How Spirit Operates in Times of Catastrophe

IEach day throughout your world, what you call “accidents” occur suddenly—boats capsizing, people
disappearing, ships colliding with each other, planes and automobiles crashing—various kinds of abrupt activity that instantly transform the lives of the persons involved.

In the human world when there is a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, many individuals gather from all over to give assistance—to provide food, clothing, shelter, ambulance service, medical aid, and much more that is necessary to respond to such a situation. Information about these incidents is broadcast over your airwaves so most of you are aware of their impact and, naturally, you are sorrowful and wish to be of assistance.

Within the World of Spirit, elaborate, helpful activities also take place—all over your planet—when a
catastrophic event occurs involving humans. On the battlefield, for instance, where individuals are suddenly released from their bodies through death, they often do not know for long periods of time that they are no longer functioning within their bodies. When this occurs, the Karmic Board, in accordance with the individuals’ Karmic Patterns, calls the Souls back into the World of Spirit and many Spirit rescuers immediately appear at the incident sites to assist all who are affected.

Each human being has Teachers that have been present before and after the person’s birth, and who will continue assisting in other dimensions when the human’s body dies. Before the accident or other event, these Teachers will have been made aware of the impending changes—because it is the responsibility of the person’s own Teachers, as well as the levels of consciousness who act in concert under the guidance of the High Self and the Master Teacher of the individual—to see to it that the person is present at the time and place appointed for the accident or event to occur.

Think about the preparations that are necessary—on the part of Spirit and also subconsciously on the part of those in the human world—to prepare for a single incident such as a plane crash. The human beings involved in the crash are assembled, most not realizing what is to occur. Some have their affairs in order, but most do not. The incident, as is true of all such incidents, is carefully coordinated, regardless of how it is to take place—whether, for example, it is the collision of two conveyances or the capsizing of a boat. When conditions are right, there is a level of Spirit that overlights the event, operating in and through the consciousnesses of the human beings involved, to make sure the accident or event takes place in accordance with the individuals’ Karmic Patterns.

There is another level of Spirit that immediately moves in to console the levels of consciousness of those involved in the incident, particularly those Basic Selves—which together are the Subconscious Mind—that are not as evolved or enlightened as others. The High Self, of course, is not disturbed, because within its wisdom, the accident is an integral part of the outworking of this plan. The High Self knows fully what is to occur and what is occurring.

At death, the person’s Spirit is drawn into the Spirit World and the Soul separates from the body as the Soulic cord is severed. The Soul is gradually pulled away, much as one would pick up a metallic substance with a magnet.

Special care is given to each individual’s Basic Selves. Levels of Spirit awareness operating in and through higher levels of consciousness supervise the preparation and the return of the Basic Selves to their Source.

Now all of this is instantaneously recorded by the individual’s High Self and Master Teacher as well as
other Teachers who enter into the scenario to make sure the Akashic Records are updated with regard to all occurrences.

So a multitude of events take place as a result of a single incident, accident, or other unexpected event, and literally thousands of Spirit Teachers see that the desired results are obtained, as those individuals who make the transition are carefully ushered into and through the transition experience.

Spiritual protection is always necessary during these processes! There needs to be careful supervision of such events, because there are negative and evil spirits that also are aware of the occurrences and would like the opportunity to enter into and reenergize a physical body for their own purposes. More often, however, on the positive side, Light Spirits enter and activate a pattern in the human for a positive purpose—under the guidance and supervision of the individual’s High Self and Teachers—to complete Karma or spiritual work necessary to the World of Spirit.

Those humans who are not affected by such an incident and who are standing by, simply aware of what has happened, have a responsibility to shed their Light and compassion upon the incident and on those involved in it. Their Light then, in turn, may be used by those of Spirit who need to draw upon and utilize such a reservoir of Light energy.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA