Thought Forms, Health, Wealth, and Transition

Annie Besant: I am the one known to some of you as “Annie Besant.” I am not, of course, at this time any longer Annie Besant. But I, in Spirit, have an attachment to Earth and come forward to teach about those subjects I am interested in with regard to thought forms, health, wealth, and transition. My message affects each one of you—in fact, all human beings at one time or another.

Little is known of the power of thoughts, of how the energy of thoughts is exchanged, or that that energy can either create or destroy, build or tear down, be that which is constructive or that which is destructive.

The human being, from the moment he or she is able to think, creates thought forms. And those thought forms, once created, still have a connection to the human being that created them. Thought rapidly slips away and becomes part of an energy force-field, somewhat beyond the reach of the human being who created them and who is yet responsible for each and every one of them.

Each of you is the total sum of the thought forms you have created throughout your life patterns, and they either support your endeavor with living the best life that a human being can live and express with—or they do the opposite. And if those thought forms be of the opposite type, then generally speaking they begin to chip away at the structure known as life. And that affects first the emotional body, and through a process ultimately will affect the physical body which will begin to disintegrate and to return back—oftentimes more rapidly than it should or it was planned that it should—into the elements of the earth.

It is most difficult to reverse that process without entering into certain rituals to turn the patterns around and beginning to move creatively in a different and upward constructive motion.

You, as part of the Fellowship, have been schooled in the art of the Subconscious Mind, learning much about the power of the Subconscious Mind and its worth, the strengths and the weaknesses of the Subconscious Mind, and most importantly its free will, which most human beings have no inkling exists.

One must always be careful in creating thought forms and in uttering prayers, careful that one has the right to ask for certain things through prayer—things that might include deliverance, health, and wealth, but most of all, well-being. In doing so, one must be ever so careful to make sure that every aspect of one’s life is filled with Light and understanding, and that there are no resentments toward other human beings—toward family members or those one engages in the marketplace. For if there is distortion in the relationship with another human being that has not been properly understood and balanced, prayers for salvation and deliverance and all of those things that one prays for will be less effective. For one must at all times be within the creative flow. If there is a tinge of darkness within the emotional body, such darkness has but one direction to go and that is to begin to manifest through the chain of events into the human Temple, or outer shell.

Therefore, one must always make sure, on a daily basis, that those thought forms that are out of balance or out of order toward any human being be brought into a state of absolute understanding and forgiveness and balance. [The Fellowship’s Mantra Prayer of Protection and Light Attunement can transmute negative thought forms.]

The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind are vast and powerful. They can create and give you all that you ask for. But, my friends, you must be sure that you’ve done your part, which is to be in harmony with the creative flow.

Each one of you has the ability to gain mastery over your life pattern, your plan, and your purpose, and to live a life that has been so created, and is so exemplary, that you can move through any challenges, whether they be related to health or anything at all, with but a ripple of discomfort.

To those of you who suffer from affliction and illness, perhaps karmic in origin, this sounds beyond your reach, but there is no condition that cannot be changed and reversed. Of course, karma must be exacted and worked through. But if you understand that your life is a continuous chain of events from one period to another, from one lifetime to another, then you will always be concerned about that which was, and that which is, and most certainly that which is being built for the future.

There is much to learn about this subject. Most human beings will not open their hearts and their minds to entertain the secret of life and death and treat it as it should be treated. Rather, they cloak it in the mystery of something that cannot be understood or should not be tampered with. This is not why the God of Light has placed you, and everyone, upon Earth. Rather, it is to become a rightful heir and to understand your divinity and your part within the act of Creation.

With that, I bless you each one.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA

(Note: Annie Wood Besant [1847-1933] was a prominent Theosophist, women’s rights activist, philosopher, writer, reformer, and orator.)