The Lord’s Prayer

TAO:   Have you ever thought about the prayer that you pray? Have you ever thought to analyze the words of this prayer — a prayer which reaches way back in time — for this prayer has been prayed centuries before the time of your Prince of Peace. It has been translated and mistranslated and re-translated many times.

For the original version, it is not “Our Father Which art in heaven.”  It is, Our Father Which art in the secret place within.” The secret place is the place where the spark of light resides, the place from whence your creative love emerges and helps and heals because it is the spark from the Father’s sea of life. This, then, is the beginning of the prayer.

“Hallowed be Thy name.” Have you thought what this means? If you hallow someone’s name, you give yourself in complete surrender to that one you hallow. And how deep is your surrender? The prayer is said, and said, and said and no one gives any thought to it, but it is the ONE prayer that if it is lived, if it is really used, will free the world from all darkness.

“Thy kingdom come.” And His kingdom is coming with the coming Earth changes. Have you thought of this: that this New Age, this Aquarian Age which is being ushered in, is the Lord’s kingdom? For an age that has no war, no disease, no death, no greed, is the Lord’s kingdom, is it not?

“Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in the secret place within.” On Earth, amongst all your brothers and sisters and within your own inner-most heart, it is there where the Father’s Will shall be done. Think of this when I speak the words of this prayer. “Thy Will be done on Earth and in the secret place within — in your innermost heart of hearts His Will be done.”

“Give us this day, our daily bread.” Do you think that bread meant bodily food? Or is it the kind of bread about which the Prince of Peace said, “I have bread whence ye know not of,” the spiritual bread, the sustaining spiritual bread of faith, of guidance? This is the bread the prayer speaks of, not your daily food. For is it not said in your Book of Books that He who clotheth the lilies and who looks after the tiny sparrow will look after your needs? This promise was given to you long, long ago, and all of you in your chain of life experiences reaching back into time, into the scheme of time and space, have learned this: that your earthly bread is always forthcoming. It is the spiritual bread that you must pray for. It is the spiritual bread that you must be ready to receive. In your sacrament, the wine and the bread have been interpreted to be the blood and body of the Prince of Peace, but this is incorrect. The wine is the spiritual wine, and what is the spiritual wine if it is not love? It is the symbol in the color, the symbol of love, whereas the other is the symbol of the spiritual bread of faith, of your surrender to guidance. For if you truly surrender to guidance, there is nothing any more to fear, to worry, or to doubt.

“And forgive us our trespasses, as we have forgiven those who trespass against us.” This word, “trespass,” has also been mistranslated. This phrase could be best translated, “Forgive us for missing the mark; forgive us for not completely reaching that which we set out to reach.” It is so human to start with great and wonderful aims and desires and then to tire, to forget, to miss. But just as we miss to fulfill that which we decided once upon a time to reach, to accomplish, so do those about us miss, and we should remember that we are brothers and sisters of the one Father. We should remember that we miss and therefore, must forgive those who have also missed. And how do we know that we have forgiven the other? Think of this, think of this. How do we know? As long as we remember any hurt, as long as we remember any word of disagreement, we have not forgiven. When we have completely forgotten, when we have wiped away that which has hurt us, then we have forgiven. Forgiving is forgetting. Remember this.

You see, this prayer that is often so lightly and glibly spoken in your churches contains everything of spiritual law and of spiritual love. It reminds you to remember your attunement with the Father, your attunement with the Light, and your dedication to the Light. There is amongst you, at the present time, much doubt about some little things that did not seem to go perfectly well, but those little things that in your own estimation have gone wrong can be compared with the sea of good things that have proven themselves. Think about this.

All of you should then, when these thoughts come, when these moods and feelings come, use that which again frees you, gives you wings — whatever that might be. It may be prayer; it may be music; it may be the opening of a book and the reading of a passage or a single sentence. It may be remembrance of something one of your friends has said or done that gives you this joy, this lift. All of you need this from time to time. And all of you must enter that secret place within through prayer, which is entered in silence.

The Fellowship Light Attunement

 The secret place can also be entered to invoke the prayer St. George brought through, the Light Attunement.

 The words that are spoken are mere words, as you have spoken the Lord’s Prayer in mere words. The pauses occur where they should occur so these words become alive. In the pauses, you will feel the light flowing and trickling through your beingness as a wonderful stream. You will feel how the inner vessels of your being are filled, and at the very end when you flood the high consciousness, the consciousness, and the subconscious with Light, then it will be as if a sun was born within, a sun raying out beautiful blinding light uniting the Three Selves in one holy moment. Then truly is the Lord within you, then truly you are within the Lord. This is as prayer should be. It should become alive and not mere words. Think about this as you pray and be blessed, all of you. Be blessed.