Sending Prayers Through UPS*

Some years ago, after a particular member of the Fellowship made the transition into Spirit, a group gathered and, during a question-and-answer period, received the following prayer information from him:

Q: Have you chosen the work you wish to do while on the Spirit plane?

A: Yes, I am working with what might be called the Prayer Distribution Center.

Q: Would you first tell us how prayer operates?

A: I will give you the picture as I see it from here, and I am sure it will spur all of you to do greater works. Prayer can be explained in the way a lightbulb can be explained: the more light that’s sent out and the more it spreads—or thought forms or waves are sent to a special place or person—the more effective the result. Many people have the ability to send larger amounts of energized force to a given person, place, or thing and create quite a change or healing. In large or small groups, praying for the same cause greatly increases the results.

Q: Will you explain how prayer gets where it needs to go—how it is distributed?

A: The prayers are all sorted out and placed in groups belonging to the same thought patterns. The more intense the thoughts or prayers are, the deeper the color becomes, and when enough prayer power has been established toward a given goal, the build-up is directed to the area for which the prayer has been intended—either a person, place, or action.

Then we watch to see what happens, for it is interesting to note the changes taking place. They are not always noticed by the person on the physical plane who received the prayer, but they are very vivid and very much in evidence from the Spirit side. Sometimes it takes hours, days, or even weeks for a prayer to be felt and worked out on the physical plane.

Q: If you do not have enough intensity of thought forms from the prayers, do you still work with the project?

A: We wait for a while to see if enough power can be built, or to see if we can influence more people to work for the given goal. No project is worked with unless enough interest is shown.

Q: Have you any suggestions about a special condition we could all change with our sincere prayers?

A: It would be a great gift to pray for peace, not only among nations, but for each individual and the entire Universe. If enough of you pray a few minutes each day for peace, it will be realized, despite the warmongers and hate distributers. It is magnificent to see how the sincere prayers lighten the darker areas. I realize now how little the human knows about all the efforts made with prayers, since the human cannot see the results as we on the Spirit side see them.

* Universal Prayer Service


Reprinted from the Fellowship’s newsletter "Uniguidance"

Vol. 1, No. 5
Los Angeles, CA