by Paracelsus

I, Paracelsus—a healing doctor and philosopher, and a man interested in the cosmos in his time, and interested in the cosmos now—wish to speak of prayer.

Prayer is not given in mere words. Prayer is a force released in man, a force like magnetism, like an electrical force, a force that rises and spreads according to the sincerity of the prayer and according to its powerful projection. There are earth-range prayers rising barely above the magnetic field of your planet. These are prayers for loved ones, for friends, for your own family. Spirit beings from the realms of loved ones and relatives take charge of them and see that these prayers are fulfilled.

Each prayer you utter must go to the place to which it is sent and achieve that which it stipulates, but some are weak and lose themselves in contradictory vibrations. Some are strong and pierce the negative walls surrounding earth and reach their destination. If you unite in prayer, unite in purpose, unite in faith, you have, of course, a stronger sending station and you attract from our realms all those who, like you, are interested in the things you pray for: in peace, in harmony, in a better world.

Prayer, then, has a multiple meaning. It is prayer spoken by man and carried on the wings of Spirit. It is prayer rising as a force, or prayer soothing like a lullaby. If you pray for peace, to peace its force is added. If you pray for a nation, then the prayer is used for that nation. But if you pray adoring God, thanking God and uniting yourself with God, such a prayer is the purest and the strongest prayer—so pure that it rises to the highest realms and has the greatest force; beings of great wisdom, of great light and love, will see that such prayers are used to fill the moment’s greatest need. If there is need for peace, it is used for peace, for God also wishes harmony and peace. If such a prayer should be used for crops to grow, then it is used for the Father’s abundance for all mankind. If such a prayer should be used to encourage one that he may go out and move the world, then the prayer is used in this fashion. A prayer addressed directly to God, adoring Him and giving thanks, has the destination of the greatest need at the time the prayer is uttered. Therefore, be careful! Do not put tags on your prayers. You should have at least one prayer that rises high and can be used by the Masters for the moment’s greatest need.

I, Paracelsus, have spoken.

Channel: Peter Ballbusch