Effective Prayer
Eternal Cosmos

As you say your prayers, even those given to you by Masters—The Lord’s Prayer, for example—many of you do not truly hear the spoken word; you recite by heart rather than speak from the heart.

Effective prayer is done with a sincere desire to send Light, sound, and vibration—a mantra, a chant, a word that has great meaning and great vibratory rate—into the Infinite and the Ultimate as a cloud of great and beautiful conception.

Humans do not realize that effective prayer results from the full experience of words: the sound, the breath, the music. As those words expand and move upward and outward, Light becomes infinitely greater.

Those in your own civilization should pray in their own language, even if that is not the way they have learned to say the prayers, for that which is spoken in a foreign language becomes a part of someone else’s vibratory rate and not their own. So if you say a word in a foreign language, or a language that is not of your own vibratory rate, you have already lost the full power of what it represents within your own ability to express.

Humans have not truly understood that within every language there are meanings to certain phrases, quotations, and expressions which cannot be found in other languages. So, therefore, if you were to read from ancient scrolls in Hebrew, Sanskrit, or any of the ancient languages, many words would have little or no meaning to you. This occurs when ancient languages are spoken in churches today. They are not part of effective prayer because they have nothing left in them except the sound, and sound alone is not sufficient.

One must understand what one is doing, speaking, and hearing, or one cannot express effectively. Mistakes have occurred in translating words from the ancient scrolls, causing those speaking them to say a single word incorrectly, and thereby change the entire meaning from positive to negative.

Remember that prayer must always be placed into your own words, and that in saying the prayer you must make sure that each word is well-rounded, filled with Light, thought, and true expression from your heart. The prayer will then have good value, for words placed into one’s voice become the words of God, inspired by the Creative Source.

Prayer becomes the greatest form of useful change upon any planet. It becomes part of that which can take one out of oneself, in order to assist others as well as self. Prayer becomes the Infinite Voice that reaches through all of the vibratory rates, levels of consciousness, and planes of existence in a cloud of Light. As expressed over and onto each of the planets by the Angelic Beings, prayer becomes useful to those who bathe in it, who wrap themselves in its beauty and its Light and become uplifted, floating upon it, raising themselves and evolving within this beauty that has been placed about them.

Prayer becomes the vast expression of humans when they seek their own Infinite—their God, Messiah, Savior, whatever they wish to call it—and when they raise their voices and speak, individually or in groups, it is then that it becomes the voice of the Universe.

Prayer is beyond comparison with any other form of useful and infinite expression. We say pray to change your world: the world about you, and inside you, and your own physical Earth on which you reside—all can be changed by prayer.

And as you send your prayer up and out, all those within Spirit, within the voids, within oblivion, within limbo, and those who are hopeless and can find no place to rest will also find a place upon your cloud of prayer to place themselves into betterment.

You have no idea of how one single prayer manifests as it rises, expands, and becomes part of the Universal Consciousness.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA

Using the Fellowship Mantra Prayer of Protection

When you say the Fellowship Mantra Prayer of Protection, don’t just say it for yourself, but include all negativity on the planet and each negative action not for the highest good—or within the Law of the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Infinite—that is indeed cancelling out the free will of yourself and others. This Mantra is impersonally directed to all who would and can block the peace on Earth, the Brotherhood
of Humanity, and the free will of human beings.

Therefore, say it for yourself to clear and cleanse yourself, and then say it for the World—that all negative evil be sent back to its own source, unable to return or infiltrate anyone on the planet in any way except within the Law of the Spiritual Hierarchy, for the negative evil force, too, has to adhere to the Spiritual Law of the Creator.

The Mantra Prayer of Protection

Father-Mother God, I ask that I be cleared and cleansed
Within the Universal White Christ* Light,
The Green Healing Light, and the Purple Transmuting Flame.

Within God's Will and for my highest good,
I ask that any and all Negative evil energies
Be completely sealed In their own Light,
Encapsulated within The Ultraviolet Light,
Cut off, and removed from me.

Impersonally, with neither love nor hate,
I return all negative evil energies to their source of emanation,
Decreeing that they never again be allowed to reestablish themselves
Within me or anyone else In any form.

I now ask that I be placed Within a triple electromagnetic
Shield of the Universal White Christ* Light of Protection,
And for this Blessing, I give thanks.

*The word "Christ" is optional. Christ is an energy of Light—not a man. Many great teachers, such as
Jesus, Moses, and Buddha, were Christed beings.