Transforming Your Life through Your Heart Center

Brugh Joy

People often ask me what is the most important aspect of the work I share with others. I invariably respond that the foundation which provides the resources that enables me to take on the more difficult physical, psychological, and spiritual experiences in life is the Heart Chakra (Center). This centering of my awareness in the heart brings me into the direct realization of what is expressed by the love of the Christ and the compassion of the Buddha.

The daily practice of attuning to this state of consciousness brings me into the experience of subordinating my personal sense of self to a vaster wholeness and to the mystery of life, Itself. From this dimension of consciousness I am able to appreciate the cycles of nature, individuals, societies, and nations without judgment or bias. I am able to take my place in the larger plan of things without fear, anxiety, hysteria, control issues or defenses. I am able to turn myself over to Spirit for instruction and service.

The attributes of the Heart centered state of Beingness are as follows:

            1. Compassion
            2. Innate Harmony
                        The peace beyond understanding
                        The calm in the midst of chaos
            3. The Healing Presence
                        The mystery of harmonious relationship
            4. Unconditional Love

By feeling into each of the four attributes as if a Presence larger than one’s self is enfolding and imbuing one with these resources, the awareness is transformed. The action to take becomes apparent as reactivity and confusion dissolve.

“Five minutes a day of opening to the induction into Unconditional Love of the Heart center is all that is necessary to transform one’s life,” Eunice Hurt, the teacher of Transformational Consciousness I encountered in 1971, would say to her students. Discover for yourself the power of Transcendental  Love.

A Radiance of Love,

Reprinted with permission of Brugh Joy, Inc.

Awakening the Heart Center - An Invocation

For those of you who were not able to attend the inspiring "Awakening the Heart Center" conference presented by Mark Pope at the Fellowship in November 2008, we are sharing here one aspect of his beautiful approach to consciously experiencing the mysteries of the Heart Center.

The invocation below can be an excellent addition to both the Fellowship=s Mantra Prayer of Protection and its Light Attunement. This invocation also may be practiced as a method of centering yourself in daily situations.

To begin, bring your hands in light and sacred touch to your Heart Center. Place your right hand over your Heart Center and your left hand over your right hand, with the thumbs lightly touching.
Now speak the following words aloud:

I call forth and open myself to that Spirit that guides me into the deep Mystery and the awesome Grace of the Heart.

I call forth and open to Compassion. I open to the experience of Compassion. I lean into the compassionate embrace of the Divine. I feel into and in back of the words . . . allowing myself this wondrous embrace.

And now, I call forth and open myself to a sense of Innate Harmony. This is the experience of the Heart, lighter than a feather . . . the experience of a peace that passes all understanding. I open now to Innate Harmony . . . the experience of calm in the midst of chaos. Here, in the Heart Center, I begin to see life as a Divine Mystery Play.

And now, I call forth the Healing Presence. This is the capacity of the Deep Self to renew, restore, and make whole again. The Healing Presence flows through me, lifting me into a profound appreciation for all that I am. Here in the radiance of the Healing Presence, I see that all parts of myself simply wish to be appreciated.

And now, I call forth and open myself to that most mysterious of the attributes of the Heart C Unconditional Love. I open now to a Love that includes everything and everyone, a love that excludes no one, excludes nothing. Here I open to the Love that pours Itself out on the just and the unjust alike.

And now, I call forth and open myself even more fully, and offer the radiance of whatever flows from the Heart. I feel the current that flows through me, guiding me into that profound Love that is, in the words of Rumi, "beyond all rightdoing and wrongdoing."

I fuse and blend with the larger Mystical Body of the Heart Center, where, in some wondrous and mysterious way, I unite with all souls who, throughout time, have devoted life force and attention to this awakening and deepening experience of the Heart.

I open to the awareness of a Love that is so spacious and so vast that it includes everything and everyone. Here is a Love that radiates Itself unconditionally into all creation.


An extended audio presentation of Mark Pope sharing his Heart-centered work is available on CD. Originally recorded live in front of an audience of 500 people, Awakening the Heart: An Experience has been edited and remastered and is available from Mark Pope at