Love and Prayer
St. Teresa

I come forward to shower you, each one, with my love, and to allow this love to become part of your beingness, to be taken into your soul and into your mind.

As I look about Earth, I see that there is little love, because the human kingdom seems to devote its efforts to the promotion of hatred and mistrust. We know that when a soul is showered with love, encompassed by love, then that soul has a better chance of reaching its fulfillment.

I ask each one of you, as a seeker of truth and a missionary of faith, to devote more of your time to promoting love among your brethren. It is a fallacy that humans must spend so much time earning a livelihood and being caught up within this struggle that they cannot devote a little time to promoting the greatest force within humanity.

There are many who need your love, whether you know it or not. If you would just get into the habit, my beloved friends, of surrounding those with whom you come in contact with love, it would help them release their troubles. It would be the energy they need in order to sustain their lives. If you could, as pillars of Light, adopt the habit of surrounding each and every person with love, this love could be added to by those in the Spirit world, for many within our kingdom wish to assist those within your world but have not been invited to participate. And you can invite them by promoting the love force that will draw them into the acts to be performed.

Love will raise your planet out of its current struggle. Love is the word, the power—and it is God. You are children of God, yet you are, each one, a god or goddess in the making. Therefore, let us—you in human bodies and ourselves in Spirit—combine our power and our energy to promote love and direct this combination to all who come seeking love. For within each individual is a soul, and Light is within that soul. Increasing love increases the Light of the soul, and that is the true spiritual mission for each person.

You have within you a love force so great that it can move mountains. Within you is all the love you need to manifest peace and harmony for all the world, and they can be achieved only through promoting love. Therefore pray and love, for there is need.

I bless you.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA