, within that small part of us that retains some feeling and emotion for the United States, vitally interested in its affairs.

I wish to bring to you from the Spirit realms that I represent an earnest prayer, a request for your revision of consciousness. If you feel within your own mind that the request I am about to make is rightful, then perhaps you would be willing to subscribe to my plea. There are vast pressures exerted upon the leaders of all nations and, in particular, yours. These are pressure forms of control and projections so powerful that only the strongest among men have the ability to withstand and yet continue to function as human beings. This perhaps means nothing to you unless your studies have taken you into an insight of this truth. No man, no human being alive today, could withstand in any better or greater fashion the constant bombardment that is present and brought to bear upon your chief executive. Then you must understand that there is always the possibility of error in judgment. You cannot possibly understand the full context of what I am saying to you, because you have not in this time been part of such an action.

The Hierarchy that governs the affairs of man, to the extent that men will allow this guidance to flow, always seems to bring conditions that seem hopeless into a balanced state, providing there is the proper impetus and interest present among the beings of Light that inhabit the planet at a given time. So I would say to you this: that you should be well-advised to transcend that which is political indoctrination and affiliation. Rise above that which divides men and view objectively, if you will, that which is occurring to your land and to the world. If you will be able to look in this fashion at what is occurring, you will realize that this is the time for the beings of Light upon the planet to place into protection the leader of your nation, whether you agree with him or not, that he might be the recipient of divine guidance and right action.

I would urge you to be as diligent as possible in your prayers. It is a pattern of human beings to lose interest rapidly, diverting the attention to other current activities. I ask you not to do this. Realize that you are our extensions upon the Earth—that is, that you are the manifestation of the energy embodied upon the Earth at this time, as the Earth and your nation and you individually seek to move through certain karmic patterns. We of Spirit can guide you and will do so. We, however, are not permitted to interfere with your plan unless we are petitioned to do so, and inasmuch as few human beings have the wisdom and permission to see, for the most part, beyond the immediate future, it is necessary for a working relationship to be established between the human world and the world of Spirit.

If you petition us to assist in the out-working of the plan upon Earth, we then, in turn, are provided the opportunity to do just that. Thus we serve as instruments for the Logos of the planet, and you likewise serve as instruments of the plan for the Earth, with Spirit and man working together to bring about an increase in the Light upon the Earth, which can indeed be realized. If you feel within your hearts that the request I have made is rightful as representing a greater band, then we indeed are grateful for your assistance and for allowing us to assist you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA