Pray with Intensity from the Heart

Eternal Cosmos

Eternal Cosmos: We bless you for your great and beautiful involvement with prayer. We are going to add something to your knowledge about prayer that is important.

            Prayer has to be infused with intensity—emotion with an intense desire. You must realize that as you pray, your prayer should not just be words spoken casually, but should be words from the heart to those you speak to or about and within the action of your High Self and that which is your God Self.

            Remember that prayer with intensity is not controlling or asking to control, but is knowing what you want and seeking it from those in the Higher Realms. Seek in a way that gives blessings and help in every sense of those words. In praying for specific areas, pray that everything has worthwhile balance within your life and in the lives of others, within the Creator’s Will and Grace.

            Every one of you has become a Master Form of Prayer and Light. Remember that you have come in to help others, not just self. However, in your wishes to be used and useful, remember that the words you speak should in no way harm, hurt, control, or overwhelm others, but only help them to be in their own space speaking to their own Teachers and Guides. You then will add to their prayers so they are doing what is their right, what they wish from their own Sources on all levels.

            Remember that prayer works if you handle it very carefully within your mind and Spirit. There is always that which helps you and brings you fulfillment.

            Your Subconscious is always present. Pray to it and ask it for help in healing and helping others, as well as self, in your karmic and dharmic patterns. Do understand that this is the purpose of this Center, which encourages you to use prayer in all ways and all levels. Ask the Blessed Creator to bring you fulfillment, beauty, and very great understanding so that as you seek help for self, you are also seeking help for others.

            The planet needs healing and prayer now. Please intensify your prayers so each one living on the planet has balance and security from your prayers as well as from others.

Question: You mentioned that in prayer the heart has to be present. What about intention?
EC: Intention is important, but sometimes your intention is not clearly specified. When you pray, if you are asking for self only, your prayer becomes isolated and your intention becomes scattered.

            Pray for fulfillment of all ways and means to bring balance and security not only to self within your total purpose for being on the planet, but for the planet itself, as well. Pray that there be peace on Earth and goodwill to all of humanity. That is the Christed energy which, as you seek that it be given to you, can be given to others as well. Use this with great care; do not control or demand, but simply ask.

            Remember that when you pray, your intense action brings hope and help not only to self but to others. Pray to your own Teachers and Guides.

            Too many of you listen to this work and do not realize that your Subconscious is the major area that each one of you is working for and with. By working with your Subconscious and High Self, you bring help to others. That is the purpose of all prayer: to help self, others, and the planet Earth.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA

This is a prayer that illustrates prayer with intensity from the heart.

“Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved God.
No more with words will I pray,
But with my heart, with the fervor of my intuition:
For I know Thou are listening to my voice of prayer
And to every call of my soul.”

Paramahansa Yogananda
Founder of Self-Realization Fellowship